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You Love Your Bicycle!!

 We all love our bicycles wether they are 20 inch or not. Just to get on one and make it move with your own power is an amazing feeling. Tomorrow is X-Mas, I know we all have the day off. Show your bike some love and sit on it, take it for a pedal or just clean it.  Im just saying,
 I love my bicycle!!!

 We will be open our normal hours Sunday (11-3) and we will be opening at 11 all week for X-Mas vacation..

 We got two FBM Anthem/Steadfast Frames in and they would love to be ridden.. Each one comes with a copy of Anthem II and a hand screened poster of trail legend Jeremy "Magilla" Reiss .. Really ,Really psyched on these!!

Have an awesome weekend..

Our Scene,Your Scene!!

 Sure everyone loves their local BMX Scene cause your scenes the best right? Hell ya it is and you kind of have to think that way in order to believe that. But just a reminder, its not! Every scene is unique and has something different to offer for a visiting rider.  So this is for all the locals around here, you guys seriously rule and in my opinion create one of the best local BMX scenes around. Stay weird and stay on Peacocks good side!!
Love Vic

Mark and Dom doing laps.. If you love Prov Park like I do then PLEASE keep it clean..

You cant teach and old dog new tricks but old dogs can still do their old tricks!!

So Sick Dude!! Subrosa Mulville Silva Frames are here. Mark does whatever he wants with this frame. Check out Anthem II for the proof!! You get both of these items on the Circuit Web-Store..

Got some more Circuit die-cut stickers in the shop.  They look good anywhere..

Looks like we will be making our BIG Move the second Sunday of January (the 9th). Please call the shop with any questions. I will be posting more info on the move soon.

We are totally stocked up for the last week of BMX-Mas. Get to the shop for your last minute needs..

Holla-Days on the Move!!

 Personally Im not a big holiday guy but when the BMX Holla-Days come along I kind of get into it.We start with Cranksgiving then we move onto BMX-Mas and we finish the year with Fufa-Nu-Year..
So to celebrate the special days we will be having a BMX-Mas sale this coming weekend.
Check out the flyer for all the info..

 If you haven't heard we will be making some moves in 2011. Yes we are moving!! We will only be a few blocks over and it will be a store front. Expect a different shop. Circuits new location will be awesome and I cant wait for everyone to see it.. The new address is 33 Exchange St, everything else will stay the same.

Here is a quick taste of the future..

We just got a huge order of S&M and Fit soft goods just in time for our BMX-Mas sale. Definitely cash in on this cause T-shirts are buy 2 get 1 free this weekend. And all clothing is 10% off.
The Fit Insulational Situational Flannel is by far my favorite winter good this season. Thick, warm and you can wear it like a coat. Put a hooey underneath and your set for winter.

Oh and don't mess with John Degnan!! I heard he's strapped!! Boom!!

John Degnan AK Clips edit from ak clips on Vimeo.

Living in the NOW!!

You can think of life however you want because it has so many different meanings to it but personally I have always had my own philosophy on life and that would be just going along for a ride or Riding Life!!  I have a few close friends that I truly admire for this main reason. They live in the Now and not the past, or aren't super concerned with the future either. Sometimes you gotta let go of the past and not think of the future to realize the NOW!!

So this is whats happening at Circuit BMX right NOW..

Anthem II will be here like Now and Yeagle's part is unreal. Ya and his New Signature Verde Frame is here also. I'm Digging it!! Get it??

Yo!!Skavenger ain,t just a T-shirt company anymore. Skavenger Tunnel Frame (Vinnie Sig) is here along with bars and forks from them too.. Awesome to see dudes like Vinnie and Ed doing their own thing and making Skavenger a legit Bike Co..
 Ghetto Bird Head Badge seals the deal for me!!

Fit VH3 in Clear Turquoise just popped in to hang out on the frame shelf for a little while..
Somebody give this frame a good home. This one deserves it.. Look at that color,Daaammnnn!!

All these frames are available on the Circuit Web-Store Also..

The Cranman can still teach us a thing or two..Sweet move from the man that taught us the Now!!
Photo by Holladay..

Ginch Bros are the best!!Hey Kelly, nice shirt.. Enjoy!!

Ginch Bros. Web Edit. from FBM BMX on Vimeo.

And if you didn't know Trails Rule!!

Seriously Awesome!!

Thanks to everyone that came out for the Anthem II Premiere.. It was seriously awesome to see all of you.. Anthem II is truly amazing but that goes without saying. Anthem II would not exist without Anthem "Home of the Brave" so when all of you kids out there get this DVD package please watch Anthem I just as much if not more than II. Its just like having a favorite album of all time,it never get old Well, Home of the Brave is that favorite album.. Thanks to Stew Johnson for all his hard work and for letting Circuit do a premiere!!!We should have the Anthem II Dec 3rd!!

Good Times!!

Profile Elite Trail Hubs are what's up!! 204 points of engagement.. Thats Pretty much an instant engagement and you can feel the difference. These hubs prefer the dirt ramps but you can take them anywhere.. They are also available on The Circuit Web-Store..ZZZZZZZZZZZZZ!!

Sleeper was so psyched on Anthem II he ended up looking like this after the showing..

