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The End!!

The end of the year always feels a little weird, we reminisce on the past year and all the good times you had with your buds and your bike of course. And we owe most if not all of our good times to our bikes. Circuit had an awesome year with loyal support from all of our customers, I can't say thanks enough!  Well the new year starts Saturday so enjoy the last few days of 2010 and welcome 2011 with a bang. Here are some of my favorite pics from 2010. Damn, what a year!!!

Sleeper was on it this year.. Richmond Va.  Jan 2010..

St. Augustine, Fl. Rnadom full pipe find.

Life hands you clay,build clay men and some serious dirt ramps!!EAST SIDE!!

Drunk on a bike or drunk bike? How bout both. Emerson loves PBR!!

Landon is probably under 3 feet of snow right now. Bet he wishes he was here in R.I. with only a foot.

Gypsy fire on the Appalachian Trail. VT..

Circuit Beach Babes!! Hampton Beach,N.H.

Shawny Boy in his element..

Bubba in his element..

       Jake is pretty much the ultimate chiller.. Just loving life and going with the flow..

Emerson almost went plaid..I wasn't even looking when I released the shutter, thats why I like it..

Mulvdude, Paw Park..

John Ivers coast to coast..

Bridal Falls just wasn't doing it for Dr. Pinzon. He had to create his own.

                                                                  God Damn Heathens!!

Zach at everyones favorite local park..

We will be open on New Years Day.12-6
See you in 2011. 
The future home of Circuit..
We will have the exact date when we will open at the new location soon. Its looking like January 11th