Monday, August 15, 2016

Flying By!!

This has been one odd season for me. Not to get too personal but Ive had some major life changes in the past few months, selling my house, not being able to ride due to injury and Cumby getting plowed over. Needles to say, this Summer was a wash for me but Im taking to proper steps to make sure next Summer is the best one ever!!

So with all those negative happenings, lets look at some positive happenings. 
We built the Roger Williams Pump Track and will be expanding on it.
I sold my house.
Im riding again and heading out on an epic trip in a week.
And Circuit will be turning 10 years old this November, Party anyone?
Ok, things aren't that bad.

Shop happenings go like this. 
The 2017 Subrosa Complete bikes have landed on the shop floor and I couldn't be more stoked on the way they look, feel and ride. Seriously, if you're looking for a new ride this year consider a Subrosa.
They killed it with the design and detail on the line.
I will have the Complete Bikes In Stock Page updated this week.

The Salvador Lashaan Kobza Coloway. (Fully Sealed) $399.99

The Salvador XL,(Fully Sealed) $399.99

The Letum (Freecoaster) $499.99

The Tiro (sealed BB,HS, Rear Hub)

Enough Said!! 

Make American parts again. This Profile Racing paisley (Lima) color way is beautiful. I bet your Grandma would love it.

If you didn't know we always have a full stock of bars, especially U.S. made S&M bars. Heres a restock on Hoders and Credence bars in all sizes.

The B-cave boys went on a road trip to nowhere. Heres Tenny getting sucked into a blackhole.

Thursday, July 21, 2016

Big Time!!

We finally made it! The shops name is on a sign and its not ours. The Roger Williams Pump Track is finally open and we couldn't be happier. We had a great turnout for the opening ceremony and its been used heavily since. I look forward to phase 2 of this project. Thanks to the Providence Parks Dept. for giving us the chance on this one.

Here is Mayor Elorza with the ribbon cutting. He even took a few runs!

We've been playing with the soil out there and may be coating it to cut down on maintenance. We need to add drainage in a few spots as well. I will keep you posted on closures via the Circuit Facebook Page.

Like I said, Big Time! As in big time post. 
Heres whats new in the shop this week.
Lets start with frames and the new Fit Hangman Frame in 21" TT. This is the Jordan Hango Sig Frame so you know its built for some burly street riding and you can see a sample here.The flat trans blue isn't a color you see everyday and it looks great. 
American made goodness for a Canadian brother.

Here it is! The FBM Hardway V2 in 20.75 Gloss Black. FBM is not just a bike company, its a way of life. If you live that way of life and don't ride an FBM then come talk to me. I'll guide you.
The frame is the pure shred sled with and comes with a free ticket to anywhere USA.

I hope most of you remember when Aaron Ross rode for FBM, you remember that right? If not here you go. Well he's been riding for Sunday for quite some time now and they have a good thing going because I really dig these Sunday MotoRoss Frames. Heres the latest offering with the new Fluorescent Yellow, 20.75" TT. A classic Ross color way. 

And here are a few of the 2017 Sunday Completes or at least what we have left. Ive been selling these bikes before I get a chance to build them up. Don't worry, we will have a restock in a few weeks.

Elstran Ex, $499.99

The Model C is the perfect machine to get out and do one thing, Cruise!  $429.99

Here's my favorite in the 2017 line and not because its the Childs Ex model. I just think the color is shard. And because its The Chris Childs Sig Complete. $499.99

The Primer is the perfect entry level bike for anyone looking to pick up a new ride.

The Forecaster is new for 2017 and here is the Mark Burnett Model. This bike is forecaster equipped but don't let Burnett fool you. He is a dirt dog too.

Sunday, July 3, 2016

It's Only BMX!!

But I like it!!

Here's whats new in the shop.

We have a few of the new FBM Quickness Spline Drive Sprockets in the shop as well. 25th-28th. 
We will have Hardway V2 Frames coming this week. 

Eclat Predator Tires in all colors.

