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Circuit BMX offers BMX bike repair and build services. We specialize in building custom wheel sets and custom complete bikes


If your rims, hubs, spokes and nipples are all purchased at Circuit, WE WILL BUILD YOUR WHEEL AT NO CHARGE, with FREE TRUING as needed(Broken spokes from grinding will void the free truing). Same-day wheel build service is available if you call ahead to schedule an appointment. Call the shop, place an online order or come in to start your custom wheel build. 


We offer custom bike building. With a huge selection of parts in stock, and the ability to order just about any part you'd like, we can build your perfect bike. When all parts are purchased at Circuit, WE WILL BUILD YOUR BIKE AT NO CHARGE and you will enjoy FREE ADJUSTMENTS for the life of the bike. Call the shop or come in to start your custom order. Custom builds can be done same day. Call or email in advance to ensure all of the parts you want are in-stock. If parts need to be ordered, the build generally takes about a week to complete. Circuit is happy to assist in helping you chose the right parts for your custom built bike. 


The pricing below is for parts purchased elsewhere and brought into Circuit for installation or repair. Please see the Complete Bikes page for more information about the free adjustments for complete bikes purchased at Circuit BMX.
(Service Prices are scheduled to change without notice)

BMX Tune-up* $65 Stem Install $12
Complete Brake Install $35 Fork Install $15
Brake Adjustment $8-15 Wheel True $12-35
Seatpost Install $5 Complete Wheel Build $50-65
Seat Install $5 Pedal Install $8
Grip Install $5 Chain Install $8
Bar Install $10 Sprocket Install $10
Brake Cable Install $10 Crank Install $20
Brake Lever Install $8 Bottom Bracket Install $20
Flat Repair $6-8 New Tire Install $6
Bike Build (purchased out of store) $100 Wheel de-lace $15

*BMX Tune-up includes wheel truing, brake adjustment, lubing of headset and chain, cleaning, set tire pressure, torque all nuts and bolts to spec.