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A Classic Weekend.

I'll make this short but the Brawlin at the Belmar Comp was a hit. Leave it to FBM to pull some crazy idea out of nowhere and make it into a killer weekend. Thanks Guys.
Anyways Brian Foster won, Ryan Guettler got 2nd and I think Tony Cardona Got 3rd or 4th.And Geoff Slattery does the most stylish 360 I've ever seen. Here are some pics, click on them to enlarge. Tony C Whipping
Kelly Baker Going for it Nutter and the ground crewWho gave Derek the sparypaint?Garret goes high, thanks for sharing your blanket.

Closing At 3 on Friday the 3rd!

Closing early on Friday Aug 3RD for the Pre-Bone Deth Jam. It starts at 5 so I'm just giving my self some time to get to Boston on time. Definitely try to make it there.

Summer Loving

So far summer has been pretty good. Plenty of riding, swimming, trails and traveling and its just getting started so don't let it pass you by. Take advantage of the weather and do something different. If you need some motivation then the new Etnies Grounded DVD will do it. This movie is one of the best to date with solid parts from Joe Rich, Taj, Sandy Carson among others and of course Aaron Ross and Ruben. You definitely get your $'s worth out of it. With plenty of bonus features and a photo booklet, you can't go wrong.
Also FBM is doing a summer special on Joint frames, at $250 a frame. Damn that's a killer deal. If that doesn't make you happy I don't know what will. I have one in the shop now in purple, 21. Also got in a New Macneil BIBI frame in Pearl White 20.75. I'm a big fan of these frames because they are super clean and simple. Awesome frame at a awesome price and you don't have to be French or Canadian to ride one.

Finally the Animal Cush (pivotal) seats are here and they were worth the wait, good job guys. The posts come in 5 different colors(red,black,green,silver,purple)and are the stump style. I've also restocked on Macneil seats and posts. Circuit will be receiving a very large Fly Bikes order next week. Ruben tires in all sizes and brakes and rims in all colors. Lastly, Odyssey gloves are here in three colors: black, brown, white. I hate to say it, but glove season will be here before you know it.
There are a couple of events to keep in mind if your looking for something to do in the next couple of weeks. First off, Brawlin at the Belmar
in beautiful Binghamton N.Y. If you've never been to a FBM comp in Binghamton its worth the 5-6 hour drive. And maybe Chunk will take you to Kennedy Fried Chicken- that's always interesting.
Next, Sean Burns is holding a Pre-Bone Deth Jam in Boston August 3rd to raise money for an actual legit Bone-Deth Comp in honor of Bill and Gary Jones who were tragically taken away from their friends and family in a robbery in N.H. Click here to see the flyer and info. I know I'm going and you should as well.

Also, Snotty sent me some awesome pics that Mark Rainha shot of him recently in the Great NW. Ill have those up soon. Thanks guys.

For now heres a picture I took last week of a frog sunning on a rock at the pond . I like it.

Madera road trip to Providence

I'm sitting at my desk in Tampa. It's extremely hot here, I'm sweating from a couple hours of riding and wishing I was back in Pawtucket at the curved wallride across the street from Circuit.

Tampa is limited with places to ride. So like any city I've gone to and come back from my word of advice is to not take what you have for granted. Like Mike Hinkens happy face ice cream. He bought that after watching a boxing match turned pitbull fight at the Providence skatepark.

This is Dave McDermott smoking a cigarello after shredding a middle school near Vic's house.

Afterwards, we rode a trannied slanted wall that Coleman manhandled. Only a dude that nets scallops for a living can shred that hard. We liked that guy!

This is a text message session across the street from the 7-eleven in downtown providence. The clerk at that location is an a-hole which is the only problem we had in the whole state of Rhode Island. Don't solicit this place.
I'm actually not texting anyone in this photo b/c I don't know how to. On the other hand, Dave, Mike, Chad, and John are pros.

Ok, so I lied. We solicited that 7-eleven with the whole Providence scene. Good news is, we had alot of fun with these guys. After we left this spot we got kicked out of a bank to fence to some stress case, middle aged crisis dude. I thought Degroot was going to give him the Baco slam, but Mike calmed the dude down with rationality-the cure all to those on fence rage.

Here, McDermott found his brother taking a nap on a park bench.

Ludwick's bike and the capital. I didn't think this was going to be a ridable spot. Ludwick made it happen here and then got hit on by four ladies soliciting his tight pants.

This is Circuit. I wish we had a shop like this in Tampa, but we don't. Please don't take stuff like this for granted-moral of this story!

Thanks to Vic B. and Cara for their hospitality. Thanks to Berger for a good park session. And thanks to the crew from providence for being a gang of nice dudes.

-Matt Coplon

Madera Trip and Animal Hats!!!!!!

So the Madera trip is over and it was definitely a huge success. All the guys had a real good time and I got to show them most of the local spots and watch them pretty much kill it. Thanks to Matt Coplon and Madera for giving Providence a chance. Thanks to Chad,Mike,John and Dave for their good humor and awesome attitudes towards riding.
Now for whats new in the shop, ANIMAL!!! Hats in Camo and Yankees colors in all sizes. Come grab them while they're hot. Animal Pivotal seats and posts in all colors. Cush seats are comfy. Etnies DVD, damn this movie is good. If you need something to watch to get you motivated on some BMX, get this movie.
Kink Completes are here and they are going quick. These bikes are pretty sweet and they are priced to sell, with internal headsets,mid bottom brackets,cassette hubs....
If your looking for a complete to shred on a Kink is a good start.
Pictures coming soon. I'll see you guys.

Madera is coming!!!

If you haven't heard the Madera Team will be flying in Wedsenday for a 5 day North East trip. So things will be really busy around Circuit for the next few days. Also If anyone has any good suggestions for spots that should be hit up please call Circuit and fire away. We'll be cruising Providence for a few days and Boston also. Also hitting up the warehouse one night. And if you have any questions about Profile products Matt Coplon will be here to answer all of them so stop in and he will be happy to help out.
Now on some new products in the shop, man I don't know where to start. Kink completes are flying out the door. These bikes are nice and at the price they're a steal. There will be some more on the floor at the end of the week. And if you want to special order one do it now cause they are going quick. New Fit and S&M slim seats just arrived and they look pretty sleak. Stop in and take a look so many new items dont have time to take photos of them all.
Also I would like to wish Tim Woods a speedy recovery, get well soon Tim.

R.IP Bill and Gary

Some very sad news to bring about. Last Monday two amazing people had their lives cut short in a horrible shooting in New Hampshire. Bill Jones and Gary Jones, I had known Bill for the past 8 or 9 years and Gary for the last 3 or 4. This is hard to write because the shock of this event is still hard to believe. What I wanted to say is how much Bill and Gary will be missed by the people that had the pleasure of knowing them.
One thing I'll always remember about these guys is that whenever I was lucky enough to ride with them, they were always smiling and enjoying life and BMX. So thats what everyone that reads this should do, Enjoy riding your bikes and cherish your friends and family cause you never know if they will be here tomorrow.
R.I.P Bill and Gary