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Keep Out and Come In!!

Some idiot decided to write an article about something he has no clue about.. BMX does not have a age limit especially when you are icon such as DMC!!
Read here for some nonsense..
And read here to see whats really up!

This is the writers email. Let him know how wrong he is.

The Profile Crew will be at Circuit this Sunday July 31st..We will be chilling and grilling from 11-3 so stop in and say whats up. Get Matt Coplon to eat a burger and drink a beer and I'll give you a Circuit Shopping Spree..
If that dont happen you can still get 10% off of all Profile Product..

Its Worm Out!!

If you haven't noticed its been pretty hot out and if your brave enough to get on your bike in this heat then you must really love BMX.. Or your bored as all hell. You could always come to the shop and Worm Out with the Ying Yang Brothers.. The *AC is still kicking..

 We got some new goods in the shop this week, here is a quick rundown..

Cult Stems in Orange
DK Golf Bags(Make flying easy)
Aitken Wolf Seats
Fly Ruben Tan Wall Tires

Emerson does not care!! Ready Set Worm!!

Join The Worm Revolution!!


It's hot outside. Come to Circuit and sit with the  A/C*.  Or just come in and look at all the new stuff like these new polished Profile Elite Hubs. 204 points of engagement for the best sound a hub can make.

And if you want like to "go green". maybe you would enjoy having one of these on your bike. We have a big re-stock on them

Banned Budsaw Sprockets

come in and check out one sweet paint job.

The Profile Team will be coming to Circuit on the 31st of this month(July). Come in and hang out with the dudes. We will be chilling and grilling for the day and then cruising to the Paw Park for a sesh with all the locals!!

*A/C - Awesome Couch