Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Keeping Up!!

Its not even Summer yet and I'm having a hard time keeping up with blog posts. I feel like these warm temps will be gone in a blink of an eye. I hope you all make the most of it and let your bikes take you to some new places and meet some new people.

Riding with dudes half my age is another thing I'm having a hard time keeping up with. Wether its my knee,shoulder or back blowing out, I'm always on the D.L. At least I get to take rad shots of the boys. Like this one of Diggle laying it up at Baltic Park from our weekend CT. jaunt.

Talk about keeping up with things! 2017 Kink Completes are on the floor and already rolling out the door. These are the best looking and feeling Kink Completes to date. Thats how you stay a leader in the complete bike market. You improve your bikes every season without a price increase. Sold!!

Kink Whip (Hamlin Edt.) $419.99

Kink Gap XL $369.99

Kink Launch $309.99

Kink Launch $309.99

Check out the Complete Bikes In Stock Page to see whats on the shop floor.

Also stay up on the Circuit BMX Facebook Page where we post new arrivals daily.

I almost feel caught up.

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

How Rad Is It??!!

I can do a post about all the new product we receive in the shop on a daily basis. Like the 2017 Kink Complete Bikes or the new 2016 FBM Steadfast Frames with updated geometry. Plus all the numerous parts from Profile, Cult, S&M, Odyssey, Sunday, Fit etc.... but instead this is a post about how rad BMX and the community that surrounds it really is.

If Crandall and the FBM boys are hosting a weekend jam, you bet your ass that we are trying to get some people together and make the journey. So lets hop in a van and make our way down 95 to RVA for the Lost Bowl Jam and Battle at Gillies Creek.

We loaded up the van and made the late night trip to RVA. Driving all night and arriving at 6am is the only way to get it done. I think I slept a total of 8 hours in 3 days. So worth it!! We had 11 of us that made the trek down. Henry,Cody,Brit and Gazeagle went in separate cars.

Lost Bowl is the ultimate concrete backyard paradise. You never have to mow the lawn here.

Henny is back on it ked!! Roasting a tabe in the deep end. Photo- Ramblin Fred

Mandatory parking lot hangs. Break out the banjo and harmonica and get to jamming.

Van Homans' roots are in BMX racing and it shows. He's no stranger to the dirt. Garrett Byrnes in tow. Always a treat watching some legendary dudes ride, especially these two.

This is Cody Diggle, international stud on and off the bike. He can't dance because his forearms are too big but he can go 3 feet higher than anyone else out there. He didn't win "Dude of the Day" for nothing!!

This is me going 4 feet lower than Cody, I wasn't even sure if I'd be riding on this trip due to my body falling apart but watching everyone shred makes the pain go away. Now its back and I have few extra grey's from this trip!! Thanks for the memories!! Photo- Crandaddy

Heres a FBM edit form Saturdays Lost Bowl Jam. Can't thank everyone involved with this weekend enough for making this happen. Especially Pat that owns the Lost Bowl, not many Skaters would allow a BMX Party on their pristine concrete setup but he does.

So this is my side of BMX. Friendship and Memories!! You can get started on it by picking up a bike!! Its pretty RAD!!

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Hey New England BMX!! You're The Best!!

Hey!! You guys rule!!
The Spot Hunt went off with out a hitch. What a day! I didn't get a head count of riders but assuming we were at 150 to 200 riders? Everyone killed it and I'm stoked you all made it out. Thanks to all the brands that donated their fine product. Animal,FBM,Fit,Kink,Madera,Odyssey,Profile,S&M,Sunday.
Huge thanks to Josh and Eddy for getting all the spots up and keeping score.

Here are a few pics from the day, All action shots were taken by Tony Long and Sam Lawson. You can check out Tables and Fables and Sam Lawsons' Blog for more pics of the day.

The Snowflake on a mild day melting away with a downside whip in a dry fountain.
Photo- Tony Long

Circuit Team Manager Dewboy riding the spot of the day!!
Barspin air shot by Sam Lawson

Brandon Christie is a nice dude!! He's always turning stuff down.
Photo- Tony Long

Tyler had seen better days after his face plant. Or maybe he's worse days, cause he went right back out and cruised for the rest of the hunt. Its just a flesh wound! What a trooper.

