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Winter Still Sucks!!

Spent the last week in Puerto Rico touring the Island, hanging out with some buds and just living care free. Even though it was 85 there and 25 here, I still missed home. Puerto Rico is an amazing place and i would recommend anyone to visit there. So back to reality this week and reality is good. Now the waiting game begins for some of that spring time weather..PLEASE!!!

Dude!!! T-1 Frames are here!!! Joe Rich is a true BMX Icon and I'm psyched that T-1 is still doing its thing in the BMX World and Im sure you are too.. You would have to be of a certain age to appreciate what T-1 has done or at least up on your history. Unless you would rather ride one of them "ButtShark"frames or some frame that has tubing developed by aliens ,then maybe step it up to one of these classics. 
Barcodes are next(built by FBM)
Danny Hickerson Frame.

Clint is very soft spoken but when he rides his bike its a different story. It was wild to watch him ride this place and a pleasure to tour the island with him. Big 270 over the 7ft hip at Quebradilla park..
Check out the Credence site for some more pics..

The trip wouldn't have been the same without these dudes. Probably cause I would have been alone..

New FBM Tees are here also. Check em out!!

Carlos(Vicio) was our host down in PR. He welcomed us with open arms and had about 15 guys come and go in month of February to his place. Huge thanks to Carlos for being an amazing host.. Check out his video..

El Yunque Part 2

Long Days,Long Nights..

Here are a few more pics of the past week in paradise. We 've been having an awesome time thanks to all the locals for taking care of us.

Quebradillas Park is pretty wild scene.. Go there..The locals are equally as amazing. Thanks for the hospitality.

Henny had to sit the island loop out due to some foot issues. We think he might be on Puerto Rican time.
                                                                            Trails Rule!

 Emerson having some fun with Quebradillas big hip.

Im tired and sunburnt.

P.R. Chapter 1.

We have only been in P.R. a couple days and so far so good. Friendly locals, awesome weather and plenty to do.  Here are a few pics from the past 2 days. See you soon..

La Perla Bowl-Old San Juan..

El Yunque Forest is pretty wild.

Weight Mates.. Brian filmed us bombing El Yungue while driving. Not an easy task. Check out part 1. Emerson took it on the second turn..