Saturday, October 3, 2015


Riding BMX can have many positive and some negative effects(injuries) . But one thing is for sure, the life long friendships you will make are worth all of them injuries that you will go through. Here are 3 dudes I can't imagine not being in the woods with. Get out and get awesome!!

2016 Cult Completes are on the floor. Pretty stoked on this years lineup.
Here's the Cult Control in Flat Raw.
Check out the Complete Bikes In Stock Page to see our full inventory.

If you're familiar with Trey Jones and his riding than you know this bike is built to shred. The Cult Trey Jones Sig Complete is paying some homage to the classic Bully Bikes.

Cult Chase Hawk!!! Best looking complete bike I've seen in some time.

Deluxe F-Lite Pedals are back in stock. If you are looking for a pedal with some serious grip these are them.

The 2015 Race season at Woodland BMX is coming to an end and its been a great season to say the least. We will be be putting all the 2015 Race Completes on sale for 10% off to make room for the 2016 Completes. You can see what we have left here.

Thursday, September 24, 2015

Don't Grow Up!!

Unfortunately for all of us growing old is not an option but for the ones that chose to live the life on two wheels growing up is an option. BMX will keep you young in mind and spirit. In amy daily actions and in my memories, BMX has kept me young and I plan on staying this way until I"m in the ground.

 Mark Choquette is the perfect example of this philosophy. Shredding on a daily basis with his son Myles who actually took this photo.  Live to get radical!!

Deluxe goods she been slowly rolling into the shop. We are stocked on just about everything they make. Stoked to have Deluxe items back in the shop.

Its been pretty busy in and out the shop the entire year but the past few months have been pretty hectic. Mark Potozcny has been hanging out between here and Pittsburgh for the past 2 weeks.This dude rules and so does his new Deluxe PA Model. We have this machine in a 21" Trans Black. This frame is not reserved for trail riding. If you're familiar with Marks riding you know he rides everything.

Here's our latest design for our fall T-shirts.This will be the back of the shirt with a small skull on the  front left chest of the of the shirt. Huge thanks to Chris Piascik for making this idea a reality. 
"Life Was Rad"

Ive been speaking with Ian via email for the past 6 months in order to get this FBM Steadfast build perfect. I'd say the timing was right on as he just flew in from England 2 days ago to spend some time in New England. Thanks for choosing Circuit!!

Ive been running around all summer that the blog posts have been at a minimum. I was hoping I would be able to post more often when fall role around but we are still rolling steady. Please follow the Circuit Facebook Page for daily updates on product and shop info.

Monday, August 31, 2015

Hammer Time!!

It's really here, the end of Summer.  By the looks of it the heat isn't going anywhere for a bit so enjoy these last few weeks of them summer temps. As we transition into Fall and watch the leaves start to change remember all those rad sessions you had in the streets, woods, parks or the track. BMX is everywhere and I'm pretty stoked on that.
 Here is the elusive John Degnan in his element.  Word is that theres a Degnan edit in the works.It has been a while and needless to say I'm excited.
 Photo by Scott Lamoureux.

2016 bikes are popping up in the shop. Here's one of the Sunday AM completes in trans gold($399.99). The whole 2016 Sunday line is looking rad. You can see them lined up in the shop but they are going fast.

Sunday is one of the only brands to offer a 24" "Freestyle" BMX bike year after year. If you're feeling a little to large for a 20" bike than the cruiser is the perfect option. Its a BMX and you can still get rad on it. $449.99

We have a small amount of these Eclat Fireball Tires in stock. If you're looking to add some flair to your ride these tires should do it.

Someone finally stepped up and did it. The Oil Slick Chain!! I know theres been others around but the masters of the chain made it available for us all. KMC 510HX is a chain you want to ride. 

Last but not least! We have 30 2016 Fit Completes on the floor. Take a look at our Complete Bikes in Stock Page or follow our Facebook page for pics and updates of daily deliveries. We have lots of new product in stock daily its hard to get it all up even with 4 social network pages.

Wednesday, August 19, 2015


AHH!! Its that time of year again. Hope you all enjoyed your time off this summer. We will be having a Back to School Sale this weekend. Check out the flyer below for details. We are well stocked with backpacks,shoes and clothing. Come freshen up!!

