Thursday, January 24, 2013

Making M.O.D.'S!!!

There is a lot to be said about a dude that gets offered a frame deal with the largest BMX company in the world and decides not to take the deal unless 2 of his best buds can come for the ride too. Clint can teach some "Pro BMX dudes" and whole BMX industry a few lessons and I'm sure he already has!! That's where the Credence M.O.D Frame comes in. Its not just a BMX Frame, its a symbol of friendship and the ride these bikes take us on through our life.
I know the Dracut Boys are psyched right now!!

Fit FAF Tires are back in the shop in Teal and White wall. We are restocked on all colors and sizes also.
 Is it spring yet?

Years ago I was dealing with a serious issue/addiction. I had a major pedal fetish and was hording sealed metal pedals.I think I may be having a relapse cause every time I get nice pedals like these Deluxe F-Lite Pedals in the shop I have a hard time letting them go. Someone please help me and get them out of here!!

This is my friend Shawn Saunders, he is BMX!!He Fucking Rules!! Thanks to Tyrant for the photo.