8 Days In The PNW!!

This summer has been a wash for me as far as riding and traveling goes or has it? So where do I start? How about taking a last minute trip to the Pacific North West with some long time friends.This was their trip and I'm stoked they let me jump in because i knew it would be a good one and I wasn't wrong. Getting on a plane always scares the shit out of me but knowing its taking me to a place I've always wanted to visit is well worth the fear. 

Here are some photos from along the way.
 When you land at 1 AM you do one of two things. Go straight to the bar or find the best hotel sign in the city. We went with the later. This sign was great but it was the type of hotel where anything could have lurking around the corner.

We woke up got some killer breakfast and hit Tigard Park. There are so many parks in the greater Portland area that none are packed. With all the options it filters the bunch. Tigard Park was our first and one of our favorite parks to hit on the trip. We spent a few hours cruising here and rolled on to the next. Adam was the MVP of the trip. He rode nonstop and made us all look good.

We hit up Newburg Park (no pics) on our way out to the coast. I guess it a no bikes park but we session there for hours and had no issues. This was my favorite park. Wide open with plenty of lines. 
Our friend Mark gave us a tip on a rad camp spot in the mountains. We made a left instead of a right at the fork and found another spot instead. It all worked out. You can't go wrong, left or right.

Someone get this dude some therapy time because he's bat shit crazy. Regardless, it was good to see Snotty and no one was hurt in the process. Red shoes, Red head, Red bars, Rad Table at Tigard.

 Waking up to some crisp morning air, a beautiful view and some Stumptown brew is what I like. We hit the road hard, driving from Cannon Beach, Or. to Bellingham, Wa. just below the Canadian border. We stopped by Astoria for some hot laps at the park and tried and take in some Goonies sights but the house and the street are all shut down. Moving on!

Stoked to make it to Cannon Beach for low tide and walk up to Haystack Rock. The PNW coast sure is beautiful but the water is ice cold. Rob and Busby were brave enough to take the plunge. I got my toes wet.

This dude right here!! He knows the universal language of stoke. Scott Scamehorn is the man. He took us in late night with open arms. We hit up Lake Whatcom and made our way over to The Shire Trails. Here Scotty shows us how to max out a tire grab. Thanks to Andy and Scott for having us. Stoked!!!

From Bellingham we headed north to BC to meet up with Chester at Kush. This is where things took a turn. Ill keep it short but our late night camp mission turned into a hour drive back south for a hotel  in "Surrey not Sorry" (Canadian Zombieland) and a possible human centipide scenario was nearly avoided.  Don't go to Surrey, EVER!!

Go to Horseshoe Bay instead and hang at the Whytecliff Park.  Intrude on a couples date and jump off some cliffs while they enjoy wine and cheese.
Ohh Canada!!

This is Chester Jones! What else can I say about this dude except that he can roast a dub and make you laugh all at the same time. (Check out his Perma Summer Book and order one up while you're at it) He gave us the 24 hour BC tour in 18 hours. (We didn't sleep) I snapped this photo randomly as he was ripping through main line at Kush. Again, thanks to all the locals for letting us visit their spots. Glad we got to meet the Canadian Trayle Boss and his boy Bondo. Thanks for the scare at 1 AM boys.

It felt good to go on a trip with two dudes I haven't spent much time with except at Cumby. Robs number one priority was to ride a capsule/pipe on the trip. Well he got to ride a few and destroyed them both. It was rad to see how stoked he got. And Busby blew his foot out the first day and limped for most of the trip but that didn't keep him down one bit. He got back on it after a couple of days and still got the laps in. Needless to say, Im pretty stoked on these dudes. Thanks for having me!!
Rob getting pitted at Arlington,Wa. while Buz looks on.

I knew coming out here would be the start of a long relationship with the NW. My biggest mistake was not making it out earlier in life but I'll take it how it is. My mind wants to ride but my body can't handle it, I'm standing on one leg but I'm still riding on two wheels. Heres a shot of myself at River City Skatepark in South Park, Seattle. Thanks to Busby for wanting to hit it. We may have passed it up otherwise.

Mark Rainha is a New England BMX legend.  He may be a BMX legend period. Even though Mark is a few years younger than me Ive always looked up to him. I spent sometime in the early 90s traveling to races with Mark and his family. Its been sometime since we last rode together so it was good to ride and hang. Heres a shot of Mark from West Linn, Or.  If you want to find the lines watch a local!! Mark killed it.

This is it, this is what BMX is all about to me. Traveling with friends, exploring and seeing the sites and spots the average person would not see. We spent 8 days in the PNW with no agenda except to make memories and have fun. Mission accomplished!! Thanks to Adam, Rob and Busby for having me along and thanks to all the dudes that gave us a place to crash and a spot to ride.
Rainha, Scotty, Chester, Zephyr, Thanks for the floors and the yard.
And thanks to the Human Centipede Dude for letting us live!!