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Hello My Friend,Hello!!

If you’re like me you don’t look at your bike as a piece of metal or a tangible item. 
I look at my bike as if it were a friend that clears my mind every time I’m on it. I’d say it’s a form of mental and physical therapy, where all your worries are washed clean for the time that’s spent on it. 

For that matter, I feel the same way about being in the woods with a shovel in my hand. 
I feel that same cathartic release from riding BMX and from building something new to ride my bike on. 

We don’t sell shovels but we do sell the best bikes and accessories that BMX has to offer here at Circuit BMX. 

So come on down and take a look our full inventory of complete bikes and maybe roll out with your new best friend. 

2024 Cult Devotion and the full rang of 2024 Cult Completes are on the floor now. 

SE Beast Mode Ripper is ready to take you through the mean streets. 

We The People Carbonic is in the shop!! 
Not many of these available in the states and we have one. 

Hey!! A wheelbarrow could be one of your best friends too. 
New “Barrow Buddy” Shirts have landed!! 

We The People 14” Riot bikes for the lil rippers!! 

Eli Houle has been on a bike his whole life and it’s starting to show. 
Laying an oppo tabe in the woods of RI. 


 If you're familiar with Eric Hennessey then you know what he's capable of. 

If you're not familiar with him then sit back and watch this edit of Henny by STEW JOHNSON.

This dude can raise the stoke level from zero to a hundred in the matter of one run. 

Hennessey is a day one Circuit supporter and we appreciate everything he has done for Circuit over the years. 

He definitely has the best opposite-regular table in BMX.

Edit of Henny by STEW JOHNSON.

Song-"Shout out to Circuit"

Written and Performed by Eric Hennessey himself.