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Circuit In Paradise!!

Every winter I try to get some dudes together and head to a warmer climate. For the past 5 years Puerto Rico has been that place. Why? I guess because its become so familiar, I'd like to think I'll visit somewhere else next winter but who am I fooling, I love this place. Its easy to get to, its a beautiful island and the locals are super friendly. I want to thank everyone that came along for this trip and helped us along the the way.

Here's a collection of photos that were taken during this journey.

Before this trip most of these guys barely or didn't know one another. By the end of the trip they had all become lifelong friends. BMX will do that and so will 10 days in a van.

The first time I visited this jungle paradise in San Sebastian there were 5 of us. This time there were 50. I was stunned on how amazing it is on both visits.

Pickett is famous in Puerto Rico.

Paging Dr. Pinzon!! Luis brought another element to this trip, the professional party element!! Without the Bose Speaker to get the session rolling and his antics, this would have been a different trip. Thanks for coming Dr.!!

A visit to PR wouldn't be the same without hitting the famous La Perla Bowl. Tyler rode this thing as if it were a normal, full size bowl, it's not.

This is Ray Rankin. Remember him? He's the first one in the park, the water or at the cliff to jump off of it. But he's always the last one to wake up. Here he is getting folded and finding new lines at Quebradillas.

Puntes Las Marias! This is the rad little DIY spot in San Juan. And this is Pinzon right off the plane and onto Rays bike since the airline lost his for a day. We were lucky enough to have a BNB across the street from here for a night.

Like I said. Rankin is the first one to jump off some shit and point at the camera.

I think Tyler may have fallen in love with PR as well. He even had the chance to catch some waves. Surf and Turf brother!!

This is how our trip ended. The PR Black Chicken Tattoo from Andrea and Frida. Couldn't ask for a better trip or a better ending. Thanks to everyone for being rad.
You know who you are!! See you next time!!

The Most Awesomest Blog Post Ever!!

Have you ever had the urge to hop on your bike and go as fast as you can? Thats how I'm feeling right now! I can smell spring right around the corner and the high speed cruising will commence.  

When I see my friends cruising wether it be on social media or in person it makes me really appreciate BMX and what its sent my way.  Here are 3 photos that were texted to me in the past week that got me stoked. Thanks for keeping BMX rad boys!!

Matt Coplon is on the constant search for the "perfect setup". Looks like he found one here. Matt is also on the quest of keeping the BMX Industry rolling in the right direction with his roll at Profile Racing. Thank you for all your efforts Mr. Coplon.

Here's another dude thats on a personal quest! Living off the grid in the woods of California, John Tillman is doing it right. In the woods or pool, buddy is bringing the laughs to a seen near you.

Photo Crandad

Jack "MuthaF'n" Hartje getting the crowd stoked at a T-1 Ramp session this week. If you've ever had the chance to hang out with this dude than you know how much fun it is to ride with him. See you soon enough!!

Photo- The Fids

With all these new parks that are popping up its easy to forget about some of the older parks that have been neglected over the years. Here's one of them parks. Hopkinton N.H. Spirit Park is in need of some help and support from our community. I've been to this park and its super fun and is worth being repaired and saved.  Every dollar counts and it would be a shame to see it go. Please do what you can.

Its that time of year again. Kind of like BMX-Mas, it only comes once a year. 
Its Terrible One Barcode Pre-Book Time!! Read the options below and let us know before February 15th if you are into one. We will be bringing a few in to the shop but if you want a certain color,size and brake specification please let us know. Get stoked!!

Aye Yo!! FBM Bikes Gypsy V3 frames are in the shop. As usual FBM is delivering the american made goodness in the way of one of the cleanest frame out. The Gypsy V3 has an updated Head Tube at 75 Degrees.Trans Purple in 20.75 TT, $370.  Click here for detailed specs.

I spent more time on my bike this past summer then I expected to, that means I didn't pick up my camera all that much. What I did manage to film is all in this edit. There are a couple of Boons clips in the beginning but most of the footage is on R.I. grounds. Enjoy!

Trails Rule 2015 from Circuit BMX on Vimeo.