Monday, March 25, 2013

How you doing??

This winter seems like the endless bummer. Ive been checking the weather with my local meteorologist and he says it's gonna be turning soon. Keep checking that forecast cause I know them temps are climbing and we will be riding in shorts and T's soon. Ahh T-shirts, we will have all the new Circuit Shirts in this Tuesday or Wednesday. Come grab one, multiple colors and 3 different designs.

 We got lots of new goods in this week, here is a quick rundown of whats new in the shop.

The Subrosa Noster Frame. Im sure most of you are familiar with the Simone Barraccos web edits, from what I hear they are pretty tech. So if you're into tech street riding keep this frame in mind. 20.8 and its only $300.00. Deal!!

Pretty stoked on these new Subrosa Posi Trac Hubs. They look sweet in polished and your bike will feel like a trans-am with these on it. They have a cool option of left and right hand drive switch system.

 The Fit X Etnies/Benny L Bike is on the floor. Its a level 1 Fit Complete and has the same colorway as the Etnies Benny L shoes. They are both real sharp looking!! You cant find a better bike for 379.99!!

Joe-Tek Seats are in the shop. From what I gather these are from the UK and are pretty much legal in RI. So come pick one up. Very Limited!! 38$

Animal has some new items that will be popping up this spring. Here are the new Broadway Seats. Simple clean looking design not to skinny not to fat.

We are stocking up the parts cases for Spring if it ever decides to arrive. Lets keep our fingers crossed for these temps to rise soon before we all lose are minds!!

38 degrees ain't bad for a morning session at Paw Park.  "Ray Stankin Rankin Showtime" is used to the cold. He's almost a Yopper!!