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There Is No Light Without Dark!!!

The Black Metal Friday Sale will be going on all weekend, not just Friday.. Come in and support small business and of course local BMX. Everything in the shop will be 10-20% off. We will open at 11AM on Friday and normal hours for the rest of the weekend. We are fully stocked up on everything you could possibly need, completes, frames, parts, clothing, shoes and protective gear.
 We also have Gift Certificates available so remind your family and friends..

Bring the Darkness
Thanks to my eighth cousin Grant for posing on the sales flyer..

Really Real!!!

I think about this subject quite often, ya know, bike shops trying to sell BMX bikes and parts. Sure bike shops can sell it and hire few BMX guys that want to work on bikes but do these shops really know what BMX is and have they ever lived it? Probably not. They just push BMX cause it's an easy sale. By comparison, BMX bikes are chump change compared to the $3000-$5000 road and mountain bikes they are selling. What Im getting at is if you wanna be a part of BMX it starts by supporting your local BMX Shop and being a part of your local scene. If you've ever been here you know we don't just sell it–we live it!!!! A lot more can be said on this subject but I'm sure your done reading and I'm done typing..

 ToadZilla has seen some serious sessions this year.. He supports the local scene!!

Grill Master Dean Sleeper knows what I'm talking about!!

We will be having a Black Metal Friday sale Cranksgiving weekend. All the info is on the flyer.
 If you come in with Corpse paint you get an extra 10% off!!!
We just received our first Etnies Shoe order along with some Etnies softgoods.. Stop in and take a look at some foot protection..

Stay Local!!

Here are a couple of items that Id let you know you we have.

First is the Sunday Aaron Ross Pro in crazy ass orange!! All orange all the time..The rest of the Sunday Completes will be here shortly.
Second is the new FBM DVD "Thousand Yard Stare" Get it!! Seriously Get It!!! You can order it off the Circuit Web-Store here..

FBM "Thousand Yard Stare" -Defgrip Preview from FBM BMX on Vimeo.

We will be having a Black (Metal) Friday sale coming up for Cranksgiving weekend(25th,26th and 27th). Support your local BMX Shop this coming holiday season.. Thanks!!

Make It Happen!!

Dude!!! Wanna be a part of something Kool.Then help Dave Harrison make it happen by donating a buck or two or twenty to his new project.
  All the info is right here. Click and learn about what he is trying to get going.
You can also watch this video to get all the info. This is going to be awesome!!