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March Rawdness!! Week #4..

Here it is, the last week of March Raw(d)ness!!I want to thank everyone that submitted a photo this past month. BMX is alive and well in New England!!Sorry that they all didn't make it on the site. There were so many submissions it was hard to get them all up. Should we do a minute edit version next time? Maybe!

And the drum roll please! This weeks winner is Duke Jr. Duke took some time from his backyard BMX paradise to find this dumpster setup..Good one Duke. Your 20 bones await you!!

Dumpster Dive Duke!!

Sky Chief aint scared of the dark. Who's that shadowy dude in the back with the leg extensions??

George Quirk, Homeowner, Dad,Wall Rider!!

I wasn't there to witness this move by Pickett but I watched the video and his multiple tries. Tranny rock to choppy rock transfer!!

Another Week of Blah Weather.!?

I'm obsessed with the weather and I'm not sure how much longer I can take it!!Where's that typical Spring warmth?? I just wanna be outside cruising with my friends and have that hot sun beating down on me..Nick reminds me of Summer and hes coming back for a visit in a few weeks. He might be bringing that Summer Jam along..
Photo by Mark D.

We have all the new shop T's in and we have a guest model showing them off. He took some time off from Fashion Week Pawtucket for this shoot. Here C.P. is wearing the Circuit Anchor T in the lieutenant colorway.We have these in multiple colors all printed on American Apparel.

C.P calls this stance"back the F up". Circuit Raglans are here. Psyched on these. Super comfy and they have the shovels printed on the back also. $25.00

 "Dude Best Shirt Ever Dude" That's what you will hear out of the mouth of Shawn Marley if you get caught wearing this shirt in his presence. V2 Signature Marley shirts for spring. Only a few left.

We were able to get a few of these Odyssey Oil Slick stems in the shop. Each one is numbered and i believe only 200 of each were made? Something like that. Own a piece of  BMX history in the making. $79.99

Radness Week #3!!

This past week has been a hard one for me but it's family, friends and BMX that get me through the hard times in life and all those things have been there for me this week. So thanks to everyone out there that gave Cub a shout and for showing how much you guys loved her. I love our community and think it's one of a kind!!

So on to week #3 of March Radness and the dude Dave Froh!! This photo was taken by Vinny Martin and was actually taken in March. Go figure? Froh is the man!! He is so much the man he drove his truck into a pole last week splitting it in two and walked away with a sore finger. We are thankful that Froh is all good was able to walk away from a serious accident..Thanks for sending the photo in Froh!!

I told you that 2013 was the year of Emerson J. Fox!! This Euro at Hingham park is so sick!!

Andrew Owens sent in this photo of himself at Paw Park spreading his wings. If you've ever seen Andrew ride Paw Park you know this how he rides every session.Thanks Andrew.

This next photo is of Mark D and the story with the photo goes like this. It was taken by a homeless man named Chris last summer. Mark developed the film and somehow it ended up in the trash. Mark was out digging through someones trash one moon lit night and came across the photo of himself riding. So he took a photo of a photo and sent it in.WOW!! I find it a little hard to believe.

Next week is the last week of March. Get your submissions in. It looks like its gonna warm up a little!!

Saying Goodbye To My Best Friend!!

It's with heaviest of hearts that I write this and let you all know that Cubs is no longer with us. She was a huge part of our lives and will surely be missed. Cubs may have never ridden a bike  but she lived a BMX life with me. The woods were her territory and that is where she rests. We were best friends for 13 years and I was able to watch her grow into an old lady, Im grateful for that. If you have ever visited the shop than you were probably chased through by a lil barking dog. She was a barker but she was much more than what you saw on the surface. She was a loyal companion and the best at laying by your side. My friend was more human than dog and if you knew her well you know this is true. You are always a part of this family Cub, we love and miss you with all our hearts!!

If you can imagine we have lots of photos of the Cub. Here are a few from our times together. If you have any Cub photos please share them on the Circuit Facebook. Thanks Vic

She loved the beach and would always search it for random findings.

Cubs at one of her favorite spots to roam free. Well she always roamed free!

 Probably my favorite photo of us.

Cubs knew her way around the bike path. She was a good co-pilot.

Born Free..

