Trails Rule!!

I just spent the past week in a little black bus with a crew of amazing friends that have supported Circuit since day one. So I decided to take them on a trip to remember.  We started off in Rhode Island and cruised all through the North East to some of the best sets of trails in the world!! Building and riding trails are all I want to do and all I think about so why not venture out and see what's going on. The woods of PA blew me away. Whether you're driving an hour or twelve, take an adventure and see what these guys are doing. Thanks to all the locals of the Boondocks, Catty, Dutch and Posh for having us at their spots and thanks to Ed, Garrett, Race and Darryl for letting us party it up on the trip!! Huge thanks to FBM, Profile Racing and Subrosa for supporting the trip!!  Get out and have an adventure in the name of trails and BMX!!!

Here are some photos from the trip. We will have an edit up in the next couple of weeks. Stay tuned!!
And if you have any cash burning a hole in your pocket donate to PA Woods and support the effort these guys put in to keep this masterpiece going!

Mulville killed it the entire trip!! He was always the first one on and last one off the bike. Last one to sleep and first one up!! I'm sensing a pattern. Thanks for the laughs bud.. and huge thanks to Ryan Sher at Subrosa for supporting the trip!!

Short Bus on the path to enlightenment..

Henny was right up there with Mark on shred level!! Turndown at the Boonies!! Thanks to FBM for the trip goodies. They went to some little guys at the Catty Jam.

Tito was looking beat up on the first day of the trip. Somehow he kept on going and rode everywhere we went. Bubba, Grant = Tito sandwich.

Thanks to Jay for letting us in the enchanted forest and thanks to the locals for being awesome.

I'll have a few more photos up soon. Once again thanks to all the locals for having us and thanks to the brands that supported the trip!! Keep on Dialing!!!!