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Be Careful!!

 For most of us, BMX is like a religion or a Cult. It all depends how you feel about it.  It's a part our daily lives and even for those that don't ride anymore its still in your mind. It never leaves us whether we like it or not.

 Full Run of Cult Completes are here!!



Its almost warm..

We just received the new Take Ivy 5 in Cherry Violet and this thing is sick looking.
Take Flow rider Derek Klegraefe just built his new Ivy 5 up also.You can see his new frame daily at the Paw Park..

Hey Jake, try that  that channel gap. Ok! Thats basically how it happened and went down. Friday morning pool sesh. 2 hours or draining and half hour of riding. Well worth it!!
Thanks Sam!!

Kyle Spencer and Klegraefe put this edit together of Bundles Grundle!! Pretty sick shred time action. Who let Domingo in there??

We should have Cult Complete Bikes built and on the floor by this Thursday.. They wont last long..


   Lots of new goods rolling in the door in the next week or two. Ill start with some Cult Completes, simple clean and looking good. We should have these by the middle of next week. (Wednesday or Thursday) Looks like the 2012 Kink Completes will be right be hind them also. Stop in and check them out if your in the market for a new bike for some Summer cruising!!

 We have plenty of S&M Slam XLT Bars in stock for you and 5 of your best friends..

If your not super concerned with weight and like a strong fork then the Odyssey Dirt fork should be your pick. Strong as "F" and peg friendly. These have not been available for a bit and we have a few in the shop.

Bubba and Emerson getting some dial time in under the watchful eye and deformed face of Bernicky..


Without support nothing is possible. And that would mean none of us would be in the situations we re in, including myself. Soooo thanks for the support..
DK knows how to support the local BMX economy  by not selling to those "Walmarts of BMX" and as a shop owner I can appreciate what they are trying to do. Also not many BMX companies have the nerve to sponsor a pro women freestyle rider, DK ain't scared..

First time I met Bobby Lite was around 4 years ago and I could barely get a word out of him, my how things have changed.. Another edit from Klegraefe.

Bobby Proctor Nice/Circuit Edit from klegraefe on Vimeo.

Kyle Spencer did a walk through of the shop just in case you've never had the opportunity to check it out. Thanks Kyle. Check out Dongo and Peacock but never stare them in the eye..

Inside Circuit BMX Shop from Kyle Spencer on Vimeo.

Happy Bday to Fat Ass Corey Swanton!!!