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Best Day Ever!!

 The "best day ever" usually starts out cloudy with a lil mist or drizzle falling, wake up to that and you know its gonna be a good day.  Then boom, the clouds break the sun comes out and the best day ever begins until the next one starts..

We have a couple of higher end completes on sale. Get one of these and I'm pretty sure you'll have the best day ever!!
Verde Luxe! Say the word and get a deal..

Sunday Gary Young Pro. Just like a used car, this thing is priced to sell!!(Bobby Parker Approved)

Mr.Childs.Hello!! BDE!!!

Ziggy Dude, Best Day Ever!!!

Restocked on Black Gsport Rib and Rollcage rims.. Got Some!!
Bird Cage Rims will be here any minute now.. Waiting,Waiting??

Got The Goods!!

 The eagle landed at Circuit today or is it the Griffin? Whatever you think it is, it comes in the form of some seriously awesome BMX products that are well designed by the guys at Animal.

We have all the new goods here along with the Barrett Forks. We are also restocked on Animal tires, grips,pegs,stems and all they have to offer.

 Animal Akimbo Cranks can take and give a beating..

New Animal Javelin Hubset is pretty sick.  They definitely have a different look to them with a bushing 9th driver.We have all four colors.
The most anticipated pivotal seat ever!!!! Nigel seats are here and we have a plenty!!

the fort

i am still here holding down the fort. you might find me like this, just try not to make too much noise.

have the coffee maker on steady roast so anyone that wants to come in and enjoy a nice cup-o- joe, i would love to share some with you .

and the best news of all.... the new dig magazines are in!! fully equipped with the clint reynolds/ryan corrigan cover. 

come on in the shop and pick up a copy. articles from trips to dominican republic, st thomas, and puerto rico. and theres even a john ivers siting in there!

also remember if you cant get in the shop, we do mailorder and can ship anything you need right to your house. just give us a shout im sure we have what you need.

Bike Sale This Weekend!!

Flash Gordon

im in the shop for the next week taking care of buisness while vic gets comfortable with his new role of "FATHER". Im going to be posting pictures on here of all the new stuff thats coming into the shop.
     some of the new kinks are so shiny that i cant even use the flash on my camera or it will blind everyone. flash free photograpy of the 2012 kink liberty

and kink whip

also new circuit shirts are here in 9 different colors

im a proud member of "team sleeper zack and emerson rule". come hang out with us.


On Hold!!

 I will be putting BMX on hold for a couple of weeks to stay home with my new "lil" buddy. I'm not going to go into how amazing being a father is so you'll just have to find out for yourself someday.

Stop by the shop and say hi to Henny if you haven't seen him in a while. He will be holding the shop down representing FBM and Circuit..

The shop is full of 2012 Kink completes so stop in and take a look.