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Well the year is just about over and in my opinion they go by faster and faster. 2007 was by far one of the better years of my life. Unfortunately the BMX community had suffered some serious injuries. Lets wish Stephen and Jimmy our best and hope for a better 2008.
This post is basically a BIG! THANK YOU! to everyone that makes Circuit what it is. I truly appreciate all the support and help I get from everyone.
Lets build a better BMX Community.
I'm not that good at telling stories but Crandall is so check out the FBM page for his year end review and slide show. Pretty sweet.. See you in the New Year.

BMXmas Weekend/Photo of the Day

It all started about 7 or 8 years ago in Tampa.. Thanks to a group of BMXers that did not want to celebrate Xmas so we created BMXmas-"Its not about Christ, he didn't ride a bike". You all know who you are and I'm sure you still celebrate it.. So show your bike and fellow BMXers some love on this special BMX holiday.. Up next Fufanew-Year..

Any ways, I just wanted to through a little shout to Snotty for getting the Photo of the Day on Def Grip Hes the big white blur and you can tell its him cause his pale ass crack is showing.. Have you ever seen a tan red head? I don't think so..

Things have been real busy around here so sorry for the lack of blog posts. Lots of new items in the shop, some of which I'm pretty psyched on. Like the New DK Alpha line. Check it out its really clean looking..Plus plenty more.

Expect some BIG changes around Circuit in 2008..WOW 2008!

The Rye Rental is still on for Saturday the 29th so if your name is on the list then your in. If you cant make it and your on the list PLEASE let me know so I can fill your spot.. Ok back to business.. Bye

special celebrity post

what it is? vic's really busy building wheels and whatnot so im filling in a blog for him. Oh, this is smitty by the way. anywho vics got a crap load of new parts in. basically any shadow conspiracy part you can think of, the new van homan grips from duo are hurr in 3 different colors, white, black and blue. these things are SOFT, im talkin emersons man boobs soft. i just picked a pair up for myself and cant wait to try em out. all fly rims are back in stock, as well as a bunch of oddysey tires. new fly tierra forks are in, theyre like a hippy/vegan diharea green color they look pretty sweet though. got some subrosa bars in raw, as well as badger 2 bars in white. i just noticed theres a T-1 trucker hat up on the shelf....looks preety sweet. DK alpha line stuff is here, stems and sprockets. i gotta say, zippity doo-da these things are sweet. awesome colors, great design and light as H-E-double hockey sticks, they got a sweet like, louie vitton style design laser etched on em. we the people completes are here too, got a trust and an addict. i wish there were nice complete bikes like these when i started riding. catfish sent madd DK stickers so if ya want some buy something over $500 and you get the whole stack. emerson says theres 100 of em, so its a pretty sick deal. new circuit shirts should be here in a couple days green on white and blue on green. vic just yelled from his mechanics cave to remind me to tell everyone about rye being postponed to the 29th of december from 9pm-midnight. if youre name was on the list and youre still going to be able to make it just show up, if not give vic a call here at the shop or stop in and let him know asap so the free spots can be filled. you could always hit him up on myspace too yo!

this just in! frames on sale! got 4 fly frames 1 pantera 2's 1 mosca and 1 3 amigos for the low low price of 149.99 and one penny, also have a FBM joint in purple 20.5" for $250


been having some sick sessions in the parking garage. thursday night in the snow brad johnson showed up and absolutely killed it. all his video parts just dont do justice to the level this guy rides at. holla at brad johnson

one last thing mike "the roofer" wilson is back on his bike today at edge, he was missed during his hiatis

this is it for me, vic says my grammar is horrible and it is......sick

andrew kinder is a snaggletoothed hoe

circuit from the air!

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my next savin up for it

Rye Session Postponed Until The 29th.

