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Back in the Saddle!!

Just got back in from Gypsy Tour couple of days ago and man it feels good. Even though we were never more than a few hours away I still got home sick. We covered some serious ground in the past week. FBM Gypsy Tour 3 DVD's should be available sometime later this summer. Thanks to Crandall and the FBM guys for bringing the fun to the North East once again. Lots of good stories to tell and remember from this one but for now here are a few pics to give you an idea.

The trip would not have been the same without Snotty and Chunk..

Holeshot Crew gets wet!!

The Gypsy Nickle

Hampton Beach or Bust!!

Chunk Killed this wall at Highland.. WO!!! Big thanks to Rob and everyone at Highland MTB Park for opening their doors for us..
Check it out the place is amazing!!

Fit completes are back in but are already going quick. We will have a restock on Kink Completes along with 2011 Verde Completes soon..Summer is here, get your shred boners out!!!

Half Way There..

We are half way through Gypsy Tour and things will be back to normal in a couple days. Not much riding has been going down, just a lot of chilling in the mountains of Vermont. Here are a couple of photos from the past few days of RandR..

Stuff Man!!

We got a bunch of STUFF in today. Animal Stuff,Eastern Stuff and Cult Stuff!!!!
Off for Gypsy Tour. I will be doing updates on the road so check back for those. Circuit will be open. Come by and harass Dom..
And pick up some STUFF!!

Fork You!!

Thats what SandM and Fit are trying to do for your bike. Three different styles here for all kinds of riding. I'm partial to the SandM Pitchfork XLT-T.(only US made tapered fork) We also have a full restock on Fit Blade LT and Fit Shiv forks both in black and white..

Our Good buddy Rob Rockwood came down from Highland MTB Park to build up this sweet SandM ATF, loaded up with SandM and Profile components.. Rob builds and maintains all the dirt jumps at Highland so look for him out there shredding on his first new bike in over 10 years..

FBM frames are here but wont be long. Looks like the red Steadfast is out the door but check out this Gypsy frame, good for the all around shred fest!!!

How many Gypsies will be riding Gypsies on Gypsy Tour?? Im calling 17. Whats your guess???

Get Siked!!!!!

Let the Good Times Roll..

Gypsy Tour starts in about one week now and things should be getting wild with some friends flying in and calling New England their home for the next couple weeks.
Circuit Crew goes as follows.
Zach Folsom
Sean Ryan
Sean Marley
Chunk(John Tillman)
Kyle Orico
Space Wolf(Landon Anderson)
And No Contract Henessey!!

Here is pic I took of Henny at The Orchard getting sick on his new FBM Gypsy..Check out his bike check on the FBM page.

Sleeper pic from Dayville Park. He is the Circuit Crew personal road chef and fun maker!!

FBM Frames are here and we have enough to go around!! So come in and get on one and feel the difference!!!

Middle of Nowhere!!

Cov Crew Shredders.. Ya guys lets see some more..

Here is another from Andrew.. Kids are getting sick..