dont be lazy

so i had chuck make this because it seems really fitting for the majority of the new england bmx scene...i guess it just comes as a shock to me that people dont wanna work on their local trails.. its just weird because for me, working on them and building new stuff is just as much, if not more fun than riding them..its just that feeling of accomplishment when you finish a new lip or get a new line running smooth..everyone should get out there and dig because im sick of digging alone :)


Fly Bikes! Finally....

Well its official Fly Bikes finally has 2 new U.S. Distributors.QBP and Greenhouse will be the new U.S. Distros.. So if there is anything from Fly that you have been wanting for a while give me a shout and I will put it on the list for the first Fly Bikes order in months. Now the new Fly line will not last long when it is in stock, guaranteed. So like I said I will be able to special order what ever you are looking for.. QBP will be receiving a number of shipments in the next couple of months staring in mid April. If you have any questions please call Circuit. 401-305-3636.

Also plenty of new items in the shop come in and check whats new..
Its warming up go RIDE..

Lets do this!!

WOW!! This has been a wild week.. The shop is in a new spot and 3 times larger then what it was.. Lots of things going on here right meow. I definitely want to give a HUGE thanks to everyone that made this happen. (DTM,SMT,Alec,E-harmony,Adam,Cara and Cub,Fraite,Gay Dan,Timmy,KB,Dr.Phil,Wilson,Coleman,Rob,Pat,Don H,Choquette and everyone else for supporting the shop)
List of new items.
S&M LTF in Gloss Raw
FBM Exodus in Yellow
Fit Cleveland in green (brakeless)
Profile Case is FULL
Ride Insight(its worth 22$)
More Fit tires
Animal Bar ends and Shirts
New Fit Lion Shirts
FBM Maneater Shirts
Lots more to list soon..

Quick notes: Ramp Farm Jam Saturday April 5th, All Day.
Circuit 1 Year Anniversary/Grand Re-Opening Party
Photo Show/ Plus The Tobmstones And The Ones.
Free Food and Beer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Here are some new shop photos.

This one is my personal favorite.



So much going on I don't know where to start... OK, just received Verde's full line of '08 completes. If you don't know anything about Verde check out their page. Everyone involved with the company has a long history in the BMX world and industry. Stop in and check out these bikes because they are setting the standard.
Spring is just about here and I'm sure we are all just about sick of winter. There will be plenty of things to do this season. Ill start with the Ramp Farm Jam Saturday April 5th 12-???? BMX Swap Meet, Food, Riding, Partying, Whatevs, just make it out to Palmer on the 5th of April..I'll have a flier up soon for it..
Next on the list would be Circuit's 1 Year Anniversary/ Grand Re-Opening Party. The date has been set for this also and it will be Saturday April 19th. More info on this soon..Food, Music, BMX Photo Show.
And don't forget about the moving sale this weekend, everything in the shop 10% off and buy 2 T-shirts get 1 free.
One last thing, check out the Lotek page.(page 10-11) When Snotty s not hating the world and everyone he comes into contact with hes doing what he does best: riding cement.
New Loteks and Orchids on the way in a few weeks.

It's official!!

The Circuit moving sale will be Friday- Sunday, March 14th-16th. 10-15% off everything in the shop. Also buy 2 T-shirts get 1 free. There are still some fall shoes available in the larger sizes (11-12). If your looking for a deal on anything in the shop stop in on these dates. Circuit will move into its new location the following week. Thanks and hope to see you all next weekend. In the meantime heres a photo I stole off of the Hole Shot page of Snotty riding those massive pipes that were in Boston like 5 years ago.Thanks Nick. Enjoy

Shirts and Stuff!!

Got in all the new FBM shirts this week. Stop in and check em out. Some Judas Preist inspired shirts and of course the Stay Fat shirts are pretty sweet. Also got in a shipment of Fit and S&M bars.. Big, Small- a little bit for every style...
I haven't set the date yet but sometime in the next 2 weeks Circuit will be having a weekend moving sale. Everything in the shop will be 10-15% off. And if it wasn't obvious , the following weekend Circuit will be reopening in its new location across the hall(ha)and 3 times the size..So if your looking to upgrade on a few new parts or grab some new clothing this sale will help you out. Ill have the dates up in the next week or so. Until then lets hope for warmer weather...Oh ya and if you haven't been to Haven Park yet maybe its time to go before it gets to warm and you wont wanna ride inside. Also Ramp Farm Jam early April Go!!!!!
HeMan Shreds the Haven Park!!!

Most Anticipated Bike Check of the Year!!

A few months ago Luis Pinzon came to Providence to hang out for a couple days and let me know about this new bike he was working on. With help from Circuit,Profile and FBM this is the finished product..Make sure to check the photos at the bottom of the post.Pinzon does not play!!

"Thanx for your help in getting this thing together.

Frame: FBM Howler 20-3/4"

Fork: Odyssey Dirt Fork Classic

Bars: Sunday Tudor

Barends: Profile Cock-rings

Rear & Front Hub: Profile Racing Mini Powder Coated White

Front & Rear rim: Sun Big City 36s

Front Tire: Fly Campillera 2.25s

Rear Tire: Fly Callejera 2.OOs

Sprocket: Profile Racing Wake 25 tooth Powder Coated White

Cranks: Profile Racing Race cranks 160 mm

Pedals: Odyssey Twisted Plastics

Chain: Shadow Interlock

Seat post: Thompson

Seat: Profile Chad The Goat Signature Seat

Grips: ODI Longneck STs

Stem: Profile Acoustic

Headset: FBM

Model: Half Cuban/Half English… All sexxxy… Pow!

Modifications: The only thing really modified is the paint. You can’t really tell in the pix but it’s a mint base with another clear coat on top that has gold flakes in it. Its all powder coat too. I wanted something unique but not over the top… Something icy but still with a little ‘class.’ Pro Coat did the paint work and it came out great. Unfortunately, I’m pretty rough on bikes… so in a week’s time, I’ve managed to make it look like doodoo. This is the most time and effort I’ve put into a build and prolly won’t be doing it again. Its stressful and time consuming putting together the most anticipated bike of the year.