Thursday, January 17, 2013

On The Up!!

Right about this time every year that heavy winter depression sets in and it's real easy to get caught in that cabin fever funk. But there are many ways to break that funk! Looking forward to Spring always gets me psyched during the winter,planning summer trips,building new jumps,riding new spots and meeting new friends. These are all ways to keep things on the up. Don't think about yesterday just look forward to tomorrow!!

This connection is probably the biggest thing to happen to BMX in years. The S&M Credence CCR Frames are pure BMX!! So psyched to have these here!!Psyched!!
Congrats to Clint,Nutter and Matty.
We have black and green in 21, $370.

2013 Fly Bikes Completes are in the shop. Somehow Fly were able to lower the price of thier 2013 bikes by $40. Thats amazing cause these things are dialed. Check out the complete bikes page to see what we have in stock. Here is the Proton in Black. 21 TT $510.

Here is the first Credence build out the door. It belongs to our friend Justin. Lets hope to see him on this thing often this coming Spring!!


Not counting the days, just waiting patiently.

Other new items in the shop this week.:
Animal MTT Tires in 2.35 and 2.10. You can crush an can with these things.
Animal BPE Pedals. Increase your chances on having the BDE with these pedals.
S&M Credence M.O.D. Frame in Trans Red 20.75
And a load of other goods that will make your bike run and look dialed!!