So I postponed the Rye rental until Saturday December 29th from 9-midnight due to weather concerns.. If your name was on the list and you still want in then nothing will change, if for some reason you cant make it on the 29th then just give me a shout at the shop.(401-305-3636)Hope to see you all there.
Lots of new items in the shop, to many to list but just stop in and take a look around. Also all Duffs in the shop are priced at 45$ and the selection isn't all that bad, come grab a pair while they last..I have 4 Fly frames left (150$) those are going fast also.. Well i gotta keep this short so bye bye...


Well winter is here so if your like me and cant take the cold air riding days get scheduled from here till spring,Unless your lucky enough to go south.. So I'll let you know about a couple of events going on to get you out of the house.
First on the list is the "Stoked On Being Pumped" Premier @ Circuit on December 8th @ 7:30 PM. All the info is on the left of the screen<-<-
First of is Brace Jam @ Rye Airfield this Sunday December 9th from 7-10, 15$ to ride and all the money goes to a good cause.
Also the Circuit-Rye Airfield session is just about full I have 5 spots open so if you want to be in on it call the shop 401-305-3636. First come First serve!!!!
Also we just received The New Orchid color ways, Homan shoes with guitars, Martinez shoes with some hunting camouflage on them. Along with some other colors of the Break Shoe, thats the Orchid Team Shoe.. So this means Circuit will be having a sale on all existing shoes in stock.. 25% off all Duffs and older Orchids.
Also have plenty of new items in stock at Circuit. Stop in and check out whats new and try to make it to these events.. Also R.I.P to Evil Knevil.....


So lots of things going on around here at Circuit. Lets start with the limited amount of SubRosa completes that just arrived at Circuit.(pictures up soon) I only received 3 of them and one has already left the shop and they look pretty damn good. I have a Letum Dirt and a Mallum Dirt left, they wont last long. Plenty of 08 Fit Completes still available from Flow Street,Trails and Teams.. So get em while they last.

Lots of new items arriving daily, like restock on all Animal Pedals in all colors sealed and unsealed. New Animal Sweatshirts and T's also..The kind that zip full up to cover your mug.And T-shirts to match the hoodies and woodgrain t's.Animal is stepping up their game with their clothing.

Profile Hubs in stock in just about every color. Speaking of Profile I just built a new bike that I'm pretty psyched on. If you want to check it out its on the Profile page and FBM page.Also got in some more Shadow cranks and hubs.. Colony Bloody Oath bars and Unlucky 13 Bars also some of them Colony Levers.. Got the new Federal Freecoaster in Purple, its built with KHE internals so expect the same quality as a Geisha or Reverse Hub. Plus we recieved the new We The People Lo-Fi Frame, this thing is really nice and light weight(4.6lbs) but not lacking in strength with WTP new Magma heat treating. Looking for a new frame, this one is worth a look. And has some cool features. Should have the new Orchid Shoe color ways in by Friday also so that means all remaining Orchids will be going on sale for 25% off.. Sounds good if your looking for a some new shoes at a deal..Plenty of other new items in the shop, I could go on for a while but you'll just have to stop in and check out whats new..
Now on to the Mutiny "Stoked On Being Pumped" DVD Premier. It will be happening on Saturday December 8th @ 7:30 PM. We have a HD projector so you can get the full effect and snacks and refreshments will be provided along with copies of the dvd for sale.. Should be fun and everyone is encouraged to attend.
Oh ya and the new Props issue 67 also.. always playing in the shop.


Happy Cranksgiving

Hope Everyone out there has a good holiday and gets a chance to ride with this perfect weather for today. Enjoy it while it lasts. I got a chance to get a quick morning session in on my new rig and maybe another later tonight after I digest my Tofurkey.
Circuit will be open on Friday the 23rd, so stop in and say hi..

See you out there.

