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There Goes Another One!!

2013 has been awesome!! The New England BMX scene is stronger than ever and we've had so much going on in and out of the shop its been hard to keep up. It's already looking like 2014 is gonna kick even more ass than last year. Thanks to all of our loyal customers for the continued support into the new year.
You guys make this place happen!!
Love Vic.

Here are some photos from the past year that got me stoked.
                                                      Chunk at East Side Feb 13.

                                                          JP early spring Paw Frash.

Crandall got caught having fun at the FBM Shop stop.

Here are a few pics from the Circuit Trails Rule Trip. Cant wait to see what 2014 has in store??

Do Not Swim Here!!

Henny getting gnarley at Casa De Byrnes.

Circuit Surf Team in Asbury Park N.J.

I will have some more pics up in the next day or two and some vids from the past year. 
                                                            Happy Fufanu Year!!


Check out our Holiday Hours.

Hope you all have a a great X-Mas week.

Stoked On Being Stocked!!

Im gonna channel my inner JP right now and say "damn the shop is so freash right now, you all need to come get a piece of this" All that while dancing to Babatunde Oltamunji!

We have 40 bikes on the floor from Fit, Kink,Verde,Volume and We the People. And all special orders are welcome. All bikes that are sold at Circuit come with free lifetime service.(Check the Complete Bike Page for details) All custom wheel builds are free of labor charge too!! We also have plenty of Circuit Gift Cards to assure you get what you want for BMX-Mas.
Come support your local BMX shop.

Thanks to everyone that came out to the Rad Skatepark Rental last Saturday. A three hour session flies by when your having fun. I only took two photos and they were both of Henny doing this over vert fakie, notice the tires.

Circuit Hoodies and T'shirts are back in stock. We went with the pul-over this time around with the large print on the back and small print on the left chest. Come pick one up. Only 25 of each.

I had to post this lil' guy cause its so rad looking. 16" We The People Seed is here and its ready for some shredding. We also have a 18" We The People Curse in stock in Blue.

We received some new Tree goods in this week. Tree Canopy and Timber stems are looking proper. Super smooth and clean, its what you would come to expect from a brand like Tree. Headsets, Ergo Seats, 4130 V2 Spline Drive Sprockets are back as well. We have a few copies of the New England Roast DVD too, feel free to pop it in next time you're here.

Its Coming!!

The end of the year is just about here and I want to thank everyone for their continued support of Circuit BMX through out the past 7 years! In a show of appreciation we rented out Rad Skate Park for you guys! Join us from 9-Midnight tomorrow, December 7th. If you are not a customer you may still attend but there will be a $10 fee and you get a $10 Circuit Gift Card. Deal!!

FBM is the heart of BMX. Support a brand that gives so much back to what you love to do!! We stand behind FBM 110%. Here is their latest offering in their line of U.S.made frames. The Orphan is Kenny Hortons signature frame(20.75) is and built for some heavy street riding. Take a look at the geometry. If you want to try a different headtube angle this one might do it. 74.75.
Black Flag Bars and Crew Necks are here also. Rise Above stems will be here next week.
2014 We The People Completes are in the shop just in time for BMX-Mas!! Im always psyched to build these up cause they always look rad and are solid from their entry level to high end. 
Here is the Atlas 24" for you guys out there that want to cruise but feel like a 20" is a little to small. 

The 2014 WTP Trust is an expert level bike with some serious upgrades. Full Chromoly Frame,Fork Bars,48 Spline cranks and a RHD/LHD Salt Plus Hub. This bike is dialed.

2014 WTP Crysis is my personal favorite in the line. Is it the Camo Seat? Probably!!We have all versions in stock. Even the Freecoaster Bike!!

2014 WTP Curse is their entry level bike.We have all three colors in stock. 

Your favorite park just got better!!

Full Time!!

You would think with these colder temps rolling in that things might slow down around here, Im not ready to let that happen! We are here full time and always here to help you out with all your BMX needs. Check out whats going on in the next few weeks to keep things rolling.

