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The Ones, Cape Cod Show

the ones are playing a show on cape this welfleet around 3pm at the go there!!oh yeah its free----------mark one

Get Ready For???

Indoor living, its not that far away but with these past couple days you would never know it. Just a reminder, Prison Trails Jam this weekend. If you don't have anything planned and you like to have fun then maybe you should make your way to Bellerica and get loose with the boys. A few of us will be meeting at the shop at 1 on Saturday to head up there and will be spending the night out there to get some riding in on Sunday also. Don't worry Circuit will be open both Saturday and Sunday. Thanks to Cara and Pat. Oh ya and thanks to Sean at S&M for the product to give out at the jam. And for you ramp riders, The Ramp Farm is having a jam Saturday night in Palmer. You can call the shop for directions. Go out there and support D.I.Y BMX.

Now on to some new items at Circuit this week. New Shadow Undertaker Aramid beaded tires along with steal bead, both sizes. Got in some new Mutiny grips that look and feel pretty good, flangeless for you bar spinners. Got them new Come Up shirts in also, thanks to Adam for hooking that up. And last of all we just received a Fit Flow in Tiffany Blue,it is dialed and comes ready to ride. It is on the money and speaking of money we will be running a special price on this bike so it wont be here long. We should also have all the new Lotek Shoes by this time next week, We'll see. Circuit shirts are on the way also....

See you at Prison Trails.

trails season is back

for people that are like me and hate when its hot out and just want to spend your days swimming...trails season is back....its perfect time for short sleeved everyone cut your sleeves off of your favorite hoodies and go to circuit and show vic...he'll give you a 2% discount if you go in there with a short sleeved sweat shirt(maybe)..i personally havent been able to get down there because i dont have enough money to go anywhere but wicked awesome bike fest is this weekend up here in ct and its gonna be a hoot of a time...and everybody should be going to the prison jam on the 29th and 30th..those ae always a fun fun and vics footdown contest whenever thats gonna be will be sweet..and if your aggressive enough and have good balance you could leave with some money...sooo go ride trails and here is some pics for motivation



Technically summer ends in two weeks. Lets hope not and maybe we will have a repeat of last fall with another Indian Summer. Temperatures in the 60s and 70s in December are always nice.
Anyways on to the Mutiny Sinister Frame I got in the shop this week. I'm pretty psyched on this frames finish. Its a translucent blue that allows you to see the welds. Very nice, it looks edible. Also got some of them limited Fit dld stems in black chrome, I think there was a screw up at the anodizer and this was the result. Only 300 or so were made. Got some Profile 40 stems in also, very clean looking as usual from Profile.They kind of remind me of the S&M challenger stems, for you older guys who remember those. More Fly rims in all colors and I will have some more KHE folding tires in this week also. Those go fast so if your into them stop by.

Couple of BMX related events going on in the next few weeks.
1st The boys in New Bedford are having a Benefit Jam for Stephen Murray on Sept 16th

2nd The Animal Jam at the Brooklyn Banks on the 23rd of September at 11 am.

3rd The Prison Trails Jam in Bellrica MA. Sept 29-30. Always fun.

And stay posted for the Bmx Swapmeet and Foot Down World Championships,along with 3 bands on Saturday November 3rd. More info soon.

Killer Weekend!

Hope everyone had a good Labor Day weekend. The weather was perfect in upstate N.Y. for a little trail session at Bakers Acres that Al Z and I cruised out to. Check the FBM site for some words and photos. Thanks to all the guys out there for being awesome and knowing how to have a good time.

Got plenty of new T-shirts from Little Devil and Orchid in the shop along with some new sweatshirts also. Got some more Lotek backpacks and T-shirts in and the New Lotek shoes will be in sometime mid next week. The NightWolfs are looking good to me. I also have a Mutiny Sinister frame in trans-blue coming in this week and yes this frame is pretty sick looking. Stop in and check it out, its sweet.

So the word is out! Circuit will be hosting a day of BMX FUN. On November 3rd we will be having our first BMX Swap Meet along with The Foot Down World Championships(haha) and later in the evening some entertainment. So grab all your old parts and anything you want to unload and see what goes. I will have some flyer's up soon. Mark your calenders.