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2019 Already!!??

The 2019 Kink completes are shipping any day now and are looking dialed as usual.
We will be fully stocked for the spring/summer season on Kink completes.

Here are a few models you can come in and test ride. The weather is just about right!

The Kink Launch is the perfect entry level model for the beginner BMX rider. With a sealed Bottom Bracket and Headset, you know this bike will be running smooth for years to come.

The Kink Gap XL in Gloss Platinum is sure to be a popular for the year.

The Kink Whip is a fully sealed, full chromoly bike for $419.99.
You can't beat that deal.

The Kink Legend is new flagship model for the year.
Stacked with Kink/Mission aftermarket parts and forecaster equipped.

If you’ve always wanted a custom build but couldn’t afford it, now is your chance. 
This is a 20.75 Sunday Excelsior with a Odyssey Clutch V2 full aftermarket build. The value of this bike is $1400. We are letting it go for $750. 
We will make some minor changes to it to make it “your” Bike.
*This frame is a brakeless frame.

We have been non stop with the custom completes the past few months. Here is one of my favorites from the season. We have a few more lined up.
Thanks to Greg for being a rad customer and always trusting us with his builds.
We still have a few of the Pink G-Sport Rollcages in stock!!

The shop has been so busy lately that I don't have much time to do blog posts. But remember that I do  daily product posts on our Facebook and Instagram pages. We are always stocked on the goods.

We have some new Circuit goods in the shop and on the Circuit Web Store.
T-Shirts and Long Sleeve T-Shirts.
Hoodies and Hats are on the way.
I have a feeling its going to be a chilly summer.

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