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July4th Weekend Hours

Here are the hours for the 4th weekend. 
Please be safe a practice social distancing. Made back here Tuesday the 7th at noon. 

Completely Stoked!!

BMX is keeping the stoke alive right now. Complete Bikes are are just about sold out worldwide.
We have 4 bikes left on the floor.
But wait!! We have over 100 bikes showing up in the next few weeks.

The first round of the 2021 Sunday Complete Bikes will be arriving in two weeks.
We are pre selling them so if there is a certain model you are interested in please hit us up asap to reserve yours.

Here are a few of the models.

Right behind the Sunday Completes will be the 2021 Kink Complete Bike line arriving early June.
We are also pre selling these so do not sleep on the bike of your choice.
Hit us up asap to reserve yours.

In between everything else going on in the shop we've been banging out some rad customs.
We have a good stock of frames and parts if you're looking to go the custom route.
We can help you get dialed in.

Here are a few from the past few weeks.

S&M BTM XL Build for Tim

S&M Hucker in Hot Pink for Lil Sammy

Subrosa MR1 Build is dialed for Kevin

What will we do with all this free time we have??
How about building something to ride!
You know Cody Diggle is not slacking on that end.
Blast Off on home turf on his S&M MOD Raj Colorway. Which we have in store and online.

We Are Open!!

I know life seems weird right now and being out in the world feels  surreal at times but we will adjust to this new world and we ask you to adjust with us. We are hoping that you understand and cooperate with the adjustments as we do our best to service our community. 

We continue to hold normal hours at Circuit with door service only. We ask all of our customers to wear a face covering while you are at the door and respect the space of other customers in the area.
Thank you for the continued support!
 We are looking forward to a day when this is a distant memory.

Our friends at Imprimatur BMX hit us with some questions about BMX shops. We are always stoked to be a part of anything they do so answering these questions was a pleasure. Thanks!!
Have a click and a read.

If you enjoy cruising the streets of  the big city, there is no better time than now to get out and explore. 
Childs dropping the ice-pick on an empty Providence.

This Is Not a Test

To say things have changed in the past month would be an understatement. We are living in a different world for the time being and we’ve had to make some shop changes that will hopefully see us through these next few weeks. Please follow these guidelines and I’m sure we will make it through this together. 

Thank you for all the support we have received in the past few weeks while we adjust to the situation at hand. 
Also thank you to everyone who has been using the webstore. We are trying our best to get orders out in a timely matter. If you are looking for an item that is not on the webstore, we can add it for you. Just give us a heads up and we will make it happen. 

Please- if you have any questions or concerns fell free to call us or email us and we will get you the info you request. 
And for the sake of us all, please  practice social distancing wherever you may be. 

Counting The Days!

Winter!! Even though it's been tolerable, there's nothing like a warm summers day and a sweaty session in the woods.
There are some things to look forward to that make winter move a little faster.
Swamp Fest being one of them, mark your calendars for 4/4/2020. And see you there!

Another thing to look forward too are dig days at Roger Williams Pump Track.
And SPRING!!!!!

We made our way to Pittsburgh last week for the Wheel Mills Winter Welcome Jam.
This place is a treat and only a quick 9 hour drive. Thanks to the Potozcnys and Harry for including Circuit in on the festivity's as we sponsored the closing event of the jam.
The longest lap in the "Woods Room".
Here's the Dig "In The Cut" Vid from the jam.

Just because its winter doesn't mean things slow down in here. We have a restock on 2020 Cult and Sunday complete bikes arriving later next week.
We will have a few of the Anthony Panza Devotion Completes in "Yankee Blue" arriving with this order.

We have new color options from Cult on their Vans tires.
Yellow and Purple are new with a restock on Pink, Blue and Natural Camo. 

It's almost time for new shoes, isn't it?
We will have a large order of spring Vans arriving in the next couple of weeks. Over 80 shoes!!
The BMX specific line is looking dialed but in the meantime we have a restock on the classic
 Half Cab shoe for all you die hards.

So on to the sad news. I can't imagine BMX without the words FBM in it. But it seems to be a part of reality in 2020. Thats right,FBM has shut the doors of their U.S. made machine shop after almost 20 years of operation. That means FBM as a frame company is no more. In most of minds FBM is more than just a bike company, it's an idea that feeling, an idea, a family. If you know, you know.

Thanks to FBM for supplying the fun in BMX for the past 25 years. The friends that have been made along the way will last a lifetime.
FBM is BMX!!
The Road Goes On Forever!!

