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Riders Ready!!

Oh how I miss riding my bike around a BMX track. Ive been having a hard time putting one foot in front of the other lately so pedaling around a track would be impossible for me. But as the new race season rolls in, I like forward to be at Woodland BMX on a regular basis to help you with all your race needs.

Here are a some new items we have in the shop to gear up for the 2017 season.
Fly Helmets, Jerseys, Pants, Gloves, Rennen Chainrings,Tioga Power Block Tires, ect....

The 2017 Sprinter Expert. This is a fully sealed complete bike with double wall rims and a cassette hub. No other brand offers these options at this price point. $389.99

2017 DK Swift Mini. This is the perfect bike to get your young one started on the track.

Here is another Sprinter. The junior model is the perfect step up from a mini. All Sprinters are fully sealed with cassette hubs.

2017 Redline Bikes are on the floor.
The Proline Expert XL is fully loaded! Too small for a pro size and looking for something a little longer than an expert? This is the perfect machine.

The Proline Junior 24" is one of the only smaller complete 24" bikes you'll find on the market. This bike is ready to rip around the track.

We usually keep a few more affordable mini completes on the floor. Here is the Redline MX Mini. With a sealed headset and bottom bracket you can't go wrong for $299.99

The Maxxis Grifter is something both racers and freestyle riders can appreciate. A foldable tire with a low profile tread for minimal resistance.We have multiple sizes in stock.

We are restocked on shop shirts in adult and youth sizing.

Forever Family!!

Im going to tell you a story. I bet you can't guess what its about? BMX, you guessed it!
Last week a received a frantic call from a friend. He was on the other side of the country and needed some help. He had no where to stay and was wondering if I knew anyone/where he could crash for a night. Obviously he rides BMX and I just so happen to know a few guys in the town he needed help in. One quick call and he had a place to lay his head for the night with some great company. Now remember, he didn't know these guys one bit and they took him in with open arms, just like you and I have done numerous times for traveling BMXers in need. 

 Long story short is that BMX is the universal bond that brings us all together and as long as you have someone to vouch for you, you will probably find a place to stay anywhere in the world if you ride BMX. Now get out and meet your extended family!!

Here it is! The tool that will get your bike taken apart and back together on your next journey to meet your extended BMX family members.
The Odyssey Travel tool is in the shop.

We have some new seats from Shadow, Bone Deth and Subrosa.

The Deece Man is at it again. Do I need a new stem and sprocket? Thats the question he has you asking yourself. Do I? I don't but I still want to see how it looks on my bike.
Pull the trigger, you know you want a DRG Quadsaw and Pumpanuck Stem!!

Them Florida boys did something amazing a few weeks ago. They had a grassroots jam with fire, gators, booze, double flip attempts and no one died. 
And they raised a shit ton of money for Scotty Cramner. Once again, BMX family making good things happen.
Well Trey Jones was one of those boys that made this happen. You should buy his new Cult OS V4 frame just on that principle and because of the rad "Dimebag Darrell" color way.
Available in store or online.

Chase Hawk is arguably one of the kings of style and flow. Im always stoked to have one his Cult Signature frames in the shop. This latest version in Trans Brown(Goldish) is a mean machine
We are restocked on Butter Pegs and some new green Cult/Vans grips.

Just Kidding!!

Two weeks ago we were all enjoying 60 degree temps and thinking spring was here. Think again! Looks like winter will be sticking around for a couple more weeks, maybe longer. If it makes you feel any better we are fully stocked up on  2017 Fit, Sunday and We the People completes for the season. The warm weather is close but how close?

Check out the Complete Bikes In Stock Page for a full inventory list. For now here are some pics of what new in the shop.

Here are a few 2017 WTP Completes.

The 2017 Sunday Completes are back on the floor but of how long?

We are fully stocked on 2017 Fit Completes. As soon as all this snow melts I'll let you take one for a spin.

Ya Baby!! The FBM Gypsy frames are back on the shelf. All these colors are approved for Spring lift off!!

Good to see some new Animal products in the world. They are being held captive at the moment. You should come liberate them. Benny Pegs, Gralla Pedals and Inverse stems are all in stock. 

44 Days!!

Its winter, kind of. No extreme cold or blizzard warnings but I still don't want to go outside. Im a warm weather kind of guy and Im counting the days until the spring sun will shine.

Things are moving right along in the shop and we've been staying busy with wheel builds and parts installs. We will be restocking on complete bikes in the next 2 weeks with Fit Bike Co, Sunday and We The People. The best way to clear the mind from the problems of the modern world are to get outside, breath some fresh air and get weightless.

Here are a few new items that we have in the shop in the past few weeks. Remember you can stop in the shop or use the Circuit Web Store.

The new Fly Fuego V4 in Matte Trans Blue is a rad looking machine. 21" TT and build for some park/street trickery.

The Fly Fuego Tires are sticky as glue. Smoother profile tire with the classic Ruben tread pattern.