3 Things Happening At Circuit..

First off, the first BMX holiday of the season is coming up quick so to celebrate Cranksging Circuit will be having a Sale on all cranksets in the shop. (10 % off all cranksets in the shop from the 17th until the 23rd)
Second on the list is the new Mutiny DVD "Stoked on Being Pumped". Circuit will be premiering this DVD on Saturday December 8TH at 8 O'clock. And there is a strong possibility we will be showing it in HI-DEF. I'll keep you all updated. If not we will still have a few copies of it available in HI-DEF format..
Third(I'm pretty psyched about this one)is that Circuit will be renting out RYE Airfield for its BMXMAS party on Saturday December 15th from 9-12 at night. I'm doing this as a costumer appreciation type thing. So if you are one of the many riders that supports the shop Thank You. Everyone is welcome to attend! Unfortunately there will be a 10 dollar fee to ride the rental session and there is a limit of 50 riders so once it fills up thats it..You can pay in advance at Circuit or give the shop a call (401-305-3636) and I can put your name on the list and pay me the night of the rental.
Also Circuit now has gift certificates available for purchase for the BMX holiday season.
Got some items on the way in that have been highly anticipated such as SubRosa Completes and Fit Street Team and Flow completes. Also Colony Bloody Oath Frame (4lbs) WOW! FBM Howlers. We should see all these goods by early next week.YES!
And last of all don't forget about the Heat the Farm Jam at The Ramp Farm this Saturday the 17th from 4:00 till ? Plenty of product to give out for people who want to huck themselves. I will be closing up Circuit at 5:30 this Saturday to head up there so if you want to follow us up there, be here at 5:00.
OK thats it for now hope to see you all Saturday.....

snaggletooth them hoes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

va estar un "jam" a "la wharehouse" en palmer mass. es para pagar "bill de heat"
theres a jam at the wharehouse in palmer mass make sure to go we can meet up here and go to the wharehouse.
there been alot of new shit at the shop starting with some dvds. "summer of fit" and the "pegleg" dvds are in. pegleg DVD has some clips of Pawtucket and Prov street. heres john Degnan snaggletooth them hoes!!!!!!!!!!
Untitled from t1bmxrder on Vimeo.
any way also we have some lotek pants in all sizes they're girl pants and since everyone in bmx wears girl pants then you can purchase them here girl sizes are 0-10!!!!!!!.
also tons of new shirts lotek and T1 and shadow conspiracy shirts...
snaggletooth them hoes!!!!!. got some more khe folding tires the bigger sizes 2.10.
have some fly stuff coming like red brakes, stems, and some more random stuff.. also tuns of tire levers in like 5 colors. snaggletooth them hoes!!!!!!!
broken collar bone Derek is building a bike so make sure you don't buy it! na just kidding. got some more completes fit completes 08' park and dirt. o yea i sold 2 completes on Sunday which was awesome and sorry that i didn't get the kids name that i sold the first bike to... um anyway i would like to add that Corey wanton-soup is a well i cant say on here but make shit up.
having a cold sucks and not working sucks even more... anyone wanna buy a front wheel
g-spot rim laced to a vandero hub call me up 527-7294...
got a pair of bloods platter odyssey pedals there sick some one snaggletooth that shit!!!!!!!!!!

also some colony stuff like sprocket and stem the stem is really nice... some one snaggletooth that shit.

o yea thats what i am probably gonna be doing some time next year....



thank you everyone for coming out to the festivities..especialy peter for coming and making some great coffee for turned out to be really fun even with the crummy weather.. the big cheese from rennen ended up taking home the win in foot down and going home with 130 bucks and an awesome footdown world championship trophy..the music was really awesome..the butcherings and the body and lightyourself on fire and the snake hunters all played really good sets..thank you to matt and all the band for coming all the way up here from tampa..everyone should come down to circuit and check out the new fit completes...they are off the heezy fo sheezy..

Read the Flier!!!!!!!

For everyone that is concerned about the weather for the Foot Down Comp, don't be. Shit is still on. So don't let a November hurricane stop you from being here.

One Week Away...

Yup,November 3rd is only one week away so bring all your used BMX parts that have been collecting dust and see what you can unload. And if your looking for some used parts this would be a good time to get a deal on some. Also the foot down comp directly after the swap.. Then some music, should be a good day.