You know its true!!

Here's a list of some items I put together that will make any BMXer happy. All of these items plus many more are available at Circuit and will make the perfect holiday gift, big or small.
Lotek Reeves
Odi Longnecks Grips
DK,Animal,Shadow Multi Tools
Pro-Tec Helmets
G-Form Pads
Fit Level 1 Completes
Profile Racing Cranks

If you are looking to purchase a gift for someone this may be of help to you. Free install on all parts except wheel builds.(Complete Custom Wheel Builds are always free) So if your family member comes in to buy you a set of cranks, We will install them for you after you receive them.
We will have these cards available in the shop. Just ask for one. 

We truly appreciate and value all of our customers. And that is is the reason why we rented out Rad Skatepark for you guys to have a private session on Saturday December 7th from 9-midnight. We Hope to see everyone there!!


I just wanted to send out a huge thanks to everyone that came to the B-Cave Premiere last night. The amount of people that were here to show their support was amazing. I couldn't be more psyched on our local scene and psyched that we have a place to do stuff like this. Watching my friends ride and put together a DVD surpasses any high production 5 years in the making DVD out there. On behalf of Circuit and the B-Cave Crew, thanks for partying with us!!

Heres a pic from the evening. Full house!!

Check out the B-Cave Trailer. We should have some copies in the shop this week. Be sure to ask for one.

Behave in the B-Cave!!

 Come party with all your riding mates this Friday at the C-Cave for the B-Cave world Premiere"Full Length Mistake" These boys have been busting their butts to finish things up so come show your support for the local BMX scene. The Toucans will be playing shortly after the vid shows so stick around for that. They even practiced once or twice.

These new Stranger seats should be B-Cave Seats. Sweet Leaf Seats are here and will be picked quick.

Last time this FBM Steadfast showed up in the shop it was gone in a matter of hours. This frame is one of the best decisions you'll ever make!! This machine is a 21 and $369.00.

We have some new Cult goods in the shop worth mentioning. The new Match Freecoaster is finally out and we have one here and more on the way.

Quest for Water!!

Stronger Than All!!

NEJC started off just as the name sounds. Like a soggy bowl of chowder but add a bunch of crackers to the sogg and it gets soaked up quickly and shredded to nothing.
 It's crazy to think how everyone that showed up wasn't even thinking about the rain. Yes the rain was there and we all got soaked but at the same time we all had smiles on our faces. Man I love New England and the New England Bmx community. Thanks to all the people that make this event happen and all the shops involved. And of course thanks to Chuck and his whole DG Crew for being solid dudes!! Love you guys!!

Check out these sites for write ups and photos.
Tables & Fables
The Internet

I only took a few photos due to rain and chatting it up with everyone, but this one of Bundles and Andrea is worth a hundred!! Bundles was getting loose from the minute he woke up wearing galoshes.
Andrea just knows how to bring the FUN!!

These Blue Fish died for your BMX Jam, I hope it was worth it.

                     No matter what the situation Dean Sleeper is always cooking a piece of meat.

Box Truck Party dodging some morning showers.

Closed Sunday Oct 6th for Jam Chowda!!

Its that time of year again, Chowda Time Ked!! From noon till dark New Englands biggest and bestest BMX Jam will be going  down. Hope to see lots of faces there. 
We will be closed for the jam,Oct 6th.

Also if you purchase anything from the Merritt booth let them know you support Circuit and they will credit us on your purchase. Merritt Boys doing it right!! Thanks guys.

Chowda Heads!!

Getting psyched for next weeks NEJC. This is like the "Gathering of the Juggaloos" for BMX. It got weird last year and I'm hoping this years will be just as weird and fun. We have a few guys flying in and they will be hanging in the shop all weekend. You'll have to come here to see who's hanging.
Big shout to Chuck Goldy of DG for making it happen again this year!!

Ah yes and we will be Closed Sunday October 6th for the obvious reason.

Here is a lil promo we made to represent Circuit. Have some fun why dont ya and stop by our tent for a free cup of some classic New England Clam Chowder!!

