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The Enviromentals..

I was just roaming You Tube earlier searching for giant man eating snakes and came across Hal Brindleys You Tube Page and it was pretty damn awesome. You should also check out his Wildlife Photography here also. Who knew that Leigh Ramsdell and Hal Brindley had their own Online show? I didn't but I'm way into it and it's very informative and entertaining. Keep it coming guys.. Check out one of the episodes..

What is Interbike?

Fall Loteks are here, at least half of them. The rest will be here next week..


Here are some pics of the 2010 bikes.. They are looking pretty good..

david bowie owns a stapler and its name is micheal wilson

bowie stapler from emerson t1bmxrder on Vimeo.

no need for introduction.

kyle amidon is an ape!!

hell yea!!!!!!!!!!

It's not 2010!!

But the 2010 Fit completes are here! That is right straight off the boat and into the shop. We have the full line of 2010 Fit completes here and will be building them up slowly this week with most on the floor by the weekend. Stop in and take a peak. Most shops wont have these till late October..
We also received 2010 Verde's this week so the shop is just over flowing with completes. I'll have some pics up as they get built..
Fall Loteks are shipping today so we should see those next week along with some new Lotek T's.
The bike situation at the Paw Park has been settled with no hassle. The park should be open by this weekend or early next week. Get Psyched.. Big thanks to Mike Cassidy for being an awesome dude!!
This Friday we will be showing the new Mutiny DVD " Lets Get Mystical" if its anything like "Stoked" then expect some good stuff.

Here are a couple of pics I took this week that I'm psyched on. The weather is cooling down and the woods are perfect in the fall.. Go Dig and Dial!!


Sean Ryan drives cross country like he does turn downs.. For fun!!

Slice Wolf!!

Too Good!!

I had to share this pic with the world.. It's too good not to!!

Ryan Wert ejecting off the Belmar lip, some how he walked away from this..

Things Are Strange!!

So there is talk of "No Bikes" in the new Paw Park but only time will tell how it all works out. I thought the whole no bikes thing was over but I guess not( I like a good argument)..I will keep you all updated on any developments but in the meantime get familiar with this site and keep a cool head..
Bikes Belong!!

This Holeshot vid is awesome. Two Circuit dudes - Coleman and Pinzon!! Im psyched..

Here are a couple of pics of some new Animal goods. Animal does it right in every aspect.

Keep the dream alive!!!

"the wild man"

so good



So this past weekend was the final round of the Belmar but definitely not the last FBM event you will have fun at.. The wheels are always turning so dont worry FBM will keep the fun coming as they always do.. 2010 FBM Completes will be showing up in the next few weeks so keep your eye peeled, pick one up and have some fun FBM style!!! Emphasis on FUN!!
Here are some pics of the weekend..

B.F. enough said!!

Belmar local Super Bad Brad and his mobile Kareoke Boom Box.. Mullville would be psyched..

Kitt looks pretty good in girl panties..

Emerson taking the leap into some frigid water..

Bakers curvy wall is always a good time.. Thanks Kelly..

Big Dave putting my car back together.. We barely made it to the belmar..

Late night Cee-Lo by head lamp..

Here are a couple of vids of the weekend madness..

Belmar 09... the final round! from FBM BMX on Vimeo.

super bad Brad... from FBM BMX on Vimeo.

All new winter Animal Clothing is in..