Finally received the Fly foldable tires in all sizes.. I'm a huge fan of Fly tires and even more now that they are available with a foldable Kevlar bead. Also received the new Fly seat posts that have a real cool and strong design, got these in all colors.
Also restocked on Fly Brakes, if you have never ridden Fly Brakes its about time you do, you'll feel the difference instantly. For those of you who are die hard fans of ODI Longnecks I got some in a kind of metallic gold and white. Still looking good on Lotek Nightwolfs and Deltas (sizes 10-12) so if your into a new pair of riding shoes these would be them especially for some ankle protection. Speaking of Lotek we just got in all the Freemont Experience shirts and sweatshirts, lots of feathers and skulls, they look good. As i write this all the Kink Completes showed up including the new Transition in Prism(orange). And 08 Fits will be here mid next week. The 08 FBM frames are just about ready and we have a Blue Master Blaster here before the weekend and Howlers will be showing up next week. I have one with my name on it.
Dont forget about the Freelands Jam in Middleboro this weekend. Brandon wants naked men there and Hennssey is going as David Hasselhoff circa 1984. Should be a good time. Also if you wanna stay a little closer to home the boys at The HUE Trails in Burrilville arre having a jam also, message Wes for directions. Go out and ride some dirt this weekend it might be your last chance before winter.


OK, so a few things going on in the next couple of weeks that you might wanna hit up.
Brandon Christie is a having a Halloween Jam at his backyard trail set up, the dates are the 27th and 28th and I think costumes are the idea here guys so don't show up without one. Click on the flyer for details.
Then of course the BMX swap meet , foot down championships and YA. Sat, nov..3rd. All day shin-dig. Be here.
Got some new goods in the shop the past few weeks, like more Lotek Deltas in white and gray. Simple Eject Hubs and Stems. Yup thats the crazy looking flangeless hub. I laced one up last week and it looks pretty sweet when its all done.Also got in some Demolition Vulcan brakes. They have a low profile with a sealed bearing, they must work well. Oh ya new Animal sprockets (Sprocky Balboas) got them in all sizes and colors, same colors as the Animal pivotal posts. And 08 Fit completes should be rolling in the next couple of weeks, man these look good. Ill keep everyone posted on the arrival..

Fall Hours and ....

Circuit hours will be changing as of Wednesday October 10th. The new Fall hours will be - Monday - Closed
Tuesday through Friday 1 - 7
Saturday 10 - 6
Sunday 11 - 3

Well it finally seems like some Fall weather is upon us. A little bit of rain and temps in the low 60s. Sounds like trail riding weather to me and hopefully some digging also. Speaking of trails thanks to all the guys at The Prison Trails for holding their annual jam. Always a good time. Thanks again guys. I know I'm a week late but whatevs.

Plenty of new goodies in the shop, Odyssey Trail Mix Pedals in gold, polished and black sealed. More PC pedals in black and white also raw and white evo 2s. Got some of them Vandero 2 front hubs with the female axle system in red, grey and black. Also got in the new Lotek Nightwolfs in black and brown, along with the Deltas in the new color ways. More Lotek shirts in also, all styles and sizes..Got in the new Rock and Roll Road Fools which is really good. At least that band Greysacle isn't in it...Wow they were bad. Lots more, to much to list, stop in and take a look or watch a vid..

Also dont forget about November 3rd BMX swap , foot down world championships and music and meet Peter from Ramp Farm.. NICE....

Swap Meet , Foot Down World Championships, Music

Get your ass out here Nov 3rd for this...
If your into the BMX Swap Meet give the shop a call 401-305-3636 space is kind of limited.

The Ones, Cape Cod Show

the ones are playing a show on cape this welfleet around 3pm at the go there!!oh yeah its free----------mark one

Get Ready For???

