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Hey There!!

Out of the frying pan in into the fryer!!

This season has been off to a crazy start. Ive been non stop in the shop with custom builds, wheel builds, complete bikes, etc...

So this is whats going on in the next few weeks around here.

The 2019 Sunday Completes are on the way and should be built up and on the floor by the 13-15 of July. We will have the full line in stock.

Here are a few of the models.

The next few weekends are a whirlwind of BMX.
Starting with the FBM Open House, July 21st in Ithaca NY. Be there!!

FYI. We have plenty of FBM Gypsy V3 frames in store and online.
Steadfast frames will be arriving the end of July.

Next on the list is the event of the summer.
The K-Rob "Find Your Flight" Jam at Powder Ridge Bike Park in Middletown Ct.
Dirtsculpt has been busting ass the past few months to make this place fun for all.

Did you make it to the Profile/Circuit Jam at Roger Williams Pump Track?
Oh, you didn't? Bummer! Don't worry we have something else planned for the end of July.
Here are a few photos from the Profile Pizza Party. Don't miss this next one. Info Soon!!

The mother of this whole operation getting her shred time in.

Dillon and Matt from Profile didn't just sit around and pick nose all day, Dillon also rode.
Thanks for coming up boys.

Marky D with a mean T-Down..
Thanks to everyone that came out early to lend a hand!!

Wild Childs, Full Flight!!

Leeper, straight leg dangler.