Put this together the other night of some late Summer and Fall riding. Not psyched on Winter one bit.. Hopefully its a warm one,,

Mix Fall Footage from Circuit BMX on Vimeo.


This is tonight. Be here!! Anthem "Home of the Brave" at 6:30. Anthem II at 7:30..


The Most anticipated DVD ever!!!EVER!!!!!

ANTHEM II trailer from Stew Johnson on Vimeo.

Check out the Anthem Site.. We will be doing a shop premiere here also..12-01


Grind Master Lino G just sent us some new 90East goods.. Some sweet 5 panel hats and Zakim Bridge Tees..Lino does the printing and sews all the tags in himself.Come pick one up and support this awesome brand that Lino and crew work so hard on..

5 Panel hats..

90East Zakim Tees!! Shouldn't there be a Skate Park on that shirt??

New Madera Snow Hubs..Just in time for Winter!!

Hey leaves, see you next Spring..Zach early morning Prov Sesh!!

Build some fun!!!


Our good buddy Jake has been roaming all over Europe for the past month and has made his way to Africa for a bit..Maybe we will see him soon, maybe not. You never know when your dealing with a free spirit like Jake..We hope to see you soon Jake, here are a few pics from his adventure..

 When I talk to Jake last he said these were the scariest jumps he had ever seen. Looks like he didnt have a problem riding them. Banos Trails, South France..

Mandatory Eiffel Tower Shot..

Verde Yeagle Bars are here. Sounds like a good match to me. Yeagle frames will be available soon..

 I'm sure most of you are familiar with Brian Yeagle but for those who are not. here is a taste of an amazing bike rider..Filmed by Tom Arkus.

Check out Part 2 here!!

Buglers Dream!!

 The Circuit BMX Olympics were a HUGE success. Thanks to everyone that came out and represented their countries.. Pretty psyched that everyone came out for the pure fun of it.. I'll have the results up in a day or so but here are some pics in the meantime. Enjoy!!

  The Scene!!

Team Portugal hurtling towards a slice of Chourico pizza..

Henny getting loose on the high jump.. Kleagrafe took the win on this event..

The Final Four in the Sprint Event.. Henny took this win but not without protest..

Derrick rolled away with the Limbo win.. How low can you go!!

Good Times. Thanks to Nice Slice Pizza and Sleeper and Zach for the bringing the FUN!!

This is Special..

We are hosting a lil shindig this Saturday at the shop. Sleeper and Zach will be running the show so get out here and let the good times roll. You never thought you could have so much fun with a bike limbo or BMX hurtle event. Give it a shot and see if you can hold your smile back, I doubt it.. Thanks to Henny for the flyer..

We got a large amount of Animal Winter goods in today along with the best BMX tool ever created..
        The Animal Kotulak Multi-Tool(Secret Compartments??)
New Animal Kotulak Multi Tool from Animal Bikes on Vimeo.

 Lots of New Cult soft goods just showed up.. New tees and and snap hats.

 If Adam were here he wouldn't even have to enter, we would just give him the gold..
Olympic style turndown at Lock Haven from Lil Brother Ginch!!

See you Saturday!!! Carry that Torch!!

Things Made Awesome!!

Here is the new "Wormz" Frame from FBM.. Yes pure American made Awesomeness!! This frame looks as smooth as Wormz rides.. Its also available on the Circuit Web Store.. Check out the FBM site for some pics of this past weekends Heathens Jam.. While your at it check out Least Most too..

FBMxAnimal Head Badge!!

The Wormz Frame comes with the Animal Wedge Post..

 Bobby minus his blonde mullet wig he acquired later that night..

 Here's an ESPN Edit that Jeff Dupaul put together of Bobby P getting sweet with a couple of
 Kleagrafe, Childs and Mayo clips in there for extra umph.. Hell ya, stoked on this one!!
 Get sick and hide your Four Loko when the boy is around!!!

Hanging with the Heathens!!

Here are a couple of pics from the Heathens Jam this past weekend.. These guys know how to throw an awesome jam so if you ever have a chance to go to one please do..

If you ask they will feed you..

 Bobby Lite and Mr. Childs in the background..

 These dudes rolled this already charred car about 100 feet to get it into the fire..Are we in Casselberry??

    Big Brother Ginch laying it out!

   Mornings would not have been the same if it weren't for the Restless Oaks..

 Team Circuit/Backseat Bad Boys 1st place train winners..

Thanks to Amos and Tommy T for the hospitality and the whole Heathens Crew!!

German Engineering!!

We have the full run of 2011 We the People Completes built up and on the floor.. We the People have been doing complete bike for just about ten years now and it shows..Stop in and take a look at these amazing completes built to get rad right out the box.. And yes we have the 2011 Envy but its still in the box..

Nora Cup Video of the Year.. This is Untied.. Get Some or one!!

Here be the trailer.. This is Awesome!!
'This Is United' Trailer from Channel 4Down on Vimeo.

Couple Things You Should Know!!

We are stocked on Fit and FBM Completes and they look AWESOME!!!
Stop in and take a peek for yourself..

If you guys haven't noticed we have a working Circuit web store now. See it up there on the top right side?? Go ahead and click on it and see just a small fraction of whats in the shop.. We will be adding products on a daily basis and soon enough the web store will be fully operational..

Its almost fall. Build some fun in the woods!!!