Indoor living, its not that far away but with these past couple days you would never know it. Just a reminder, Prison Trails Jam this weekend. If you don't have anything planned and you like to have fun then maybe you should make your way to Bellerica and get loose with the boys. A few of us will be meeting at the shop at 1 on Saturday to head up there and will be spending the night out there to get some riding in on Sunday also. Don't worry Circuit will be open both Saturday and Sunday. Thanks to Cara and Pat. Oh ya and thanks to Sean at S&M for the product to give out at the jam. And for you ramp riders, The Ramp Farm is having a jam Saturday night in Palmer. You can call the shop for directions. Go out there and support D.I.Y BMX.

Now on to some new items at Circuit this week. New Shadow Undertaker Aramid beaded tires along with steal bead, both sizes. Got in some new Mutiny grips that look and feel pretty good, flangeless for you bar spinners. Got them new Come Up shirts in also, thanks to Adam for hooking that up. And last of all we just received a Fit Flow in Tiffany Blue,it is dialed and comes ready to ride. It is on the money and speaking of money we will be running a special price on this bike so it wont be here long. We should also have all the new Lotek Shoes by this time next week, We'll see. Circuit shirts are on the way also....

See you at Prison Trails.

trails season is back

for people that are like me and hate when its hot out and just want to spend your days swimming...trails season is back....its perfect time for short sleeved everyone cut your sleeves off of your favorite hoodies and go to circuit and show vic...he'll give you a 2% discount if you go in there with a short sleeved sweat shirt(maybe)..i personally havent been able to get down there because i dont have enough money to go anywhere but wicked awesome bike fest is this weekend up here in ct and its gonna be a hoot of a time...and everybody should be going to the prison jam on the 29th and 30th..those ae always a fun fun and vics footdown contest whenever thats gonna be will be sweet..and if your aggressive enough and have good balance you could leave with some money...sooo go ride trails and here is some pics for motivation



Technically summer ends in two weeks. Lets hope not and maybe we will have a repeat of last fall with another Indian Summer. Temperatures in the 60s and 70s in December are always nice.
Anyways on to the Mutiny Sinister Frame I got in the shop this week. I'm pretty psyched on this frames finish. Its a translucent blue that allows you to see the welds. Very nice, it looks edible. Also got some of them limited Fit dld stems in black chrome, I think there was a screw up at the anodizer and this was the result. Only 300 or so were made. Got some Profile 40 stems in also, very clean looking as usual from Profile.They kind of remind me of the S&M challenger stems, for you older guys who remember those. More Fly rims in all colors and I will have some more KHE folding tires in this week also. Those go fast so if your into them stop by.

Couple of BMX related events going on in the next few weeks.
1st The boys in New Bedford are having a Benefit Jam for Stephen Murray on Sept 16th

2nd The Animal Jam at the Brooklyn Banks on the 23rd of September at 11 am.

3rd The Prison Trails Jam in Bellrica MA. Sept 29-30. Always fun.

And stay posted for the Bmx Swapmeet and Foot Down World Championships,along with 3 bands on Saturday November 3rd. More info soon.

Killer Weekend!

Hope everyone had a good Labor Day weekend. The weather was perfect in upstate N.Y. for a little trail session at Bakers Acres that Al Z and I cruised out to. Check the FBM site for some words and photos. Thanks to all the guys out there for being awesome and knowing how to have a good time.

Got plenty of new T-shirts from Little Devil and Orchid in the shop along with some new sweatshirts also. Got some more Lotek backpacks and T-shirts in and the New Lotek shoes will be in sometime mid next week. The NightWolfs are looking good to me. I also have a Mutiny Sinister frame in trans-blue coming in this week and yes this frame is pretty sick looking. Stop in and check it out, its sweet.

So the word is out! Circuit will be hosting a day of BMX FUN. On November 3rd we will be having our first BMX Swap Meet along with The Foot Down World Championships(haha) and later in the evening some entertainment. So grab all your old parts and anything you want to unload and see what goes. I will have some flyer's up soon. Mark your calenders.

