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CLOSED 01-01-10

We will be CLOSED on January 1st. We will Reopen Saturday the 2nd at 10:00 AM

Soooo Fly!!

3 Huge Fly Bikes orders just showed up with Frames,Forks,Plastic Rubens, Ruben Tires finally,Seats,Posts and everything else Fly Bikes.
Here is a small sample of what just showed up!!

FBM Steadfast Frames are here too!! The hell ya red looks Hot!!

In the meantime check out Hennys FBM Edit..So Good!!

Eric Hennessey FBM edit from FBM BMX on Vimeo.

If your out there on the interweb and are on that Facebook become a Circuit Fan and stay connected..

See You Next Year!!


Hope everyone has a awesome and safe Holla-Day!!
And thanks to everyone out there for their continued help and support through this past year..
Lets dream of warmer weather in the meantime..

Come by and pick up the new Holeshot Issue 6 (with our good bud Sean Ryan on the cover)and maybe a T-shirt if there are any left. Nick just made the move back east from L.A. and we are happy to have him back. If you dont know Nick check out his interview on The Last People.. Good Stuff and Welcome Back Nick!!!

Guess the drunk girl and win a date with her and her boyriend!!

Sleeper looking better then ever..

Garage Days!!


We will be closed today, Sunday the 20th due to the obvious(snow)

Thanks to everyone that came out to the party last night!!

This was unfortunate!!

I actually let Zach drive me home..

Come pick up a HoleShot Issue 6.. It's amazing..


Got some new stuff in this week, Ill do a quick rundown on whats new.

Fly Cobra Tubes(Finally)
Animal Jump Off Remix Stems(And everything else Animal)
SandM Pitchfork XLT V2 (Tapered Legs and built in Race)
Fit Sky High Bars in Chrome..
More Circuit Hoodies in a variety of new colors..
Got a few more copies of the PA Woods 10 year DVD in also.. Winter time trail fix!!

More Fit and FBM Completes just arrived and more on the way!! They are moving faster then ever!!

Don't let a lil snow scare ya.. Party starts when Don Houle gets here!! Have Fun!!

Winter Paradise!!

Where the Gypsies at??

That was something Crazy Grady screamed out at the "I Love My Bicycle" premiere in NYC at the end of Gypsy 2our.. It was a wonderful scream!! We still have both of those DVD's available, both worth your hard earned cash.

So to go with that FBM just released the perfect frame. Gypsy Frames are here and look like they can handle a lifetime worth of travel,abuse and thievery..

The perfect accessory to a Gypsy Frame,, Crown Royal 2 stem and Sixer Sprocket..

JC PC Pedals are here and wont last long.. Only white left..

Leftover Gypsy Tour photo..

Don't forget, It's a celebration!!!!

Pegs not Shovels???

Thanks to everyone that came out to the weekend sale.. It was a huge success and if you showed up you know you caught a deal.. Thanks everyone..

Dont forget Holeshot Issue 6/Circuit BMX-Mas Party next Saturday December 19th.. Music,Food,Friends= good times!!

Looks like the Circuit logo has been hijacked by some internet terrorist and had the pick and shovel removed but its fitting for Degnan.. Dudes so good he should have his own team, what could he call it.. Fuck!! Thats taken.. (J/K)

JOHN DEGNAN EDIT from emerson t1bmxrder on Vimeo.

Im throwing this up cause its to damn good not to..

Check out the inspiration for this parody..WOW..

It's not about Christ!!

Circuit BMX-mas sale this weekend(12th and 13th)!! Check out the flyer and come by and get yourself a deal in time for the Holla Holla Holla-Days!! I'll have some cookies waiting for you at the door, just dont get any crumbs on my floor..
FBM Gypsy frames will be here for the weekend!!

Christ Wolf----BMX-mas Table!!!

Going Berzerk!!!

So I guess its cool to start selling the FBM Documentary "I Love My Bicycle" as of this morning. No need to wait until the 10th. Come by and pick one up and own a piece of BMX history.. Its that good!!

I Love My Bicycle: The Story of FBM Bikes Trailer from BAD BREAKS on Vimeo.

FBM Steadfast Hoodies are here also. Stay warm,Look good..

2010 FBM frames will be trickling in the next few weeks. Here is the first run of them. Berzerker in Blue.. Ride the lightning!!

