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Well the year is just about over and in my opinion they go by faster and faster. 2007 was by far one of the better years of my life. Unfortunately the BMX community had suffered some serious injuries. Lets wish Stephen and Jimmy our best and hope for a better 2008.
This post is basically a BIG! THANK YOU! to everyone that makes Circuit what it is. I truly appreciate all the support and help I get from everyone.
Lets build a better BMX Community.
I'm not that good at telling stories but Crandall is so check out the FBM page for his year end review and slide show. Pretty sweet.. See you in the New Year.

BMXmas Weekend/Photo of the Day

It all started about 7 or 8 years ago in Tampa.. Thanks to a group of BMXers that did not want to celebrate Xmas so we created BMXmas-"Its not about Christ, he didn't ride a bike". You all know who you are and I'm sure you still celebrate it.. So show your bike and fellow BMXers some love on this special BMX holiday.. Up next Fufanew-Year..

Any ways, I just wanted to through a little shout to Snotty for getting the Photo of the Day on Def Grip Hes the big white blur and you can tell its him cause his pale ass crack is showing.. Have you ever seen a tan red head? I don't think so..

Things have been real busy around here so sorry for the lack of blog posts. Lots of new items in the shop, some of which I'm pretty psyched on. Like the New DK Alpha line. Check it out its really clean looking..Plus plenty more.

Expect some BIG changes around Circuit in 2008..WOW 2008!

The Rye Rental is still on for Saturday the 29th so if your name is on the list then your in. If you cant make it and your on the list PLEASE let me know so I can fill your spot.. Ok back to business.. Bye

special celebrity post

what it is? vic's really busy building wheels and whatnot so im filling in a blog for him. Oh, this is smitty by the way. anywho vics got a crap load of new parts in. basically any shadow conspiracy part you can think of, the new van homan grips from duo are hurr in 3 different colors, white, black and blue. these things are SOFT, im talkin emersons man boobs soft. i just picked a pair up for myself and cant wait to try em out. all fly rims are back in stock, as well as a bunch of oddysey tires. new fly tierra forks are in, theyre like a hippy/vegan diharea green color they look pretty sweet though. got some subrosa bars in raw, as well as badger 2 bars in white. i just noticed theres a T-1 trucker hat up on the shelf....looks preety sweet. DK alpha line stuff is here, stems and sprockets. i gotta say, zippity doo-da these things are sweet. awesome colors, great design and light as H-E-double hockey sticks, they got a sweet like, louie vitton style design laser etched on em. we the people completes are here too, got a trust and an addict. i wish there were nice complete bikes like these when i started riding. catfish sent madd DK stickers so if ya want some buy something over $500 and you get the whole stack. emerson says theres 100 of em, so its a pretty sick deal. new circuit shirts should be here in a couple days green on white and blue on green. vic just yelled from his mechanics cave to remind me to tell everyone about rye being postponed to the 29th of december from 9pm-midnight. if youre name was on the list and youre still going to be able to make it just show up, if not give vic a call here at the shop or stop in and let him know asap so the free spots can be filled. you could always hit him up on myspace too yo!

this just in! frames on sale! got 4 fly frames 1 pantera 2's 1 mosca and 1 3 amigos for the low low price of 149.99 and one penny, also have a FBM joint in purple 20.5" for $250


been having some sick sessions in the parking garage. thursday night in the snow brad johnson showed up and absolutely killed it. all his video parts just dont do justice to the level this guy rides at. holla at brad johnson

one last thing mike "the roofer" wilson is back on his bike today at edge, he was missed during his hiatis

this is it for me, vic says my grammar is horrible and it is......sick

andrew kinder is a snaggletoothed hoe

circuit from the air!

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my next savin up for it

Rye Session Postponed Until The 29th.

So I postponed the Rye rental until Saturday December 29th from 9-midnight due to weather concerns.. If your name was on the list and you still want in then nothing will change, if for some reason you cant make it on the 29th then just give me a shout at the shop.(401-305-3636)Hope to see you all there.
Lots of new items in the shop, to many to list but just stop in and take a look around. Also all Duffs in the shop are priced at 45$ and the selection isn't all that bad, come grab a pair while they last..I have 4 Fly frames left (150$) those are going fast also.. Well i gotta keep this short so bye bye...


Well winter is here so if your like me and cant take the cold air riding days get scheduled from here till spring,Unless your lucky enough to go south.. So I'll let you know about a couple of events going on to get you out of the house.
First on the list is the "Stoked On Being Pumped" Premier @ Circuit on December 8th @ 7:30 PM. All the info is on the left of the screen<-<-
First of is Brace Jam @ Rye Airfield this Sunday December 9th from 7-10, 15$ to ride and all the money goes to a good cause.
Also the Circuit-Rye Airfield session is just about full I have 5 spots open so if you want to be in on it call the shop 401-305-3636. First come First serve!!!!
Also we just received The New Orchid color ways, Homan shoes with guitars, Martinez shoes with some hunting camouflage on them. Along with some other colors of the Break Shoe, thats the Orchid Team Shoe.. So this means Circuit will be having a sale on all existing shoes in stock.. 25% off all Duffs and older Orchids.
Also have plenty of new items in stock at Circuit. Stop in and check out whats new and try to make it to these events.. Also R.I.P to Evil Knevil.....