Death to Red Heads?

I recently read that by the year 2050 the gene that creates the red pigment in hair would no longer exist in the human race. So if you have have any red headed friends cherish them. I'm fortunate to have a couple of them, Snotty being one. Don't really know what I'm trying to get at except that Snotty has a nice full page photo in the new Ride and he once told me he was the biggest gangsta in Nashua. Hot Head! I love this dude. He calls the North West home now after I dropped him off in D.C. almost 2 years ago after a winter road trip him and I went on. How he ended up in Portland? You would have to ask him but I'm not even sure if he knows. Congrats on the photo bud.

Now for whats new in the shop. Plenty of new items, Animal A-seats and some Kink Completes. Those will go quick so give me a call or come by and pick one up while they last. and a load of other items , come by and check them out.


I hate to bring this up but Fall is right around the corner and you can feel it in the air. So with that in mind Circuit has some sweatshirts in stock from Animal, Kink, Little Devil and Shadow for now. Also have some new Shadow Gloves and Backpacks. Along with some new Odyssey Gloves. The Animal UK Seats have arrived also along with some more Animal Stump posts in all colors. Stop in and check out whats new and check out the New Skavenger Vid. Sorry for not having any photos(no batteries)

Also I have some more Kink Completes coming this week . If these go like the last batch then they wont be here long. So if your into one give me a call and we will set you up with one.

I hear that there will be a Prison Jam this year. Looks like the boys up in Bellrica will be having their annual jam the last weekend of September the 29th-30th. Its always a good time so GO!
So that it for now and my knee is still F'd. Bye Bye.


Ya Its been an awesome week. Last Saturday I blew my left knee out. (my good one) So i wont be riding for a while. So being bummed out from having a blown out knee I went to the trails to do some maintenance. Within 20 minutes of being there I fell in a hole and popped my knee out again. And to add insult to injury I got stung on my head by a bee minutes later. And I wont even go into getting tested for Lyme this week either.
So ya awesome is not so awesome. OK I'm done venting. That felt good.

Plenty of new goodies in the shop, I'll start the list more Fly rims all colors,Shadow V2 in brown,Sunday Tudor bars green, Drivers in all sizes and makes,Profile Acoustic stems,New Odyssey T-shirt designs, the shop is fully stocked so stop in and check it out.

Also if you missed it Bone-Deth was a blast and you should definitely try to make it to Bone-deth in October. Here are a few pics.

Shoes, T's and Pre Bone Deth!!!

I've been super busy around here I forgot to mention that Circuit received some new Orchid Shoes and also some Duffs so if your looking for some new shoes to ride in or just to kick around come by and take a look at whats new. Also got in a couple of new Lotek T's that are pretty cool, along with some Lotek Stereo flex-fit hats. Just about out of Kink completes so if your into any of these I'll be taking orders on the next batch due in late August. These went quick for a good reason. There are some more companies with the same idea as Kink. You'll see soon enough what I'm talking about.

Also Circuit will be closing early Friday August 3rd at 3 o'clock for the
Pre Bone-Deth Jam.
If your interested in going there is a group meeting at Circuit at 3.
See you there.

A Classic Weekend.

I'll make this short but the Brawlin at the Belmar Comp was a hit. Leave it to FBM to pull some crazy idea out of nowhere and make it into a killer weekend. Thanks Guys.
Anyways Brian Foster won, Ryan Guettler got 2nd and I think Tony Cardona Got 3rd or 4th.And Geoff Slattery does the most stylish 360 I've ever seen. Here are some pics, click on them to enlarge. Tony C Whipping
Kelly Baker Going for it Nutter and the ground crewWho gave Derek the sparypaint?Garret goes high, thanks for sharing your blanket.

Closing At 3 on Friday the 3rd!

Closing early on Friday Aug 3RD for the Pre-Bone Deth Jam. It starts at 5 so I'm just giving my self some time to get to Boston on time. Definitely try to make it there.