We have never had BSD Tires in Tan Wall in the shop. 
Do you even know they made them? Me neither!

Received a hefty Sunday/Odyssey (Stems,Childs Bars,Seeley Bars,Tires,ect..) order this past week and this machine was on it. The Sunday Soundwave V2 in 21". This frame is ridden by some of the areas heaviest shred heads. Childs,Mayo and Dewey all roll on one of these and abuse it on a daily basis. Tires of switching out broken frames every 8 months? Come grab one of these.
We will have our 2017 Sunday Complete Bikes the second week of July. Stoked to have them on the floor soon.

John Saxton and a host of volunteers have been working away on the new K-Rob Foundation Park in EP. This park should be open in the next week or two. Its pretty rare to see a wooden park being built in the North East these days. Im looking forward to riding it.

We will be having an opening event for the Roger Williams Pump Track Wednesday,July 13th at 5:30 PM. We are hoping to see you out there! In the meantime, out of respect for the volunteers that put in the time to make this place happen please do not ride the pump track, it still needs some fine tuning.
There will be scheduled work days. Follow the link above for more info.

Sunday, June 12, 2016

Somethings Missing..

Being that I'm falling apart, I feel like there's something missing in my life. Hmm, Yup, My bike!!
 I Haven't seen it in a few weeks which makes me feel incomplete. If you're in your prime and feeling good than get out there, ride as much as possible but don't destroy your knees because you'll be in my boat in no time.

The one thing I can always rely on is the shop. It keeps me in touch with the BMX community, with out it I would be completely lost. (Sad Right?) I'll be cruising soon,hopefully.

We have plenty of new goods in the shop. Way too much product to list on here but you can always follow the Circuit Facebook and Instagram to see what arrives daily. Heres just a few notable items.

Animal X Terrible-One collar tires are in the shop. They could possibly be the best Park/Street tire ever produced. The proof is right here in this Garret Byrnes Video.

There she is, the most beautiful girl in the BMX world. The FBM Gypsy V3 is back in the shop.
(We also have 20.75 in Trans Purple) This time in Tan. She is always welcome on these shelves. We will be attending the FBM Open House July 16th if anyone is interested in tagging along.

Yo!! The 90 East Summer Collection is here. Hats,T's,Shorts and Pants. We have a couple of the bars on the rack also. Check out the specs here.

We are doing another small run of Circuit Frames built by the FBM Machine Shop. This will be a run of 10. We have 5 left to book on this order. If you're wanting one these head badges this is the last chance. We will change them for the next run of frames in 2017. Email me at if you want one.

Here are the specs.
Top Tube - Your choice
Brake Mount style/position - Your choice
Drop Out - 14 or 3/8
Head Tube - 74.25
Seat Tube - 71
Stand Over - 9"
Bottom Bracket Height - 11 5/8
Rear End Length - 13.7
Color options will follow but possibly, Gloss Raw or Dark Trans Green. No Paint is an option.

We have another Roger Williams Pump Track work day scheduled for Sunday, June 19th, 7am-1pm. If you want to help build a place you will more than likely be riding this summer than get your butt out there. The only way this project will get finished is with communities help. If you have any questions feel free to call the shop. Thanks and see you there.

Here's one from when I could actually ride. It was only a little over a month ago but it feels like an eternity.

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Keeping Up!!

Its not even Summer yet and I'm having a hard time keeping up with blog posts. I feel like these warm temps will be gone in a blink of an eye. I hope you all make the most of it and let your bikes take you to some new places and meet some new people.

Riding with dudes half my age is another thing I'm having a hard time keeping up with. Wether its my knee,shoulder or back blowing out, I'm always on the D.L. At least I get to take rad shots of the boys. Like this one of Diggle laying it up at Baltic Park from our weekend CT. jaunt.

Talk about keeping up with things! 2017 Kink Completes are on the floor and already rolling out the door. These are the best looking and feeling Kink Completes to date. Thats how you stay a leader in the complete bike market. You improve your bikes every season without a price increase. Sold!!