Monday, August 10, 2015


Had a short but sweet trip up north this past weekend. Pack a truck with your friends,bikes and camp gear and you're guarantied to have some good times. My best advice to anyone going camping in the White Mountains, If you're looking for a campground that goes all night stay at Mt. Deception (Un)Family Campground.
Thanks to Steve and John in Portland for giving us a place to crash also. You guys are awesome!

We hit up Highland Park to ride the jumps, they were in rough shape for BMX bikes but we made the most of it. Adam made the most of this wall too. If you've ridden this than you know how rad this is.

Quick jaunt up a dirt road and the swim holes are everywhere. Heres one of my favorites.

Cody Diggle rode enough for all of us combined. Its always rad to watch him shred whatever is in front of him.

Lookback at S. Paris.

This dude is my hero. Dean Sleeper slays all.
Dover Park, fast plant on some tight tranny natural terrain.

Monday, August 3, 2015

Church of BMX!!

Not being able to do something you love on a daily basis is hard, being in pain from doing it is even harder. I'm not sure how much time I have before a knee replacement but I know its coming sooner than later. BMX is my religion. Im not always practicing but I'm always believing!!

Having this place keeps me close to the community and whats going on in it. Thanks to everyone out there for all the support over the years. 2016 will make 10 years for us, lets party!!

Here are some new goods and some happenings going on in the shop.

New 5 Panel Hats from Merritt, 3 different colors so you should be able to find one you like.

Here are some new goods from Odyssey. The new Clutch Freecoaster, 30 Year Anniversary Sprockets,SXTN Grips and restock on everything this fine company makes.

We are always keeping the Profile Case stocked, we also keep their seats in stock. Check out theses new(old)patches and trucker caps.

This may be the best selling S&M on the list. Heres a new color for the BTM (Hoder Sig). The trans blue kit looks rad and we have it in a 20.75

We will be having a Back To School Sale August 20th-23rd, read the flyer!! We will also have a load of shoes that will be $20-$30

Henny has been on a mission to rebuild the bus interior but there's always time to worship the tabletop.

Wednesday, July 22, 2015


As usual, summer is coasting right on by and it will soon be August. There's plenty of time to have some fun so I hope you all stay healthy and are out there cruising.

We've been out of these Merritt Final Drive Coasters for a bit. Merritt got a small restock and all the RHD are gone but we do have 2 LHD in stock.We also have the new Merritt Headsets in stock. We will also have the highly anticipated Odyssey Clutch Freecoaster in stock next week. If you're looking to grab one reserve it now.

Looking for a hat to keep the sweat out of your eyes? S&M and Fit can help. Merican Hats for Merican Summers!! We have the new Merritt Camper hats on the way also.

These new Pro-Tec Full Cuts are rad. They are a yellow to green fade. Not to be confused with them skateparks rental helmets.

We are finally restocked on 2015 DK Sprinters, Micro-Expert. We've been out of these since winter. Come pick one up and get those kids pedaling!!

We've been keeping a good selection of frames in the shop lately and here's another for the shelf. The S&M Whammo in 20.75 Gloss Raw. Always of fan of Passeros riding.

Been riding more than my knee can handle lately. I can't help it, even if its 95 degrees and 85% humidity. It feels too good and I know it will be winter sooner than later.

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Seven Seven One Five!!

 This is all happening a little to fast. Why does summer go by in a blink? I hope your are all making the most of it. Get out of your comfort zone, go on a weekend trip with some friends and explore whats out there. I was lucky enough to do just that this past weekend. I met up with the boys down in Long Island for some dirt nap action. The locals at the Boondocks have been busy to say the least. Thanks for the hospitality boys!!

How many laps did the crew take? Too many to count. Here's one of Cody taking a solo run down DMC which was a rear site. It was basically trains all day.

Ive been stoked on having a good selection of frames in the shop this season. Heres another for the shelf. The Cult Chase Hawk V2 in Bright Green.(We also have Trans Purple in stock 20.75) This is a 20.75 and its been one of our best sellers as of late. Most the frames are available within 2 days. If you're looking for a new frame we are happy to order it for you. There is no build fee involved if the frame is purchased in the shop.

