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We've Been Framed!!

Ahhh, The first day of summer and the longest day of the year. To say its all down hill from here would not be a lie. Make this the best summer ever ked!! Here's an easy way to enhance your summer stocke!! A Neeeewww Frame!! We have a few new frames in the shop this week and more on the way.

The S&M Credence M.O.D. is the perfect frame to send you off on your next BMX adventure. Made in California but its heart is in New England.
Black 21TT, $354.99

Here's another frame that will make you want to ride your bike more. The new Fit Hartbreaker (Chris Harti Sig) This frame reminds of the 2000 era of BMX. Welded mounts, Laser etched head tube simple geometry. Check out the flip book with frame details.

Its a U.S.A. frame post and I'm ending it with the most iconic frame in the BMX world. The T-1 Barcode (made by S&M Bikes) is back. We rarely see this frame in the shop but we are lucky to have had 4 roll through the door in the past few weeks. 3 are gone so we grabbed another to hopefully collect some dust on the frame shelf. This is a frame I don't mind staring at every day.

We have some new shop goods in stock. T-shirts and 3/4 sleeve shirts as well. This is the last run for this design so if you're into it come grab one before they are gone forever!

We have a small run of kids 3/4 shirts in the shop as well. 4t-8t.

Huge thanks to everyone that came out to the Shadow Shop Stop last week. We had a huge turnout for the windiest Monday of the year. Bobbylite was getting loose and he even managed to pull a sweet 180 Sleep Down.

We've restocked on 2016 Kink completes but they are already going fast. We will keep them in stock all season long.

Still Stoked!!

For those that don't know, my bike got stolen from me a few weeks back. I miss it dearly and would love to have it back in my possession. Who ever finds it and brings it back gets a very special gift.
 Anyway, I'm rolling again! Thanks to all the very special friends in my life for making it happen so quick. The whole FBM Crew, Matt at Profile Racing, George at Rennen, Bobby Parker, Moeller and Mckinney at S&M. And John Lee for the best gift ever, my ATI Pistol Grips. I love you guys,Thanks!

Hey! Things are happening around here this Summer and the Shadow Team is kicking it off. They will be at Circuit this Monday June 8th at 4pm. Come hang out with some rad dudes in a parking lot. Hope to see you all there!!

Don't like carrying tools in your bag or pockets? How about in your seat and post? We The People is making it easy with the Smuggler Seat and Socket Post.

We rec ieved a good size restock on all Sunday and Odyssey goods we've been out of for a bit. The Odyssey Galaxy Pivotal coming back was a surprise to me but they are here. Also restocked on the Sunday Jackal(Chris Childs) Bars. I'm sure Chris will be happy to install them for you if you ask nicely. Sunday Saker V2 Cranks are back too.

We received a large Cult shipment this week. Lots of new items from them including this new Hawk V2 Frame in 20.75. These have been moving quick. Other new Cult items are - Butter Pegs in 4.5, Quatro Bars,Stone Cold Bars, Dak Seats etc....

BSD has been putting out some rad looking stuff lately. Here is the Alex D Frame in 20.8 and the Acid Fork. 

DK Nano push bikes are the perfect little machine for your toddler to get rolling on. Really digging the push bike movement. Start them young!!

Haro Race Bikes have arrived. We have a few on the floor and most are available within 2 shipping days. Here is the Race Lite in Expert XL. Check the Complete Bike Page to see whats in stock.

Circuit Team Manager JP laying it flat and up at Prov Park Photo by Circuit Team Manager Dewboy.