"Team Dog Shit" kind of killed it for a bunch of young turds. 

The Pawtucket veterans got rolling quick and won the hunt by the sheer number of posts (53) and the ridiculous clips they put up. Team Jon Degnan took the cake!! I really dig the team photos, it should mandatory. Lesson learned, next years hunt will be better,  if thats even possible? We'll have to wait and see.

The Score Sheet! Yes we actually kept a score sheet. 

Saturday, April 23, 2016

New Bike Psych!!

Theres nothing like building up a new rig. Stop in and spruce up your bike for these warmer months ahead. We've been keeping the frame shelves stocked but it hasn't been easy. 

Henny with the new FBM Gypsy build. We have one Gypsy in Trans Purple left and more on the way. We will also have the New Steadfast with updated Geometry, (74.25 HT, 9.25 SO) next week.

The new Circuit softgoods will be in this week. We will have T's,3/4 shirts and only 20 sweatshirts. No I won't save you one. Come and get it!!

We have a few of the S&M Enduro V2 Stems in stock with the "Sweet Leaf" print. We also have Black Enduro V2 stems and restock on the Credence Stems.

If you're looking for a new frame under $300 we have you covered. We have 4 frames on the shelves starting at $250. Starting with the Kink Sexton in Matte Raw, 20.85. You really can't go wrong for the price.

Here's another Kink frame that won't last long at the price of $250. The Kink Titan in Flat Black (Darryl Tocco), 21"TT.

Last one! The Sunday Broadcaster in Black Cherry, 21"TT. Also priced at $250.

The 2017 Kink Complete Bikes will be here the 2nd week of May. We are hoping for a May 10th or 11th delivery. Take a look at them here.

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

On the Hunt!!

Its spring right? Ehh, surprise its cold and snowing again. Don't sweat it, we are right around the corner to some warmer temps and the Circuit Spot Hunt!! Thats right, we are doing a street ride. But its not your average street ride. Check out the Facebook Event Page for details and the Instagram for spots. This project is still in the works so spots/tasks will be added to the page as we get closer to the date of the event. We will be hosting an after party at Circuit with a B-cave Mixtape Premiere.

Thanks to all the fine brands listed  for donating goods for the event. 

If your looking to dial in you rig with the Madera Celestial kit we always keep it in stock. Made in the U.S. by Profile racing, you know they are some quality goods.

We received a small restock on 2016 Sunday Complete Bikes. Here is the Erik Elstran Ex model 20.75 TT limited Toothpaste color way. These completes are built to last just like the Sunday after market frames.We just updated the Complete Bikes Page, take a look at whats in the shop.

Its always difficult to keep frames in stock this time of year. Everyone is stoked on spring and ready for a new ride. Thats good and bad, the shelves are empty but we have a constant rotation of new frames coming in. Here's the S&M Whammo in Trans Red 21"TT. Just like any S&M Frame this thing is dialed. Perfect for some tech street or park riding. $354.99 with free in shop build.

Here is another american made beauty. The Fit Dugan V2 in Trans Orange. This is a 21"TT as well.
Love the chain stay wishbone on this frame, built for stability and pedaling balls out. These frames are so new they don't even have them updated on the site yet. $354.99 with free in shop build.

Finally! A tire that doesn't look like all the rest. The Shadow Contender is a multi surface tire that has a low enough profile for smooth street/park riding. I can tell by feeling the rubber on these how grippy they will be, 2.35 and 2.20 in the shop. Check out the new Conspire Tye Dye Gloves as well.

Have you seen the Chris Childs Ramp II Video yet? Ok, well watch it again because its that wild.

Monday, March 28, 2016

More Than Deece!!

Everything has been rad lately, Spring is here and there's a whole lot of daylight going on for outdoor activities. Summer is going to be something else.

If you haven't heard yet we are working with the Providence Park Department to bring you RI's first bike park. We got a good start on it a few weeks ago and things should be moving forward in the next couple of weeks. Very exciting if you ask me. Thanks to everyone that made it out for the first work party. If you are interested in attending the next work party please call/email the shop for a date and time.