She really knew how to party. She trained all winter long for this one Gypsy Tour stop with Landon.

One of her daily spots.

I miss you bud, you will always be with me.

      This photo was taken 2 weeks ago. She always found a good spot to chill but this was a first.

                                                                Cubs for Life!!!!

Radness Week #2

Its been lots of fun looking through all the photos that you guys have been sending in. Id like to post them all but theres a good amount coming in. Ill probably start post them to the Circuit Facebook so keep an eye out on there for your photo if its not on the Circuit Page..

So here you have it, this weeks recipient of March Radness. Eddy Gauthier!! In this photo Eddy rode off his VDub convertible Roof to Table cause I know he didnt do that stunt from a hop. Or did he? Either way congrats Eddy and your Circuit Gift Card awaits..

Here are a few other photos that were in contention. Thanks again for all the submissions and keep them coming for next week.

How Jose got the speed to jump this stair gap baffles me. His wheels are square!! Jose you get a free wheel true next time you need one!!

Emerson J. Fox at every ones favorite neighborhood party spot..

Adam with a tabe at Foxboro. I know what he's thinking in this photo. "Those kids behind me are weird" Photo submitted by Dave Eckhart.

Thanks again guys!! You make BMX Awesome!!

Its never gonna happen!!

Why is it when March rolls around it feels like Spring is never gonna arrive. At least for me that's how it feels. Its 60 one day and the next few weeks are in the low 40s. Its a sick joke that mother nature plays on us. For now we have to battle the cold and wait on some warmer temps.

Lets not forgot about the Radness Photo Contest, the submission have been awesome thus far and Im really psyched to see what else comes in. Thanks to everyone that's been participating!!

We just restocked on Demoltion Momentum Tires in all sizes and colors. These tires have become some of our best selling tires!! They a high pressure tire but still give a soft ride. Check out the new Trooper PC pedals too. We also have the metal version available.

Cinema just released their V2 VX rear hub that is RHD or LHD interchangeable. Its has the same design as the Eclat Pulse hubs if your familiar with them. We also got in some hub guards for these, unfortunately the rear HG only works on the V2 and not the V1.

If your in the market for a new U.S. made frame then you should probably consider one of  Dave Harrisons new Kool Thing frame. We have a 21 in the shop. Pedal Driven also offers custom frames. Take a look here!!

Didn't see this one coming. S&M decided to do a run of  CCR Frames in chrome. I guess this makes it the CCCR. This thing would look sweet in the woods!! We have 2 of them in the shop. 21 and 21.25. Pretty sure we wont see these again.

Other new items in this week!!
FBM Spring Tees
Vinyl "LP" DVD
Restock on Fly Tires.
Pro-Tec Restock.
And lots of other BMX related items!!

Radness Week #1.

Thank you to Pete Schwab for submitting such a rad photo. He is this weeks recipient of the gift card. Pete's photo came with a cool story check it out below.

Picture is not from this month but it's me, Peter Schwab, in lower Manhatten. It was taken by a 10 year old kid from Dallas, TX named Xavier. He was visiting his grandma in Brooklyn and she let him wander around NYC on a scooter by himself. We met at the skatepark under the Manhatten bridge and cruised around downtown. I handed him a camera that was more than 4 times his age and he took this rad picture.

I wanted to share a few other photos that got me psyched and made me anxious to ride my bike.Thanks for all the submissions. They were all great. Lets make it happen again next week.

Scott Lamoureux

Brian Nguyen

Tai Truong

Get Some!!

Its always self gratifying to try something a little different or to push yourself a little harder than you normally would. For example riding something that scares you or trying a new move that your not comfortable doing.
Here is an opportunity to do just that. For the month of March we will hold a weekly photo contest with the winner being picked each Friday evening. We are calling it March Radness and that's exactly what we are looking for, the raddest photo for each week of March. So lets see what you got but dont go killing yourself.

Here are some guidelines we would like to be followed.
We prefer the photo to be from this month. (except for this first week of March)Blah weather!!
Send Details along with the photo. Rider, Location, Photographer.
$20 Gift Card can be used in the store to the weekly winner only.
Thanks for all the submissions so far and have fun with it. Check the Flyer for email and info.