Sunday, May 19, 2013

Pencil Us In!!

 We have 3 shop stops coming up in the next few weeks that are gonna be rad. We support these brands and so do you guys and that's why they are stopping by. Come say hi and meet all these riders that share a common passion with you and I. BMX!!  Here are a few dates you might want to mark on your calendar.

Merritt Crew will be stopping by this coming Friday the 24th at 4 PM.
You'd have to be on something to not wanna meet this crew!!

Next up will be the Animal Team on Sunday June 9th. This will be a late day visit around 4 o'clock. They have a pretty big team so you never know who will be here. Psyched!!

And the last one to announce would be non other than the Bone Deth Team. I've known Burns and Ferbert for quite a long time and I'm honored that they chose Circuit as their only New England stop on this tour. Sunday June 16th at noon. Come get weird and cruise the local shop spots with these guys.

We have a few other announcements coming up I'm sure you'll all be psyched on. See you soon and thanks for supporting Circuit.