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Back In The R.I.

Made it home safe from a 2 and a half week trip from R.I. and everywhere in between. Ricmond-Orlando - Austin.. Road trips with your friends are what make BMX awesome.. It's winter, so go somewhere warm.. Here are a couple pics from the past few days.

My going away gift to East Side..Dude found a home on the 6th set..

Henny with a old school tabe.. Is that opposite??

Hey new Fly Head Sets are here..

Check out the new FBM Completes Flipbook.. I can never get enough of these. Good job guys..

7 out of 14!!

Past few days have been amazing in Austin. Being here for a week is kind of a tease of what the city has to offer. More pedaling and more trails today. It's pretty awesome when 7 out of 14 people at the trails digging and riding are from New England..I'll be back at the shop on Saturday and things will be back to normal. Hopefully I can bring some warm weather back with me.. Check out Least Most and stay motivated..While your at it check out this Dave Mcdermott interview that Nick Ferriera did on ESPN/BMX..See you all soon!!

Are gracious host John "Chunk" Tillman and Lil Debbie..

Some Skaters built themselves a lil spot off the beaten path..

New Hampshire transplant Matty Aquizap roasting his local spot.. EAST SIDE!!


Sleeper pretty much killed everything that was put in front of him on this trip..
I had to steal this photo from the FBM page cause its to good not to..
Hell ya Sleeper!!!!

Kind of sweet having a chef on the crew.. Chillen and Grillen.. Gypsy Tour left over from Sean Ryan..

Cheers Buddy!!

The Big Dipper is a Frying Pan..

Been hanging out in Casselberry for the past few days riding the trails and trying to dial but mother nature does not want to cooperate. Me and Henny head to Austin tomorrow and I'll be back on the 29th and life will be back to normal thankfully.
There is no place like home!! Lots of awesome happenings went down the last week and its a good start to a new year.. 2010 looks like its gonna rule over 09..Get Psyched!
Check out our buds for other pics and such.. FBM - Trails Rule!!-Here For Kicks-Least Most

Tight Bros ..

Nick Ferriera has some tabe power..

Best find of the trip.. This pipe got the full treatment..

Ladies and Gentlemen, Kenny Horton!!

Justin won the light bulb kick. Kenny won the loudest flop on the ground..

Creeping South..

Things are moving slow but the weather is sweet the armadillos are restless with some serious camping and swathing every night.. We hit Kona Park in Jacksonville today and man the snake run never gets old!! Casselberry next..Trails!!!!
Check out the FBM site for some other updates and kick ass bikes.. We just got a few more Berzerkers in the shop today.. Come check one out and watch a vid with Kyle..
See you all soon..

Some people just dont raise their kids right..

Dude is psyched

Sleepers been saving this table for some sun and sand..

Pile Up!!

Henny laying it down.. So Sick..

Keep on Moving..

Slow start to our trip down south but inching our way and will be in Fl soon. Visiting some friends in Savanah Ga at the moment. Savanah is a beautiful city.. Here are a few pics so far.. Hope your all staying warm in the great N.E.

Sleeper, The Limo and A White Wolf named Boedy, Life Rules

Garrett boning out..

Evan and Kenny making it happen..

Henny Pre-Head Smash..

Life? How could you not know what it's about!!

I guess there are still some BMXers out there that don't know what Life? is all about. How could you spend 3/4's of YOUR life on the internet blogging or talking shit and let Life? just pass you by?? Any way Ted sent us some New Life? Sprockets and Tees. I'm psyched on everything that Life? does and in my opinion its BMX done right!! Like extra large postcards..
Thanks Ted for making BMX what it should be..

I'm psyched on xl postcards. It's the simple things that make you happy!!

Everything goes in Circles!!

Last summer on FBM Gypsy 2our one of the tasks was to right the president a letter describing what we were doing and how much FUN we were having. So Sean Ryan unleashed his writing skills on some paper at 10:00am in a NYC parking lot. Hungover and drunk at the same time!! I opened my mailbox yesterday and this was inside.
Thank You Mr.Obama!!!

I'll be heading out on the road for the next couple weeks to try and find some warmer weather with the FBM guys in the Slam Van
but Circuit will be open and the Dialer will be here to serve all your needs.. Stop in, I'm sure he'll be getting his fill on all the PA Woods flicks..

Kial with a K.B. Tribute..

One last thing.. Check out Least Most!!

Snake Fest!!

I like to think we are half way through the winter and March is right around the corner but in the meantime most of us have to battle these harsh days ahead. So check out Nick F's indoor park survival tips on ESPN/BMX. It Might help motivate you a bit and winter will be over before you know it.

I myself prefer garage days ..

We are restocked on everything BMX you could possibly want..
Oh ya and first batch of Welcome To Pittsburgh DVD's went quick but Bobby V has more on the way.. Damn thats a good flick. come by and get one!!

Shers Bike

Ryan Sher (Subrosa) donated his bike to raise some money for clay at Casselberry Trails. If your interested in owning dudes bike and helping out the trails click on the pic and place a bid..

Click Here To Bid!!!

Mooo FLY...

Got the last of some of the New Fly goods in today. The photo below is just a sample of what came in but needless to say we will be stocked on just about all Fly goods for a while, or at least till Spring! And definitely check out the new Fly page it looks good!!

Is this enough rubber for you??

New Dig Photo Issue is here also with some awesome photos of course and some equally as awesome write ups..

Need a break from your New Era.. These new Animal 5panel cap will help..

Stay Warm!!!