BSD has been putting out the goods in the past few years and their line parts line keeps getting better. Here are the BSD Substance Cranks in 170, perfect for you four peggers. No one likes their feet laying on their back peg.

I couldn't be happier to have FBM frames rolling back into the shop. The Steadfast CS with a 3/8 dropout in 21 TT could be your next shred sled!!! I love these bikes. New PMA Top Load Stems and restock on FBM headsets.

We've been receiving new goods daily. Heres a quick rundown of whats new.
Fly Default and Kinetic Helmets
Odyssey Sealed Trailmix Pedals
Fit Mac Sealed Pedals
Tree OG Sprockets
Daily Grind Pegs,Guards,Guard Sprockets
S&M Mainline Tires

Monday, June 22, 2015

We've Been Framed!!

Ahhh, The first day of summer and the longest day of the year. To say its all down hill from here would not be a lie. Make this the best summer ever ked!! Here's an easy way to enhance your summer stocke!! A Neeeewww Frame!! We have a few new frames in the shop this week and more on the way.

The S&M Credence M.O.D. is the perfect frame to send you off on your next BMX adventure. Made in California but its heart is in New England.
Black 21TT, $354.99

Here's another frame that will make you want to ride your bike more. The new Fit Hartbreaker (Chris Harti Sig) This frame reminds of the 2000 era of BMX. Welded mounts, Laser etched head tube simple geometry. Check out the flip book with frame details.

Its a U.S.A. frame post and I'm ending it with the most iconic frame in the BMX world. The T-1 Barcode (made by S&M Bikes) is back. We rarely see this frame in the shop but we are lucky to have had 4 roll through the door in the past few weeks. 3 are gone so we grabbed another to hopefully collect some dust on the frame shelf. This is a frame I don't mind staring at every day.

We have some new shop goods in stock. T-shirts and 3/4 sleeve shirts as well. This is the last run for this design so if you're into it come grab one before they are gone forever!

We have a small run of kids 3/4 shirts in the shop as well. 4t-8t.

Huge thanks to everyone that came out to the Shadow Shop Stop last week. We had a huge turnout for the windiest Monday of the year. Bobbylite was getting loose and he even managed to pull a sweet 180 Sleep Down.

We've restocked on 2016 Kink completes but they are already going fast. We will keep them in stock all season long.

Thursday, June 4, 2015

Still Stoked!!

For those that don't know, my bike got stolen from me a few weeks back. I miss it dearly and would love to have it back in my possession. Who ever finds it and brings it back gets a very special gift.

 Anyway, I'm rolling again! Thanks to all the very special friends in my life for making it happen so quick. The whole FBM Crew, Matt at Profile Racing, George at Rennen, Bobby Parker, Moeller and Mckinney at S&M. And John Lee for the best gift ever, my ATI Pistol Grips. I love you guys,Thanks!

Hey! Things are happening around here this Summer and the Shadow Team is kicking it off. They will be at Circuit this Monday June 8th at 4pm. Come hang out with some rad dudes in a parking lot. Hope to see you all there!!

Don't like carrying tools in your bag or pockets? How about in your seat and post? We The People is making it easy with the Smuggler Seat and Socket Post.

We rec ieved a good size restock on all Sunday and Odyssey goods we've been out of for a bit. The Odyssey Galaxy Pivotal coming back was a surprise to me but they are here. Also restocked on the Sunday Jackal(Chris Childs) Bars. I'm sure Chris will be happy to install them for you if you ask nicely. Sunday Saker V2 Cranks are back too.

We received a large Cult shipment this week. Lots of new items from them including this new Hawk V2 Frame in 20.75. These have been moving quick. Other new Cult items are - Butter Pegs in 4.5, Quatro Bars,Stone Cold Bars, Dak Seats etc....

BSD has been putting out some rad looking stuff lately. Here is the Alex D Frame in 20.8 and the Acid Fork. 

DK Nano push bikes are the perfect little machine for your toddler to get rolling on. Really digging the push bike movement. Start them young!!

Haro Race Bikes have arrived. We have a few on the floor and most are available within 2 shipping days. Here is the Race Lite in Expert XL. Check the Complete Bike Page to see whats in stock.

Circuit Team Manager JP laying it flat and up at Prov Park Photo by Circuit Team Manager Dewboy.