On the Hunt!!

Its spring right? Ehh, surprise its cold and snowing again. Don't sweat it, we are right around the corner to some warmer temps and the Circuit Spot Hunt!! Thats right, we are doing a street ride. But its not your average street ride. Check out the Facebook Event Page for details and the Instagram for spots. This project is still in the works so spots/tasks will be added to the page as we get closer to the date of the event. We will be hosting an after party at Circuit with a B-cave Mixtape Premiere.
Thanks to all the fine brands listed  for donating goods for the event. 

If your looking to dial in you rig with the Madera Celestial kit we always keep it in stock. Made in the U.S. by Profile racing, you know they are some quality goods.

We received a small restock on 2016 Sunday Complete Bikes. Here is the Erik Elstran Ex model 20.75 TT limited Toothpaste color way. These completes are built to last just like the Sunday after market frames.We just updated the Complete Bikes Page, take a look at whats in the shop.

Its always difficult to keep frames in stock this time of year. Everyone is stoked on spring and ready for a new ride. Thats good and bad, the shelves are empty but we have a constant rotation of new frames coming in. Here's the S&M Whammo in Trans Red 21"TT. Just like any S&M Frame this thing is dialed. Perfect for some tech street or park riding. $354.99 with free in shop build.

Here is another american made beauty. The Fit Dugan V2 in Trans Orange. This is a 21"TT as well.
Love the chain stay wishbone on this frame, built for stability and pedaling balls out. These frames are so new they don't even have them updated on the site yet. $354.99 with free in shop build.

Finally! A tire that doesn't look like all the rest. The Shadow Contender is a multi surface tire that has a low enough profile for smooth street/park riding. I can tell by feeling the rubber on these how grippy they will be, 2.35 and 2.20 in the shop. Check out the new Conspire Tye Dye Gloves as well.

Have you seen the Chris Childs Ramp II Video yet? Ok, well watch it again because its that wild.