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25 % Off all Shoes

Starting right now Circuit will be moving all shoes in stock for 25% off.
Lots of 10,11,and some 12s remaining... Get em while they last..Duffs, Orchid and Loteks.

"insert catchy title here"

Alright, so thecomeup dvd premiere went off awesome. the video was awesome. great riding, kinda crappy soundtrack though (i thought anyways) there were a bunch of chompy's and chingaderas runnin around gettin rowdy.Circuit has a few copies left so get em while they're hot. the pork challenge was great. cory swantonian took the prize of 17 buckaroos and 10 dimes and a beer shower at a ridiculous hieght of 34 inches on a 45 pound bike....pretty gnarly. speaking of beer, a big thanks goes out to katie from Narraganset Beer for the hook up..

so ya vics got some of the new white profile hubs on the way and will be ordering up some of the new limited edition splash hubs. these things look really nice so come check em out!

heres some pictorals from friday night and some random crap

about that time ay' ol' chap??

peace out-smitty

Come Up Premiere/The Pork Challenge....

So for The Come Up DVD Premiere we decided to add a little fun to the night by having a bunny hop contest on a 2-HIP Pork.. There will be a 1$ entry fee and winner takes all..So if you think your forearms are large enough to lift this thing more then a foot of the ground, be at Circuit Friday the 25th @ 7:30. Heres a Photo to give you an idea of what you'll be dealing with.
Also just received "Don't Quit Your Day Job 2" the follow up to "DQYDJ". There were a couple of surprises in this DVD.. It will be playing at the shop all week until we receive The Come Up DVD.. So thats it for now.. See you next Friday..

Enjoy It !

Every once in a while in the winter months you'll get days like the past few.. You know the winter thaw. Enjoy these days while they last cause with out a doubt winter will be back in no time..
This past weekend Tampa's Luis Pinzon was in Providence interviewing for a position at Brown. Pinzon is a good friend and its always a pleasure having him around. Thank Luis for bringing the warmth with him from Floriduh..Always good to see friends you don't see everyday. Best of luck where ever you end up Pinzon.
Things have been really busy around here lately so that means that the inventory is staying really fresh.. Lots of new items in, like new Macniel parts. Ill start with the Bibi Frame in Dark Blue, this is a little darker then the previous blue it was coming in and it looks good. More new Macniel parts including the Conjoined cranks in black and white,more Silencer Bars, the 08 SL and Imperial seats and the Blazer forks in Black, (31oz) they are lite. Also got some Macniel Fashionably Lite Pegs, haha good name and design.

Restock on S & M XLT Stems and XLT Bars and if you haven't seen them yet, I have the Camo XLT stems on the way.. Also have some new frames in the shop that are looking pretty sweet... Start off with the United 40(Forte) Frame in Trans Red. This is a Trail frame and it has some real nice details on it.. Brake and Chainstay Bridges look good. All around a very clean looking bike. Also have a Simple Enigma in white, this is one frame that I slept on for a bit until I saw Axle Jergens at Woodward and he was riding one. It looked so good I decided too get one for the shop.. All the Simple Bike products are looking really nice.. Two more new frames in the shop are a 08 FBM Joint in white and a Subrosa Pandora in black.
Still have some Limited Profile cranks in colors and just received the electric blue cranks, very nice.. To many things to list but stop in and see whats new..
Also in the next few weeks I will have some photos up of the most anticipated complete build of 08..?? And some big Circuit news on the way also!
Go ride your bikes, have fun, stay awesome and all that S.
anyway here is something everyone can enjoy. laugh all you want.

Untitled from emerson t1bmxrder on Vimeo.

THE COME UP DVD PREMIERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

sup fellas.
the shop will be premiering THE COME UP dvd. on january 25 at 7:30. snacks and refreshments will be provided. of couse you can bring your own refreshments(wink,wink)
heres the commercial/promo that was in a props video.

The Come Up DVD Props Commercial from Adam Grandmaison on Vimeo.

cant wait to see this.


sup people.
Iam going be making an edit for circuit bmx. Its going to be about 10 minutes long and going to have must of the guys from the area. its going to be mostly park footage and and some street but its been really cold. anyway i made a promo/trailer/preview whatever you wanna call it.

plenty of action but no control from emerson t1bmxrder on Vimeo.


im not the hugest fan of christmas..i think its all kinda ridiculous but there was a few things i liked about christmas this year...the first thing was walmarts new slogan"the more you save the more christmas you can give" and the second one was the wolf pack xmas tree..that thing was so impressive...its january first now sooo that meens trails are coming up in a few months..spring time digging is prime time..nice wet dirt..its been warm out lately though ive been tempted to go dig now..i wish...but anywho..happy new year and heres some random pics