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See You Next Year!!

This past year has been full of ups and downs but one thing has been for sure, plenty of ups. Plenty of awesome sessions with friends, plenty of new friends and plenty of great memories to add to the banks. Huge thanks to all of our amazing customers for all the support and a huge thanks to all of the brands that we support here in the shop for being 100% BMX just like we are!!

We will be closed New Years Day and will Re-open on Wednesday Jan 2nd at noon.
  See you next year!!

Here a bunch of random photos from the past year.
(Part 1)

This time last year we were in T-shirts. Had a feeling winter would come back at some point.

Brody from Pittsburgh just passing through.


Make these days last. Life goes bye in a blink of an eye


Henn of the Woods!! 

Mike Aitken hung out at Circuit for a couple days this past spring. It was an honor to say the least.

Marley is a master with a chainsaw. Spring cleaning 2012.

You know him, you love him. Portuguese Homeboy!!

American Stuff!!

Nothing says America more than supporting American-made products. And red, white and blue eagles on Profile Racing shirts printed by some good ol' boys in Fl.

This S&M Hucker Frame is as American as apple pie.Trans flat black looks wild. 20.75.
Shocka Bra!!

We have 5 BF-It shirt/DVD packs here. If you haven't seen this yet come get one now.
 It's an American Tale!!

The Burger was invented in America by this guy. This Burger is American and 100% bad ass!!

Fbm made you some new crew necks to look good and stay warm this winter. These are not Ugly!! FBM=FCK Ya!! We also have the FBM  CB4'Ks in stock. Answer this question. How many US-made forks are there? Might as well watch this too..

Check out our Holla-Day hours.
Sunday the 23rd-11-3
Monday Closed
Tuesday Closed
Normal weekday hours resume Wednesday the 26th.12-6
Have a great BMX-Mas!!

The Final Countdown!!

I heard a little rumor that this is our last week on earth, hope you don't believe that shit and just keep looking forward to tomorrow. You know there is plenty to look forward to. Like Spring and Summer and building new jumps in the woods and riding outdoors. Enjoy your time!!

Box in the Woods!!

This year we lost a BMX Legend. Mike Tag was a huge inspiration to a generation of kids and adults that ride bikes. Its an honor to have his signature frame "The Night Train" in the shop along with some FBM CB4'Ks. We only have one left in Raw 20.75. This thing is bad ass and you could be too by riding one!!R.I.P. Tag!!

Mr. Spitanly ripping it!!
Happy Hollidaze Ya'll!!

This Just In!!!

New shop hoodies are in and I'm definitely psyched on this batch. We have pull overs and zip ups. We also restocked on L,XL and XXL.

We have a load of new bikes in bikes in the shop for your riding enjoyment. Come pick one up and get rolling. Sunday Primer in Blue Wave. This is a 21 TT built for the taller rider.

S&M have been pushing out some amazing frames lately. We just got this BTM in Trans Sky Blue. Awesome color for the winter season. We will have the Hucker Frame in this Friday and the Credence CCR frames will be here right after the holidays.Get Psyched and book those bad boys now.

Mutiny Cinch Cranks and Octad Sprockets are looking pretty sweet. Really dig what Mutiny has going on.

                     Stocked up for some holiday madness. We will be running deals all week.

Mike Wilson!! Nuff Said!!

BF-It Tonight!!

BF-It tonight with your BFF's  at  7 O'clock. 

It All Starts Here!!

I've seen many people come through this door getting their first bmx bike and growing right before me. And I feel like we've grown together in many ways. I've seen the scene grow and kids learning new stunts and life lessons and you've seen the shop grow and I've learned life lessons. It's all the same in a sense. All I can say is thanks for being a part of it and let's keep growing together. Thanks for making our little state with a big Bmx scene so awesome!!

Odyssey Vagabond Rucksack are in the shop and are ready to be stuffed like a turkey!! We have the rest of the Odyssey and Sunday softgoods line rolling in next week. Good stuff..

Sunday Freeze Stems are back in the shop. Got that red,yellow,green, ya know what I mean!!

Merritt BMX is the brain child of Mike Brennan and Sean Curran. If you're not familiar with this brand yet check the page and see what they got in the works.

I've known this boy for almost 4 years now.He has developed into quite a lil shit, I mean bike rider!!

Here are some items that we have recently restocked on:
Odyssey Chase Hawk Tires back in stock.
Animal GLH Tires back in stock.
Animal Kotulak Tools back in stock.
Demolition Machete and Momentum  back in stock all sizes.

In stock this week:
Demolition Trooper Pedals.
Demolition Dumbchuck Pegs
2013 Sunday Primer Completes.
Restock on 2013 Fit Completes
Cult "Talk Is Cheap" DVD
Odyssey and Sunday Winter Softgoods.
Circuit Hoodie Restock


It's that special time of year when everyone camps out on store fronts, Black Friday, Cyber Monday and Totally Tuesday!! That's all B.S. It's all about Cranksgiving, No Thanks, Just Cranks!!

Brody was passing through R.I. picking up a friend and heading back to the Burgh. This is the first time he was on his bike in 3 months. Random visitors are always welcome!!

You can set your tents up right in front of the shop. Ill have it all roped off for you. We open bright and early at noon on Friday!!

Our good buddy Nicholas Ferriera (AKA Portuguese Homeboy) is leaving us this week.He will be packing it up and heading to the windy city..We will miss him dearly! Our loss, their gain!!

