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Is it Spring yet? It sure is but you wouldn't know it by going outside..Im ready for a warm breeze and some green leaves and some blue groove. C'mon warm front!!Soon my friends!!

 The man (Dave) that welds your beautiful FBM frames stopped in this morning to drop off a couple of these bad boys off. Why you ask, well Dave is relocating to Providence and we are psyched!
2011 Berzerkers in Trans-Bronze and Trans-Black are in the shop..

We got some Tan Wall Ruben Tires, If your bike needs some new shoes these are the ones!!

Try to get this sick!! Matty A at Eastside. Photo by Joe Rich.
 Lifted from the Credence Site!!


  Things have been getting a little wild around here lately with that tease of Spring shaking every ones skin off. But guess what? Endless Winter!! At least thats what it seems like.. I'm pretty obsessed with the weather and check the 10 day forecast a couple times a day waiting for the day that it turns the corner and we can get some sun and fun.. Keep hope alive, it will happen soon.

 We got some new goods in from Shadow last week, Headsets,Solus Seats(one piece),New Penumbra Seats,Colored Sidewall Undertaker Tires.....

We got half of the Spring Loteks in this week also the other half of the order will be here in a day or two..

Get a Life? - Stem here.. 

 This is for Henny, he loves Panda Bears..

Also our condolences go out to Shawn Pawluch and his family for their loss. 
If you see Marley give that dude a hug and I guarantee he will do one of these for you.. 
Love ya bud!!

I Think We Made It!!!

S&M does not mess around when it cme to making high quality American Made BMX Frames.. We got the Cam Wood V2 Frame in clear blue.. All I can say is damn this frame is sick. Classic geometry with a new look. Super tapered top tube and 14mm dropouts this time around. Now everyone is happy..

This lil red hatted man (Bubba) is out in Texas Hanging with Captain Chunk and Henny getting ready for tonights HUGE Megatour Party..

Daryl Nau is a Party Promotion Genius.. This looks like the time of your life..
Try to out party Daryl, I dare you!!
Have Fun Boys!!!

Trails Rule!!!Winter is over!!

Don't Like,Love!!

Our super awesome lil buddy Mr. Mulville sent over some new Wolf Brand T-Shirts printed by the fine young men in Casselberry, FL. This run of Wolf shirts are looking pretty good with a few new designs. 
You might get a chance to run into Mark this summer and it would be a lot cooler if you had a 
Wolf Brand shirt on, he just might renegade a beer with you or a juice box, whatever your in to..
Check out the Wolf Facebook too.. Hit the Love button..
We just received the Madera Protocol cranks in "Snow". Ya I know Im sick of the snow too but these are cranks that go on your bike..It's snowing cranks!!!! 

For those of you that have been waiting for a few months now, I got some good news!! S&M Pitchfork XLT-T's in Chrome shipped today.. 5 pairs shipped, 3 sold, 2 left.. Get on it!!!

 Winter sucks when there is nowhere to ride. Good thing there are places to ride...But winter sucks anyway.. Burger was thinking about putting a plow on his bike, I think this downside footplant wouldn't  be as easy with one on there..

Restocked on:
Mutiny Glam Bars
Glamroid Bars
and everything else!!
We Love Your Bicycle!!