Decades of BMX!!

And just like that, we shot through another decade of life and BMX. Its truly amazing how fast time. moves when you're busy and having fun. And plenty of fun was had in 2019 with some heavy sessions, jams and travel.  I think the next decade will be a lot of the same.
Heres a collection of pictures from the 2019 season with the Circuit Crew.

Cody Diggle burning pallets and dialing dirt at Swamp Fest 2019. More of this coming in April for Swamp Fest 2020!

The BobMan can blast any transition. Hefty pocket table at S.P.O.T from Swamp Week.

Im always blown away by our BMX community and how supportive it is. We have a good thing going, don't forget it. Roger Williams dig days are right around the corner. Get those shovels ready!

There's nothing better than a heavy stoop session after a full day of riding.
The boys outside the B-cave mansion.

Always stoked to session with a full deck of Circuit Frames. Should we do another run in 2020? 
I think so!

There's a whole generation of riders influenced by this man right here.
Isaac"Groundchuck"McCrea touching RI soil for the first time since X-Games 96.

The unofficial 2019 Pump Track World Championships were held ini Foster RI this summer and no one knew about it. Crandall took the win with the Halaclan in a close 2nd.
Crandall consumed a case of LaCroix after some hot laps.

Colorado has to be one of the best places for a summer visit. Getting some laps at 9000 ft took my breath way but its well worth it. Frisco, Co.

Another Colorado shot with Declan Murray and a unorthodox rail move. This kid is a genius on the bike. Brekenridge, Co.

All up on the curved wall train. Chris, Mayo and Dad getting some in the "Bucket".

I could keep this going on for a bit but I'll close it out with a photo that is just rad. No bikes,  just some nice light and some green and brown.

Thanks to everyone for making 2019 a good one. We are looking forward to more of the same in 2020 and beyond. Lets keep the PMA up and keep our scene rad!!
Thanks to Shaun G, Julia A, Nathan P and Capps for sharing some photos.

Love Circuit


Happy Thanksgiving y’all!!

We are fully stocked for our annual sale. 
We will be offering 10-15% off all parts and accessories in store. All special orders are welcome as well. 
Most complete bikes in the shop will be 10% off excluding Kink and some of the sold out models from Sunday and Cult. 
Feel free to hit us with any questions on hard to find product. 

Here are a few updates photos of our inventory. 
Hope to see you all this weekend.


Things are cooling down fast out here. Gone are those 70 degree days of fall. Boom! Here comes the cold. We have plenty of Circuit Hoody's and Coaches Jackets to keep you warm during these colder months. Let's hope for that mild winter we always dream of.

The shop is busting at the seems with everything BMX has to offer. We are fully stocked for the holiday season and beyond. There are only two months left till we hit 2020, that's a wild thought.

Circuit Coaches Jackets-Only 10 made. In store only. These are weather proof!!

The Shawn Pawluch Signature Sweatshirt.

The 2020 We The People Complete Bike line is dialed as it is every year. Keeping these in stock is always a challenge.
The 2020 Trust in Trans Berry is a dialed machine, stacked with aftermarket product from Eclat and WTP. $699.99

The WTP Crysis has been a main stay in their line for years. Another model that equipped with plenty of aftermarket parts. Full Chromoly Frame/Fork, 20.5- $659.99

Here is another Crysis in a 21" TT. This color is a rad Matte Cyan Blue. Built to last with Full Chromo steel all around. $659.99

Hmmmm? I wonder if those Camo tires are sold separately? As of right now, NO! But who knows what the future holds. For now you'll have to purchase this 2020 Justice in order to ride these Salt Plus Sting Tires in Camo. $499.99

Here is another 2020 Justice in Matte Trans Red. Another dialed bike from the 2020 WTP line. 20.75" TT - $499.99

We have a load of new product from everyones favorite bike company that only a few support. FBM goods are in the shop. Heavy stock on Bars,Seats,Posts, BB's and only a few of the 2019 Frames left in stock. Take a look at the Circuit Webstore and see what's up.

Surprise!! Profile released a limited edition Matte Pink Camo kit. Again, these are very limited and what we have is what's left. Don't sleep on the pink.

Is it summer yet? Lets ride bikes somewhere warm this winter!!
Table in Colorado. Photo- Steve Crandall

Speaking of Colorado, here's the Dig "In The Cut" from this years Profile/FBM/QBMX/ODI/ Maiden America tour that I was lucky enough to be. a part of this year.