Stuff and things!!

We are restocked on S&M Hoder Bars and Perfect 10s. We still have a few trans colors left in the Hoders also.We got in some more S&M Race XLT stems and Rednecks too.

Lino sent us some of the new Fall goods from 90East. Those 3/4 Tees are perfect for this cooler weather.

What we do here is build what you want and make sure you actually get what you want on a custom build.
Here is one we did for our friend Phil this week. This thing is a beauty and I hate to see it go. I know Phil will take good care of it.

New England Jam Chowda October 7th. Be there. Its gonna be psychedelic!!

Here's the new design for the Shop Hoodies. We are sticking with the R.I. theme once again. We love this place!!The anchor will be on the left breast and the Rooster will cover the back. These will be printed on AA Zip-Ups.

Today is the first day of Fall. You know what that means! Woods and Fires. Fall on!!

Just a Reminder!!

BMX is Fun, no matter what level your skills are at. Hopefully that's why your on your bike in the first place. Sometimes just watching is fun too. Especially when you're watching Chris Childs do stuff like this!!
 360 T-bog in the woods.

Here is something else that makes BMX Awesome!! Anything Terrible One!! I always get super psyched when any T-1 Frames come around and here they are. More T-1 SFA Frames(Garrett Byrnes Sig)
Black(21) and Trans Orange(20.75) Once again support the brands that keep BMX Awesome!!

This is kind of a big deal!! The New England Jam Chowda is pretty much gonna bring every BMXer in the New England area together for one day. October 7th,  be there!. Click the link and read up on it if you're not familiar with the event yet. Please come out and support your local scene.
Chuck from the Daily Grind is the master mind behind the event so when you see him give him a huge high five for all the hard work he has been putting into this event. See you there!
Thank you for everything Chuck!!

S&M 22" Holmes Kit,Native Trendkill Frame, FBM Post Apocolympics.

I'm so psyched on the S&M Holmes 22 inch kit I had to post another picture of it semi built up so you could get a better idea of whats its all about. Just sitting on this bike feels rad!! If you're in the 6'3 and over range this machine is built for you. We get lots of guys coming in that want to ride BMX but are a little to big for the traditional 20 inch. Well guys S&M built this Holmes for you!!

Life is about doing what you want to do when you want to do it and so is BMX. I'm pretty sure that's how James from Native Bikes started his brand. He had idea to deliver quality U.S. made products to the BMX world and ran with it. James is a solid dude and Native puts out some awesome frames!!

This past weekend was the FBM/HCS Post Apocolymipcs. There are lots of photos floating around various sites that I will link to at the bottom of this post but here are some photos that I took from the weekend. Thanks to everyone that made the weekend a blast!!

Half of the scene.

Joel Barnett Mid Flair out of the dish network.

Burger yelling down the pipe at Henny. New England All Stars!!

Joel Barnett killed it all day. Huge fakie on the nicest slice in Upstate NY!!

Chris Hancock and John Lee are the dudes responsible for the Endwell Trails. Thanks for letting us ride your jungle guys!!

Here is a vid from the weekend.. Watch it!!

Check out these sites for photos from the weekend..
Circuit Tumblr!!
Least Most!!
Bicycle Union!!