The Deeceman, Maniac, Stovedialer, ect... Some people are fortunate to have one good nickname, Derrick Girard has 3, maybe more? Anyway, we are restocked on his Quadsaw Sprockets, made in Maine by the Maniac himself. I prefer to keep these for in store purchase. If you want one shipped to your door get it straight from Derricks store, DeahRGMachining

We got a load of Odyssey and Sunday goods last week. New softwoods, chain tools and the new Metal Grandstand Pedals. Its getting busy in here. We have a restock of 2016 Sunday Complete Bikes arriving this week as well.

If you're riding for pegs on your rig then you might want to think about getting a 165mm-170mm crankset. We have a few options in the shop. Here are the Animal Akimbo Cranks in 170mm. You're going to need them Lino G 4.5 pegs to go with them cranks.

Merritt just released some new colors and sizes on their popular Option and FT1 Tires. Options in Purple and the FT1 is now available in 2.35. 

More new Merritt goods!! Purple everything!! Slim Saddle, Inaugral V2(higher rise) and Begin Bash Sprockets in 25th.

 Restocked on FBM Black Flag Bars and Rise Above Stems. I sense a theme here.
 Is the next FBM DVD called TV Party? You can be Drinking Black Coffee in your new FBM Mug while you watch it.

Sunday, March 13, 2016

Let it ride!!

How about this weather!? This last year it felt like winter would never end. One year later and we are in the 70s in early March. Sure feels good. Being outside is awesome, so get out and enjoy!

It seems the 4.5" peg is becoming the norm once again. Its like 1999 revisited. Who's going to bring the 5" peg back? Odyssey and Sunday are latest to jump in with the 4.5" plastic pegs. We have them both in stock now.

Here's another one I didn't think I'd be seeing again. The Purple Rain Colorway. This time on the new Odyssey Dugan Grandstand Pedals. We have them in Black as well.

We are restocked on 2016 Fit Completes and they are rolling out the door as fast as we cab build them. Spring is really here!!
Check out the Complete Bikes In Stock Page to check the current selection.
Here is the Aitken 1 in Trans Black, 21"TT and built to shred.

Another favorite in the 16 Fit line. The Mac 3 in Trans Burnt Yellow.

Here's something you don't see everyday. Your friend on the cover of Ride BMX. Congrats to Chris Childs for scoring this months cover, Bonus, Chris is wearing a Circuit shirt.

Bobby has been back east for a bit now but here's a mix edit of his travels out west and some home turf footage. I don't know about you  but I'm stoked he's back and I'm stoked on his new Profile/Circuit edit that is mainly self filmed.

Monday, February 22, 2016

Circuit In Paradise!!

Every winter I try to get some dudes together and head to a warmer climate. For the past 5 years Puerto Rico has been that place. Why? I guess because its become so familiar, I'd like to think I'll visit somewhere else next winter but who am I fooling, I love this place. Its easy to get to, its a beautiful island and the locals are super friendly. I want to thank everyone that came along for this trip and helped us along the the way.

Here's a collection of photos that were taken during this journey.

Before this trip most of these guys barely or didn't know one another. By the end of the trip they had all become lifelong friends. BMX will do that and so will 10 days in a van.

The first time I visited this jungle paradise in San Sebastian there were 5 of us. This time there were 50. I was stunned on how amazing it is on both visits.

Pickett is famous in Puerto Rico

Paging Dr. Pinzon!! Luis brought another element to this trip, the professional party element!! Without the Bose Speaker to get the session rolling and his antics, this would have been a different trip. Thanks for coming Dr.!! 
A visit to PR wouldn't be the same without hitting the famous La Perla Bowl. Tyler rode this thing as if it were a normal, full size bowl, its not.

This is Ray Rankin. Remember him? He's the first one in the park, the water or at the cliff to jump off of it. But he's always the last one to wake up. Here he is getting folded and finding new lines at Quebradillas.

Puntes Las Marias! This is the rad little DIY spot in San Juan. And this is Pinzon right off the plane and onto Rays bike since the airline lost his for a day. We were lucky enough to have a BNB across the street from here for a night.

Like I said. Rankin is the first one to jump off some shit and point at the camera.

I think Tyler may have fallen in love with PR as well. He even had the chance to catch some waves. Surf and Turf brother!!

This is how our trip ended. The PR Black Chicken Tattoo from Andrea and Frida. Couldn't ask for a better trip or a better ending. Thanks to everyone for being rad.
You know who you are!! See you next time!!