S&M has a new frame out and we have it on the shelf. The UFO Frame is signature colab frame for Hobie Doan and Dan Norvell. Here is Dan Norvells colorway. The Trans Purple is out of this world. This is another park/street frame. Thats what everyone rides nowadays, right?

4 peggers rejoice!! We have the new Merritt GFE pegs in stock in 4.25. These have a unique design with the built in steel washer so the peg wont spin while you're grinding.

Park Rats love these tires like they were made of cheese. Grippy and light! And you know you need a grippy tire for all the masonite at the indoor parks. You just cant ride slow on the Maxxis Grifter.

In anticipation of the warmer weather we will be stocking up on everything BMX in the next few weeks. We are also planning a 10 year event for the shop. I have a few ideas but am open to suggestions, so if yo have an idea you want to share then let her rip.

We have a few things planned for 2017 including:
Our 10 year anniversary event.
Rebuilding and adding onto the Roger Williams Pump Track
Bike Fest R.I. in Downtown Providence
Im sure there will be a few video premieres and shop stops along the way as well.
Maybe a jam in the woods or at the park? 2017, lets make it rad!!

Here's Coleman living the dream for us all. He made the trip down to PR to soak up the sun and hit the big waves of Quabradilla Park. Thats starting year off right!
Photo - John Skvarla

See You Next Year!!

So while everyone is doing the yearly best on Instagram and FB, I prefer to take the time and do a post about it. I feel better taking a look back at the year in depth and think about what Ive learned and how to make 2017 a better year for myself and the shop. 2016 was a great year for the most part and now its time to start a new.

Thanks to all that support Circuit! If you haven't figured it out by now this shop is more than just a shop. Its a home for BMX in New England!!

This is what 2016 looked like for me,so here it is,

My year usually starts with a trip during the winter months. Im taking a BMX brake this winter to let my knees recoup. Hope it helps.

I could go on and on but I guess Id be rambling, instead Ill start off with a pic of the Rambling Man himself.
Tenny Tyler in PR February 16.

We had an idea for a street jam but not your typical street jam. The "Circuit Spot Hunt" was a success. Do we dare do another?

We made the 10 hour trip down to RVA this spring for the Lost Bowl Invitational and Battle at Gillies Creek. Heres Trey Jones stretching out the Grizz from a killer day where the trails weren't supposed to even run.Thank you RVA!!

So this is the day my summer went to shit. Who knew that pumping a bowl corner would blow my back out and keep me off my bike for almost 3 months. At least I was able to snap a photo of the Diggle while I was resting in the grass.

Marky D laying it out at Highland this past summer during my down time.

So this is where my summer of BMX finally begins. In mid August I decided to hop on a trip with some of my friends from Boston. This was a trip of a lifetime and I couldn't be more stoked to have been a part of it. Here are a few pics from the North West Trip that stand out. Thanks for having me boys!

Somewhere on the Oregon coast we called this spot home for the night.

What have your hands built to ride your bike on?
Kush, Vancouver B.C.

Rad spots, Rad people.
Yours Truly. Seattle, Wa.

North East Legend turned North West Legend. Mark Rainha is the real deal.
West Lynn, Or.

This beautiful place is in Bellingham, Wa. I hope you get to see it one day.

I guess I had a few good trips in 2016.
Here is Dr. Pinzon with a table in Asheville pre wedding day.

The Gazeagle!! Silent but deadly!!

The night Diggle, just like the day Diggle but at night.

I could keep posting photos all night but Ill stop here. I will mention a few things that happened in 2016 that I am stoked about.

1- Roger Williams Pump Track and the City of Providence Parks Department.
We had a successful year with the RW Pump Track and will be looking to improve it come spring time. We will hopefully have news of two new pump tracks in Providence for 2017 as well.

2- The relaunch of the Circuit BMX Web Store.

3- All the shop supporters far and wide. We truly appreciate everything you do for us. We love BMX and the community that surrounds it.

4-My friends, new, old, future, past, all of you. I love you all!!

Heres to 2016, Hello 2017!!

On Hold!!

Blog posts are on hold for a few weeks. Im trying to keep the shop rolling through the holiday madness. I will leave you with some Cody Diggle and some summer goodness!!

Our hours will be a little different next week.
Take a look below.

Feeling It!!

Feeling sad, lonely, depressed? Most of us have been there at some point in our lives. And if not, don't worry, its coming.

This is the first season in a long time I haven't had a set of trails to call home. I can't say it drove me to depression but I am sad over the loss of such a place.  I am thankful for what we created out in the woods. Its a show of strength in friendship that community that called this place home is still intact and growing, which is pretty rad if you ask me. But theres something missing, like Bears, Bernicky, Bomber, Pipeline, Scituation, just to name a few. They are long gone and back to what they were originally. Reclaimed by the earth with some help of heavy machinery. So I ask myself, am I too old to start another set of trails? Probably but thats doesn't mean it won't happen.

 I have hundreds of photos to share and I'm not one to talk about the yesteryears but Cumby was something special to me and many others so I'm just going to share a few photos right here. Enjoy and Happy Cranksgiving!!