Kink Whip (Hamlin Edt.) $419.99

Kink Gap XL $369.99

Kink Launch $309.99

Kink Launch $309.99

Check out the Complete Bikes In Stock Page to see whats on the shop floor.

Also stay up on the Circuit BMX Facebook Page where we post new arrivals daily.

I almost feel caught up.

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

How Rad Is It??!!

I can do a post about all the new product we receive in the shop on a daily basis. Like the 2017 Kink Complete Bikes or the new 2016 FBM Steadfast Frames with updated geometry. Plus all the numerous parts from Profile, Cult, S&M, Odyssey, Sunday, Fit etc.... but instead this is a post about how rad BMX and the community that surrounds it really is.

If Crandall and the FBM boys are hosting a weekend jam, you bet your ass that we are trying to get some people together and make the journey. So lets hop in a van and make our way down 95 to RVA for the Lost Bowl Jam and Battle at Gillies Creek.

We loaded up the van and made the late night trip to RVA. Driving all night and arriving at 6am is the only way to get it done. I think I slept a total of 8 hours in 3 days. So worth it!! We had 11 of us that made the trek down. Henry,Cody,Brit and Gazeagle went in separate cars.

Lost Bowl is the ultimate concrete backyard paradise. You never have to mow the lawn here.

Henny is back on it ked!! Roasting a tabe in the deep end. Photo- Ramblin Fred

Mandatory parking lot hangs. Break out the banjo and harmonica and get to jamming.

Van Homans' roots are in BMX racing and it shows. He's no stranger to the dirt. Garrett Byrnes in tow. Always a treat watching some legendary dudes ride, especially these two.

This is Cody Diggle, international stud on and off the bike. He can't dance because his forearms are too big but he can go 3 feet higher than anyone else out there. He didn't win "Dude of the Day" for nothing!!

This is me going 4 feet lower than Cody, I wasn't even sure if I'd be riding on this trip due to my body falling apart but watching everyone shred makes the pain go away. Now its back and I have few extra grey's from this trip!! Thanks for the memories!! Photo- Crandaddy

Heres a FBM edit form Saturdays Lost Bowl Jam. Can't thank everyone involved with this weekend enough for making this happen. Especially Pat that owns the Lost Bowl, not many Skaters would allow a BMX Party on their pristine concrete setup but he does.

So this is my side of BMX. Friendship and Memories!! You can get started on it by picking up a bike!! Its pretty RAD!!

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Hey New England BMX!! You're The Best!!

Hey!! You guys rule!!
The Spot Hunt went off with out a hitch. What a day! I didn't get a head count of riders but assuming we were at 150 to 200 riders? Everyone killed it and I'm stoked you all made it out. Thanks to all the brands that donated their fine product. Animal,FBM,Fit,Kink,Madera,Odyssey,Profile,S&M,Sunday.
Huge thanks to Josh and Eddy for getting all the spots up and keeping score.

Here are a few pics from the day, All action shots were taken by Tony Long and Sam Lawson. You can check out Tables and Fables and Sam Lawsons' Blog for more pics of the day.

The Snowflake on a mild day melting away with a downside whip in a dry fountain.
Photo- Tony Long

Circuit Team Manager Dewboy riding the spot of the day!!
Barspin air shot by Sam Lawson

Brandon Christie is a nice dude!! He's always turning stuff down.
Photo- Tony Long

Tyler had seen better days after his face plant. Or maybe he's worse days, cause he went right back out and cruised for the rest of the hunt. Its just a flesh wound! What a trooper.

"Team Dog Shit" kind of killed it for a bunch of young turds. 

The Pawtucket veterans got rolling quick and won the hunt by the sheer number of posts (53) and the ridiculous clips they put up. Team Jon Degnan took the cake!! I really dig the team photos, it should mandatory. Lesson learned, next years hunt will be better,  if thats even possible? We'll have to wait and see.

The Score Sheet! Yes we actually kept a score sheet.