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To Good To Pass Up..

Boner Pentagram Made My Day!! Check out Jays Blog,its worth the time

Boner Pentagram

This might be the funniest thing ive seen in a while, if not ever..

Holeshot and Hangn Brain

Yup, thats right its still winter and I know a lot of us spend some hours on W.W.W. killing time but there are others ways you can kill time and be productive.
Example: Holeshot Zine from Nick Ferreira. Check out the page, plus I have some in the shop. Nick puts some time in these and it shows. I hope everyone out there can appreciate that. Nick has been doing zines for a bit now and has a different perspective on BMX so support the creative side of BMX and come by the shop and grab Holeshot #2 or grab one off the Holeshot Page.
I also have Matt Gaspars Zine in the shop which is equally as good, with some comedic value. Support creativity in BMX,Thanks Guys.

Quick aversion video, check it..

Aversion BMX in the blog section.

what is a chompy

couple of weeks ago my friend hal let us in on couple of words CHOMPY and Chingadera.
now as the story goes when ever he doesnt know the name of anything or anyone its a chompy or a chingadera. for example hand me over that chompy next to the chingadera
while residing the pledge of allegiance.
anyway use those words to the fullest and believe me you will feel smarter everytime you use them..
heres hal breaking his 3 year old kink light peg.

hals broken peg from emerson t1bmxrder on Vimeo.
now for the real update.
first we got a chase dehart frame brand new cant even get that shit from dans yet. we got the exclusive.

if you want it come pick it up its a 20.5 shits hot.
here is a box-o-plegs that came in this week.

ive been riding 4 of these for almost 2 months now and since its winter i think i can get another 2 months but if its summer these things would be gone in a day from grinding so much. anyway come get some before i buy the whole box.
2 new hoodies from orchid and little devil, these are thick material, warm!

some new vids mega tour europe this is one of the best mega tours yet. click on them to see the trailers.
and the other is Take it or leave it. Its a documentary presented by Lotek about west coast pool riding. really good. Click for the trailer.

some colony pegs with built in chain tensioners witch i think iam gunna try. there really light cause they are machined on the inside so the top of the peg is thinner then then bottom. i just wanna know how they slide. probably better then plegs.
now some random randomness. Wanna Play
Shawn Marley
complete build vic did before BMX-mas

anyway thats it and i am done. but i wanna leave with some words of advice i heard some drunk dude say on the radio.
"we were all born naked and now were all wearing underwear"
i have no idea what thats mean.

Plegs and such....

Just got a huge shipment of G-sport Plegs in the shop, 16 pairs total. I had these about a month ago and they went in a couple days so if you want some Plegs get em while they last.Also received some more Macniel Conjoined Cranks these seem to be going quick also. And one last thing, colored Shadow chains are here, right now in the shop I have Green, Red, Purple, White and of course Black and Silver. Oh ya and KHE Freecoaster Drivers back in stock..Also received The Takes 08 Ivy Frame in clear teal, very nice.Stop in and check out whats new.

Items on the way into Circuit: Fit Chase D and Eddie C Frames, Fit Ski Hi Bars,couple more Fit Completes, 08 Odyssey Race forks(built in crown)....

I also wanted to throw out a thank you to Don Pavelka for renting out the Haven Park Sunday night.. Good times, Thanks Don. And if you havnt been there yet its time to go check it out before it starts getting warmer and you wont wanna ride indoors.. Check out Tyrant for some photos of sunday night.

winter 3

i wonder how vic feels about me stinking out his blog with a bunch of random nonsense about me spending the winter time in sunny florida...its been gorgeous down here and theres some kids around here (west palm)that are ridiculously good..some kid named billy..i dunno his last name but hes off the heezy...and light yourself on fire is from tampa and matt is a nice guy and i think hes a snake hunters fan..i heard that light yourself on fire was gonna do a mustache rap cover..hope everyone is staying warm and go to new haven park its fun there

winter 2

if everyone havent been going to haven park while its been guys need to start going..that place is soo much fun and theres a bunch of different lines...but since im in florida playing alot of frisbee in flourescent gonna have to wait...but heres soome more pics of random stuff..and go help vic move his shop..his new shop is gonna be awesome..its twice the size and the word on the street is he might put a quarter pipe in there..hmmm

Circuit Edit!

Just wanted to toss up this quick little edit that Craig made.. Enjoy it and thanks Craig. Also blog posts will be lacking in the next couple of weeks due to the building out of the new space. Plenty of new items rolling into the shop stop in and take a look.. See you soon.

Summer Fall Winter 07 Footage from craig on Vimeo.


so i was just checking out they have a pretty sweet trails video up..its short but sweet and mike g had on some pirate shorts so its good to see that style is starting to catch its short sleeve sweat shirts...the way i see it is if people can acctually get convinced that taking theyre chain and sprockets off theyre bicycle is a good idea than i can convince them that cutting half of the sleeves off of theyre sweatshirts is a good idea...but anywho trails season is coming up in a few months and i cant in florida for the next few months to get away from the snow and im doing a bunch of skateboarding...heres some sweet pics and make sure you check out mass bmx and watch pirates ride trails...and read chester longooses blog because hes funny

New Look

If you've been around the shop in the past week or so you've probably noticed I wasn't here.. Well I'm back and feeling better. Thanks to Smitty and Clancy for keeping the shop open for everyone.. Thanks Guys.. So I changed the look of the blog a bit to go along with the new shop... I'm thinking by March 1st the shop new Circuit will be ready to go along with some sort of 1 year anniversary party in late March early April..
So stop in anytime and check out the new space and what Circuit will be.. Till then..