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Complete BMX Bikes In Stock

To start off your search for a new BMX bike come to Circuit BMX for largest selection of complete BMX bikes in Rhode Island. We also have the largest selection of  BMX brands than any other bike shop in the state. Vic Bettencourt, owner and operator, has been riding BMX for 28+ years, and has worked as a professional mechanic for 14+ years. His knowledge of riding and the industry will help you choose the right bike for your riding needs and budget.

To ensure your bike maintains its peak performance, all complete bikes purchased from Circuit BMX come with free adjustments for the life of the bike. We also offer free installation of any additional parts and accessories purchased at the time you purchase the bike.

All our bikes are guaranteed. We stand behind every bike we sell. If something goes wrong, bring it in and we'll be happy to deal with it. In the rare event of a breakdown, there's also a manufacturer's warranty protecting your purchase.

Thank you for supporting your local BMX shop!

Below is a list of bikes that we currently have in stock and bikes that are available for special order

We are Fully Stocked with 2017 complete bikes. Stop in and take a ride!!


                                        Race Bikes   

     Now Accepting USA BMX Saver Stamps for in store items.

                                        2017 DK Race

2017 DK Swift Micro Mini, Green $299.99

DK Swift Mini, Green $299.99

Sprinter Mini, Charcoal Grey,

Sprinter Junior, Charcoal Grey

Sprinter Expert, Charcoal Grey 389.99

DK Nano Push Bike $129.99  Green,Purple,Black (Click for Specs)

                                   2017 Redline Race

Redline Junior Cruiser 24" $499.99

Redline MX Mini $299.99

Redline Proline Expert XL $479.99

                                      DK Complete 

 DK General Lee Reissue, Orange/Black $599.99

                                2018 Kink BMX Completes

Kink Kicker 18" Gloss Blood Orange Splash $309.99

Kink Curb, Black, $279.99

Kink Launch, Gloss Particle Black, Retro Green, $309.99  Chrome-$329.99

Kink Gap, Trans Purple, $369.99

Kink Gap LHD, Gloss Trans Black, $369.99

Kink Gap XL, Matte Desert Tan, Gloss Stang Teal Edge Fade $369.99

Kink Gap Freecoaster, $389.99

Kink Whip, Gloss Rootbeer, Gloss Midnight Blue, $419.99

Kink Liberty, Matte Smoke Blue, $449.99

Kink Downside, Gloss Raw Gold Flake, $499.99 (Special Order)

Kink Sxtn Sig, Gloss Chameleon , $599.99 (Special Order)

Kink Soalce, Hamlin Sig, Matte Raw Marble, $699.99 (Special Order)


                                      2017 Fit Completes

Fit Corierre 1, Root Beer $439.99

FIT BF 22" GLOSS CLEAR $539.99

                            2017 SUBROSA COMPLETES


Salvador Slayer Complete (Boxed,Built if requested) $499.99

Slayer Balance Bike (Boxed,Built if requested) $195.99


                                 2018 Sunday Completes

In Store July 7th

                                  2017 We The People 

Special Order

                                   2018 Cult Completes

In Store Early August


                                  2017 Verde Completes

Special Order