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Hello My Friend,Hello!!

If you’re like me you don’t look at your bike as a piece of metal or a tangible item. 
I look at my bike as if it were a friend that clears my mind every time I’m on it. I’d say it’s a form of mental and physical therapy, where all your worries are washed clean for the time that’s spent on it. 

For that matter, I feel the same way about being in the woods with a shovel in my hand. 
I feel that same cathartic release from riding BMX and from building something new to ride my bike on. 

We don’t sell shovels but we do sell the best bikes and accessories that BMX has to offer here at Circuit BMX. 

So come on down and take a look our full inventory of complete bikes and maybe roll out with your new best friend. 

2024 Cult Devotion and the full rang of 2024 Cult Completes are on the floor now. 

SE Beast Mode Ripper is ready to take you through the mean streets. 

We The People Carbonic is in the shop!! 
Not many of these available in the states and we have one. 

Hey!! A wheelbarrow could be one of your best friends too. 
New “Barrow Buddy” Shirts have landed!! 

We The People 14” Seed bikes for the lil rippers!! 

Eli Houle has been on a bike his whole life and it’s starting to show. 
Laying an oppo tabe in the woods of RI. 


 If you're familiar with Eric Hennessey then you know what he's capable of. 

If you're not familiar with him then sit back and watch this edit of Henny by STEW JOHNSON.

This dude can raise the stoke level from zero to a hundred in the matter of one run. 

Hennessey is a day one Circuit supporter and we appreciate everything he has done for Circuit over the years. 

He definitely has the best opposite-regular table in BMX.

Edit of Henny by STEW JOHNSON.

Song-"Shout out to Circuit"

Written and Performed by Eric Hennessey himself.

Henny at 12,000 feet. 

Leadville Co. 

Happy Holla-Daze!!

Here are the holiday hours for this coming week. 
Yes!! We will be open on a Monday(26)
So get those builds in one day early and we will get things rolling for you. 
It’s going to be in the mid 50s by weeks end. 

Keep On Sale-ing!!

 It's that special time of the year, where everyone gets everything they want for Xmas. 

Luckily we have everything BMX related in stock. So we will be passing some savings onto our loyal customers. 

All in store and online purchases will be 10-15% off

Complete Bikes-10% off

Custom Builds- 15% off

Wheel Builds 10% off

Frames 10-15% off

Bars/Forks 10% off

All Vans Shoes-15% off

Clothing 10% off

All other parts and accessories 10% off

Special Orders are excluded from this discount. 

Swing by or check out the online store for constant deals this winter season. 

Setting Sale!!

Ahh yes, that time of year again, where everyone in the world has everything on sale. 10,20,50% off. Deals, deals everywhere. 

Guess what? We are doing the same. Not because everyone else is doing it. We are doing it because we love our customers and truly appreciate the support the community gives us. 
So our holiday gift to you is 15-20% off the entire store for the whole week. 

We are fully stocked with over a hundred Bikes, Sixty plus frames, hundreds of Vans with some starting at $25. 

We are stocked and are passing the savings on to you for the holiday season. 

Prov Park Jam 2022

 If you made it out to the Rad Share/Profile Prov Park Jam you know it was a good time. 

If you didn't make it out then watch the video and check out what you missed. 

Thanks to Rad Share for donating over 40 free helmets to the locals and thanks to Profile Racing for feeding the neighborhood. 

The kids are stoked!!

Gearing Up For Fun!!

 Its starting to feel a little like summer  but where are those humid 90 degree  days? 

Nothing like loosing 5lbs during a 3 hour session. 

Since the season is picking up you know we will keep the floor stocked with complete bikes and everything you need to keep them rolling. 

We have over 100 bikes in stock and a hood amount of those are on sale. Fit, Kink, Sunday, We The People Completes are all 10-15% off so swing by and get rolling this summer. 

We have over 100 complete BMX bikes in stock from Cult, Fit, Kink, Sub Rosa, Sunday and WTP.

Come take one for a rip.

Silent Issue II in the shop and online now.

New Cult Session Packs are in stock now
Pull Up a Seat

S&M Bars are always on deck. 
We have over 200 bars in stock to choose from. 

Speaking of S&M. This dude has been doing it for a while. 
Joe Simpson laying it up down in NZ. 

Did you know there are some killer jams coming up next week??
First is the Rad Share/Profile/Circuit BMX Prov Park Jam at Neutaconkanut Hill. 
The jam will start at 3 and there will be free helmets from Rad Share(While supplies last) and free pizza from Profile Racing. 
Get out for some fun!!