Riding trails in December doesn't happen to often..Check out Third Arm Shovel..

Most Exotic!!

Couple of long awaited items have shown up this week, one of them I cant even show because it has not actually been released yet but it is here. If you can guess what it is I'll give it to you half off. The release date is Dec 10th. Here are a few clues, 1 - its made in the U.S. ,2 - It's fun, 3 - It comes with a patch..
And finally Profile Totem Hubs are here. These things look awesome!!!!

New Ride has some good stuff in it.. If you haven't seen Range of Motion yet your missing out. Best DVD release of the year so far..

We will be having a BMX-mas Sale December 12th and 13th. I will have a flyer up soon..

No Thanks just Cranks!!

Hope everyone has a safe holiday tomorrow, we will be open at 11AM on Friday.
Cranksgiving Sale goes as follows..
10-20% off all cranksets and BB's in the store..
Starts Friday ends Sunday...
Don't eat to much Tofurkey!!
Happy Cranksgiving!!!

New DK Wheelsets ,pc and Alpha Pedals are here..

In the meantime check out Mulvdude shredding!! Deal with it!!

Untitled from Bobby Valentine on Vimeo.

Mass Pike or 90 East????

Lino G and Lee Hopkins have a new clothing company out there called 90 East (Mass Pike) and I think they have some other plans besides clothing for the label.. Any way they sent some Hoodies and T's are way. Come in and grab a 90 East and support a local brand and a killer crew of riders!!.. Don't be caught on the streets of Boston with out one!!

The guys at Kink rule!! Check out this sweet floor mat the sent our way!!Thanks guys!!

Ride BMX -Range of Motion is here and it comes with a 50 page mini photo book.. Its Awesome!! It feels like a couple years ago that Thunder came out..

It is almost time for indoor living but mother nature keeps sending us some treats.. These days will be on the regular very shortly but lets hope not!!

Staying Warm!!

It seems like the colder air will be staying up north for a little while longer and we'll take what we get.. This past month has been amazing for riding and it's still nice out so why you sitting in the house?? When winter does decide to show up you can come by and grab a new Circuit hoodie.. Im psyched on the way these came out, they are on American Apparel and we have a variety of colors and sizes. Thanks to Snotty and Foyer for getting these out so quick.. Speaking of Snotty, check out his "Who Is" on Dig BMX.. Always Pissed!!!

New Props 74 is here and its worth the watch.. Awesome issue with tons of highlights but the Day in the Life of Darryl Nau is by far the best segment of the issue.. Darryl fucking rules!!

Snotty - via Dig BMX

And if you haven't already, check out Dr. Pinzons interview on the Profile Racing page. Its pretty interesting!!
Pinzon in a dark L.A. hallway..

Eclat Parts order just showed up.. Ill have pics up in a day or two. In the meantime, you want it we got it!!

Stay Fat- OR- Get Fit..

Lots of small parts trickling in this week.. Keep an eye out for 2010 FBM frames available soon..
FBM also have 3/8s dropouts available now, so get on that!!
Nick Ferreira of Holeshot is now contributing for ESPN Action and here is his first contribution.
is one of my favorite people to watch ride and hang out with..
Indian Summer this weekend.. Go Cruise!!

Red Edwin grips are finally out..(like real RED)

Yup! Stay Fit DVD's are here!! come pick one up, you wont be disappointed..

New Profile hubgurds are super lite and look sweet on the hub!

Spline Driving!!

Fall Orchids are here.. Check them out!!

New Animal Hats Dude..

Profile Spline Drive Sprockets.. Yes to 48 spline!!

If need some help on having fun.. Check out Andrew Burtons Blog..
Im so happy this is back up..


If you dont know what it means click here. It also means FBM is releasing a new line of 2010 frames and The Steadfast being their trails specific frame with all the bells and whistles..
Check out the sweet flipbook they put together to get us all psyched for spring, cause winter is creeping up quick and it sucks.
While I'm on the topic of FBM and trails check out this vimeo of John Lee from Oak Park Trails in 99.. What were you doing 10 years ago??

Oak Park 1999 - full version from tom on Vimeo.

Oak Park 1999 - Features John Lee, Reid Carleton, Mike Cameratta (Darookie)

Picked up some Holeshot coozies from Nick while I was out west.. Come by and pick one up. It will keep keep your beer cold!!!