This is the working class hero Mike Wilsons latest edit put together by Derek Klegraefe. when you work 50 hours a week riding means a lot more to you!!

Time Flies!!

 When I was 12 years old friend asked me the simple question  "how long do you think you'll ride BMX for?"I answered back with "I dont know, as long as I can I guess". So 25 years later I"m still riding and its all I want to do. Riding and building trails have always been what keep me sane. Build Something, a jump, a ramp , a scene. Build something!!

We restocked on a bunch of Shadow and Bone Deth goods. Come and get em!!

Odyssey been working on some new goods and here's  on of them products. The ghost pads! These pads are pretty sweet. They looked huge in the pics that I'd seen but are actually real tiny and super simple to set up. Restocked on headsets and some pink and purple linear cables too..

Profile just released these Pink SS Mini Hubs. They did a very limited run of these hubs. They look awesome in person..

We will be having a Cranksiving weekend sale. Check the Flyer for details. No Thanks, Just Cranks!!

EERGGHHH!! Weather!!

When ever this time of the year rolls around all I can think about is spring. Definitely not looking forward to snow and riding indoors. Just like any other winter I'm hoping for no winter. Wishful thinking I guess!
I like these seasons.

Lets think about something we take for granted. Tubes!! They only cost a few bucks and by far one of the most important parts of your bike. Tubes are awesome. We have a bunch here. Come get one.

We also got in a few new Shitluck hoodies and tees. Leland has been pushing these things like he's hustling on a street corner. Everyone loves some Shitluck. "When it rains it pours"

We will be having a large Black Friday Sale Thanksgiving Weekend. Everything in the store will be 10-15% off on all items in the store. More details soon. Stay dry and warm!!

Ah yes! Almost forgot about this one! Josh from Eastern Boarder is helping put on this event. Go check it out. Check the flyer for info and go!!

"Perfect Storm"

The "Perfect Shit Storm" is coming and its probably gonna ruin whats left of the trail season. We shall see, every day counts from here on in so do just that. Always take one more run after your last!!
Ray is getting it in while he can..

Here is some of whats new in the shop this week.
Profile Cranks in Pink! Are you man enough to ride these? I know I'm not!

Odyssey Anit-Gram Hub is back in the shop along with some guards for it. Its basically the G-sport Ratchets skinny twin brother. LHD/RHD.. Ya it goes both ways.

Just when you thought Animal couldn't get anymore clever, they pull this one. The PH wax is specially formulated to release more wax when you hit peak speed on a grind. Damn that's some R&D on this wax!

Things to watch!!

I don't get to ride with these guys often so its pretty awesome to see how hard they shred. Rad little edit from a good group of guys.
Circuit Bmx 2012 Mix Edit from klegraefe on Vimeo.

Here is a vid from the Jam Chowda last Sunday. So much fun, cant wait till next years!!

It's back!! The S&M Holmes 22" Wheel is back in the shop. Seems like lots of you were confused to what this bike really is. It has a 22" wheel instead of a traditional 20" BMX Bike. So if youre on the taller side and dont feel comfy on a 20" this thing is for you.

Picked up the new AM:PM DVD while at Jam Chowda from Joey P. If you dig some gritty street stuff then pick this up. Well worth the couple of bucks in your pocket.

Check the trailer here!!

We're Back But Our Phones Aren't!!

Who had fun this past weekend?? Ya, we did too. New England Jam Chowda went down this past Sunday and the event and the turnout were amazing. And we all know that was just a small portion of the New England BMX scene. Lets make it bigger and better next year!!

Bone Deth Rumble Pit was by far the high lite, its like watching a train wreck!!

Watch this video to get a better feeling on how ridiculous this was.

I didn't take any photos cause I didn't take any photos but check out these fine sites for some action shots.
See you next year!!
I will post more as they pop up..
Thanks to Chuck for masterminding the event and thanks to everyone that said hi and bought a Circuit Hoodie and T and the tent. Big thanks goes out to everyone that had Circuit Stickers on their backs!!

Jam On!!!

New England Jam Chowda is tomorrow ked. Be there, we will!!
And that means we will also be CLOSED for the day.(Sunday Oct 14th)
So come one come all to New Englands biggest BMX Jam of all time!!
We will have a tent set up selling some Circuit Hoodies and T-shirts. 

We will Re-open Tuesday the 16th at noon.

Jamming on the Weekend!!

So last weekend mother nature threw a kink in the New England Jam Chowda plans but we are looking good for this coming Sunday so we better see your ass out there having FUN!!
We will be CLOSED this Sunday October 14th for the jam!!
We will be bringing a bunch of Circuit shirts and Hoodies so bring a couple extra bucks and pick one up!!
Also if you are under 18 and will not have a parent present at the event you must have one of these waivers filled out. Don't slack, get it done!!

We got in a bunch of new Banned goods this week. Restock on Budsaw sprockets and the new Gary/Ricky Memorial  colorway. We also received the Colt 45 bars in both colors and the Sludge stem.

Shadow just released some new items for the Fall season. New Crow Sprockets,Simone Seats and some revamped metal bar ends...

When its been raining for a week straight and all you want to do is ride in the woods what do you do? I guess you get some adult beverages,order some pizza, make a tarp hut, untarp the jumps, let them soak and then light those pizza boxes on fire and ride anyway. Have some fun why don't ya!!