Next up is the annual Road 2 Recovery Jam at Trumbull BMX Track in Trumbull CT. on July 17th. 
If you have never been to one of these events you are missing out on what the New England BMX Community has to offer and what we are capable of as a unit. 
Thanks to Joe Doherty for always busting his ass and making this happen every year. 
We will be hosting the Trails to Track event this year. Check out the flyers below and see you there.

Cruel Winter!!

If you live for the outdoors and BMX, winter will always be a downer. 
Im always plotting my Spring and Summer plans during these down months. 

Here are a few photos that will take us into the warmer months.

Mike came in early to get this perfect Sunday Soundwave build. 
I think he's ready for Spring.

Another custom build rolling out the door waiting on some spring weather.
Tall Order Matty Cranmer Build for Zach in N.H.

Ready for some green and orange.
Mid Summer Roast.

Dr. Luis Pinzon making us all jealous with his backyard paradise ramp in sunny Florida. 
Its Summer year round in Tampa.

Yes, its definitely winter in New England and we have some Circuit Beanies to keep your head warm.

Eddie Smith on the tank.

We ran an ad in the newest Dig Magazine. We have a few copies left here if you want to own the best Magazine in BMX.

60 Percent dig time
40 Percent ride time
Story of my life.

Cam Childs has a bag full of tricks including this Tuck No Hander.

By the time you see this post I hope its Spring and you'll be wearing the new Circuit Woods 5 Panel Camper Hat.

As time goes on some BMXers fall into a legendary status. At the ripe young age of 28, Id say Cody Diggle is on his way.
Will you see him in the woods this year? Lets hope so!!

This dude spends so much time in New England you would think he lives around the corner. 
Long Island local Jonny Nemecek "Can" Can Travel. 

Getting Close!!

The end is near!! 
Of the year that is!! 

Its that time of year when we look back on where our bikes brought us and where they will take us next year. A new park, a new set of trails, a new street spot, a new friend, a new trick, your bike does more for you than you might think. It can keep you sane one pedal at time. 
Keep on keeping on!!
And we are here to help you do just that. 

We are fully stocked with everything from tubes to complete bikes to custom builds... We do it all.
If you don't know what to get the special BMXer in your life than a Circuit Gift Card is the perfect gift.
You shop in store or online at the Circuit Bmx Webstore.
We have a good selection of frames up on our Sales Page as well. We will be loading that page up all month long with other sales items. 

We have over 150 Complete Bikes to choose from in store and a select few online. 

Our Fork selection is fully stocked as well.

Nothing feels better than a new set of bars. 

Profile Hubs are always on deck for your custom wheel build

From 12"-29" BMX Bikes, we have them all!!
Here is the 2022 Cult Devotion 26" 

The Fit STR in Light Pink is a head turner. 

We have a good selection on S&M CCR Frames,Bars,Stems, Grips. 
Get the full kit for a 10% Discount.

New shop threads are trickling in.Here is a new raglan with our Classic "Woods" Design.

Speaking of Woods. Its always a pleasure having the Halahan family in the woods of RI.
Here’s Lukas roasting one from a warm fall session with Nate out in front. 
Photo-John Capps


Let's Talk About Love!!

What a wild summer, hot and wet!! I kind of like it but I dont love it. What I do love is BMX and how its always there when you need it. Through thick and thin, it will always be there to lift the spirit up. 
 So hop on your bike or load it in the car and let your bike take you to places youve never been or imaginaed going. BMX will do that wether you plan it or not, it just happens. 

 Speaking of getting in the car and loaded up, we did just that a few weeks ago to hit the beautiful Green Mountains of Vermont. Here are a few pics from the adventure.

Sam Lawson on home turf with the Euro while the ramp architect Travis looks on. 

Captain Bob-Man with a morning stretch at Warren DIY Park minutes before doing 50mph down a mountain and riding a guard rail. 


The man, the myth, the campfire comedian- John Capps can do more than take rad photos.
Table in the forbidden bowl of Burlington VT.

We do more than just ride bikes when out traveling. We swim too!!
This spot is on another level when its raining and you have it to yourself.

Guess what!? We do more than just ride bikes and swim, we also have the largest selection of BMX Bikes, components and accessories in New England. Come take a look!!

We are running a back to school sale all week. Check the flyer below.


Stoked On Being Stocked!!

I can finally say that we are fully stocked on complete bikes. By the time you read this that might have changed but as of now we have over 100-150 complete bikes in the shop from Cult,Kink,Fit,Stolen,Subrosa,Sunday. 

We also have some race bikes from DK, Radio and Redline. 
 Inventory is moving fast but I expect us to be in a good position for the season. 

So give us a call or stop in to pick up the bike of your dreams.