Here are a few new goods that popped in the shop this week!!

The New Shadow Chula Stems are in and if youre looking for a lil rise in youre front end these are a good option. 53mm with a 33 rise. Raise it up!!
We also restocked on my favorite stem. The Life? Free Flyer Stem has a classic look, sturdy build and made in Colorado by TBVO. 50 and 53mm,pick one.

We just received a couple of 2014 Verde Eons and they are built u[ for you to check out. If youre looking for an entry level complete that's gonna roll smooth this is it. $350 for a fully sealed complete is a hard one to beat. Good job Verde!!

The Fall Circuit Hoodies and 3/4 Sleeves will be here by the end of this coming week.
The Psychedelic Woods design is my favorite shop shirt to date.
You can pick one up at Jam Chowda or in the shop.


Prov Park Jam was a blast and I just wanted to say how psyched I was on the amount of people that came out for it.  I wasnt counting but there must have been 100-150 people packed into that little park we all love. Thanks to Grant for being the motivating force behind the whole thing. I hope you all had fun and we will be doping another one when Spring rolls around!!
Thanks to Animal, FBM, Fit, G-Form, Kink, Profile, S&M for donating product for them jam. The R.I scene appreciates it.

I left before the best 3 man train went down but these boys are deep in one.

Cody D was getting loose and wishes he was a goose!

Derek G came out and dropped a few flairs in everyone's face.

Snowflake is as light as a feather or cool as a cucumber up a dudes butt. Whatever!! He Good!!

This is where the money is at in BMX. The BMX Downhill Race!!

All Photos By Rankin and Owen.

Opening at 1:00 PM Saturday the 21st!!

The next few weeks are gonna be good ones, Prov Park Jam this Saturday the 21st at 10:00 AM and than New England Jam Chowda 2 weeks after. Damn!! This has been the busiest year. Psyched everyone is throwing jams and making BMX awesome in N.E. 

Read the flyer, come out and have a blast!!
We will be opening late on Saturday, 1:00 PM to be specific. So if you're not at the jam please call before you head to Circuit.

 We haven't had these Animal MTT Tires in the shop for quite some time. We are finally restocked on them but they are already going quick. If you ride street and get lots of flats these might be the best option for you.

 The Demolition Trooper Pedals have become are best selling sealed pedal. Slim design,super grippy, smooth and will last almost forever. I've noticed a lot of you guys making the switch from PC pedals to metal. They are pricey at $90 but well worth it.

We will have a few Circuit Anchor Frames in the shop next week. If you're into one please hit me up and reserve one. Only 2 left. 21 and 20.75. Made in the U.S.A by Pedal Driven Cycles

 14Husky/Hyde Jam was rad. So awesome to see so many young guys getting in there and shredding the day away. Thanks to Ryker and crew for making it happen!! Proctor knows this hip well and it shows here.

Are You Ready!!??

Its the most wonderful time of the year, cooler temps, cloudy skies and lots of riding. Fall is coming up quick and there is plenty going on to celebrate its arrival.  I hope to see lots of faces at these shindigs.
Here is the rundown!!

Husky 14 Jam at Hyde Park this Saturday the 14th.

Prov Park Jam is gonna be wild. I suggest you be there and be a part of the good times.
Saturday Sept 21st, at 10am the fun begins.

   New England Jam Chowda is 2 weeks later. This one is a no brainer. Go!!

We have some new Odyssey T's in the shop. Bear on the left is chilling, bear on the right I wouldn't mess with. Either way both are sweet bear T's

If you're looking to go fast we have a pretty wide selection of larger sprockets in the shop. 30t-33t seem to be the new 25t. Its time to gear up!! My sprocket of choice, the Tree 4130HT Spline Drive. Got 'em.

Profile Racing did it again, this time they did it backwards.The reverse cotton candy hubs are in the shop and they ride as sweet as they look.

I know this dude is ready for Fall. Every trail rider loves some moist soil!!