Summer Loving

So far summer has been pretty good. Plenty of riding, swimming, trails and traveling and its just getting started so don't let it pass you by. Take advantage of the weather and do something different. If you need some motivation then the new Etnies Grounded DVD will do it. This movie is one of the best to date with solid parts from Joe Rich, Taj, Sandy Carson among others and of course Aaron Ross and Ruben. You definitely get your $'s worth out of it. With plenty of bonus features and a photo booklet, you can't go wrong.
Also FBM is doing a summer special on Joint frames, at $250 a frame. Damn that's a killer deal. If that doesn't make you happy I don't know what will. I have one in the shop now in purple, 21. Also got in a New Macneil BIBI frame in Pearl White 20.75. I'm a big fan of these frames because they are super clean and simple. Awesome frame at a awesome price and you don't have to be French or Canadian to ride one.

Finally the Animal Cush (pivotal) seats are here and they were worth the wait, good job guys. The posts come in 5 different colors(red,black,green,silver,purple)and are the stump style. I've also restocked on Macneil seats and posts. Circuit will be receiving a very large Fly Bikes order next week. Ruben tires in all sizes and brakes and rims in all colors. Lastly, Odyssey gloves are here in three colors: black, brown, white. I hate to say it, but glove season will be here before you know it.
There are a couple of events to keep in mind if your looking for something to do in the next couple of weeks. First off, Brawlin at the Belmar
in beautiful Binghamton N.Y. If you've never been to a FBM comp in Binghamton its worth the 5-6 hour drive. And maybe Chunk will take you to Kennedy Fried Chicken- that's always interesting.
Next, Sean Burns is holding a Pre-Bone Deth Jam in Boston August 3rd to raise money for an actual legit Bone-Deth Comp in honor of Bill and Gary Jones who were tragically taken away from their friends and family in a robbery in N.H. Click here to see the flyer and info. I know I'm going and you should as well.

Also, Snotty sent me some awesome pics that Mark Rainha shot of him recently in the Great NW. Ill have those up soon. Thanks guys.

For now heres a picture I took last week of a frog sunning on a rock at the pond . I like it.

Madera road trip to Providence

I'm sitting at my desk in Tampa. It's extremely hot here, I'm sweating from a couple hours of riding and wishing I was back in Pawtucket at the curved wallride across the street from Circuit.

Tampa is limited with places to ride. So like any city I've gone to and come back from my word of advice is to not take what you have for granted. Like Mike Hinkens happy face ice cream. He bought that after watching a boxing match turned pitbull fight at the Providence skatepark.

This is Dave McDermott smoking a cigarello after shredding a middle school near Vic's house.

Afterwards, we rode a trannied slanted wall that Coleman manhandled. Only a dude that nets scallops for a living can shred that hard. We liked that guy!

This is a text message session across the street from the 7-eleven in downtown providence. The clerk at that location is an a-hole which is the only problem we had in the whole state of Rhode Island. Don't solicit this place.
I'm actually not texting anyone in this photo b/c I don't know how to. On the other hand, Dave, Mike, Chad, and John are pros.

Ok, so I lied. We solicited that 7-eleven with the whole Providence scene. Good news is, we had alot of fun with these guys. After we left this spot we got kicked out of a bank to fence to some stress case, middle aged crisis dude. I thought Degroot was going to give him the Baco slam, but Mike calmed the dude down with rationality-the cure all to those on fence rage.

Here, McDermott found his brother taking a nap on a park bench.

Ludwick's bike and the capital. I didn't think this was going to be a ridable spot. Ludwick made it happen here and then got hit on by four ladies soliciting his tight pants.

This is Circuit. I wish we had a shop like this in Tampa, but we don't. Please don't take stuff like this for granted-moral of this story!

Thanks to Vic B. and Cara for their hospitality. Thanks to Berger for a good park session. And thanks to the crew from providence for being a gang of nice dudes.

-Matt Coplon