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Hey we will be closed tomorrow January 1st for the new year. We will re-open Tuesday January 3rd at noon. Thank you to all of the shop supporters and friends for an amazing 2011..

I know for myself 2012 is just another year to ride my bike and  support  BMX scene.. Lets keep it going!! Im hoping to ride and dig until I look like this, I hope you feel the same..
See you next year..

2011 in Photos Part 2!!

Here some more photos from the past year that remind me of the fun that was had. There are plenty more but I think you get the idea. 2011 was a good year..

                                                                Lil Buddy Mulvdude..

Emerson spreading his wings like the Quetzal..

Hey is that Van Homan in Pawtucket.. Yup that's Van Homan in Pawtucket..

Toucans/Holeshot House Party..Get on the furniture!!

Someone made this out of dirt!!

Circuit Party-FBM Style!! Thousand Yard Beer!!

 If you ask me this is a pretty good way to end 2011, Bobby P with a late December tabe and some 60 degree temps. Thank you 2011!!!

2011 In Pictures Pt 1!!

When I decided to open a shop I wanted it to be more then just a BMX Shop. I wanted it to be more like a BMX family that has a home base or club house to hang out at. Id like to think that we have achieved this family feeling. Whether you're a brother, a cousin, a nephew or a creepy french step child you are all part of the Circuit Family. 
 We have been going for 5 years strong supporting BMX in New England and we are looking to make things better and better. This was an awesome year for BMX in R.I. with lots of visitors rolling through and every one that visited loved R.I. and had a blast. So please dont ever complain about BMX in R.I. cause it could be a lot worse. Be grateful for what you got is what I'm saying. Thanks to everyone that supported and helped out the shop this year..
 2012 is gonna kick ass!!! 
Here are some pics from 2011!! 

This is what everyday should look like..Your favorite shovel, Gansett Summer Brew and some clean, moist soil..
Emerson at Quebradillas Park P.R.

When  do you get a chance to ride a private pool like this? Once a year I guess.
Cardona fully clothed lake launch.. Thanks Chuck!!

Berms!!!Love Em!!!

Jake Summer Loving!!

Wild Childs!!

Part 2 soon..


Im not much of a festive person and I dont believe in Ole Saint Nick but Im glad that some people do. Thank you all for your support these past couple of weeks. Our customers are the reason why we are here and we are happy to support the local scene year round.. I would like to thank all the folks that have been using the Circuit Web-Store also. Your keeping me extra busy = THANKS!!

 FLY Bikes just released a load of new products we grabbed most of the parts and will have a couple of the completes this week. Here are the new Classico V3 Brakes..
We got this Bone Deth Creepozoid Frame in a couple of weeks ago but I never got the chance to put it up.  It's the Burns Signature Frame so you know this thing can stand up to anything you send its way,cemetary gaps, roof drops, green slime, I think the ladies dig the chrome too.. You can pick it up in the shop or right here on the Circuit Web-Store. We also got some bars,sprockets,pegs and seats from Bone Deth..

Justin is the newest member of the Rennen work force.. Good thing he has a lil goose in him..

If you havnt already make sure you watch the New Skavenger Video on the Def-Grip site. Click!!!! Mcdermotts section is soo sick!! Hell ya Dave!!

Holeshot might be dead but this Holeshot vid is full of life. Check it and R.I.P.


i found an old memory card that had a bunch of pictures from the first gypsy tour we went on. there are some gems on there.

number one.....or 2..



They can say lots with out using words.. Here you Go!!

Civil Unrest!! Its coming kid. Get a new bike and parts while can enjoy them!!!!!

Is There More To Life Than Being Content??

Traveling goes hand in hand with BMX!! If it hasn't yet, your bike is gonna take you places you thought you would never go or live for that matter.. This summer was the first summer in over 15 years I didn't go on a riding trip and I was perfectly happy with that. I've realized I have everything right here and not to mention we had visitors all season long which made not traveling that much easier. I am truly content!

 The Packer and the Stacker enjoy a early December treat.. Content? I think so..
Here are a few 2012 Sunday Completes just in time for BMX-Mas!! They look good in the shop but I'm sure they wont be here long..
We got one of these in last week but it went before I got a chance to put it up on here so here it is again, Cult Death Row V2(21) built in the U.S. by the guys at Solid Bikes..
Every bike needs a comfy seat.. Well FBM knows this and that's why these "Heart Seats" are perfect when your parked.. We still have a few Gypsy,Steadfast and Berzerker Frames available, check them out on the Circuit Web-Store..We still have a couple of copies of Thousand Yard Stare left also. Wake up BMX-Mas morning FBM Style!!
Once again we are fully stocked with everything!! The year is coming to a close and its been a great one so far. Lets close it out big and start a new one bigger!!! 
Thank you for all the support!!

Life Is Rad!!

Kink Badger Bars in Chrome have been M.I.A. for a bit but they're back like Col. James Braddock..
The Bone Deth guys have been putting out some pretty cool products. Check out the Vibrator Seats.
They will make your ass happy..
Another wave of Mutiny products came through the door yesterday. Mutiny Loosefer V3 in Deep Purple(20.666). Digging it, Get Loose!!
I hope you like chrome as much as we do. We got some Mutiny Glam and Glamroid bars in chrome..
You can almost take a profile mirror picture with them.

Some of us got our first taste of indoor riding this past week, for me it tasted like shit and a bruised man parts. For Cody it tasted like this. Not sure what that tastes like??

Items on the way:
2012 Sunday Completes
Cult Death Row V2
Terrible One Barcodes..Yes Barcodes!!!!! 
Use the Circuit Wishlist for all your Holiday wants and needs. And let your parents know..

There Is No Light Without Dark!!!

The Black Metal Friday Sale will be going on all weekend, not just Friday.. Come in and support small business and of course local BMX. Everything in the shop will be 10-20% off. We will open at 11AM on Friday and normal hours for the rest of the weekend. We are fully stocked up on everything you could possibly need, completes, frames, parts, clothing, shoes and protective gear.
 We also have Gift Certificates available so remind your family and friends..

Bring the Darkness
Thanks to my eighth cousin Grant for posing on the sales flyer..

Really Real!!!

I think about this subject quite often, ya know, bike shops trying to sell BMX bikes and parts. Sure bike shops can sell it and hire few BMX guys that want to work on bikes but do these shops really know what BMX is and have they ever lived it? Probably not. They just push BMX cause it's an easy sale. By comparison, BMX bikes are chump change compared to the $3000-$5000 road and mountain bikes they are selling. What Im getting at is if you wanna be a part of BMX it starts by supporting your local BMX Shop and being a part of your local scene. If you've ever been here you know we don't just sell it–we live it!!!! A lot more can be said on this subject but I'm sure your done reading and I'm done typing..

 ToadZilla has seen some serious sessions this year.. He supports the local scene!!

Grill Master Dean Sleeper knows what I'm talking about!!

We will be having a Black Metal Friday sale Cranksgiving weekend. All the info is on the flyer.
 If you come in with Corpse paint you get an extra 10% off!!!
We just received our first Etnies Shoe order along with some Etnies softgoods.. Stop in and take a look at some foot protection..

Stay Local!!

Here are a couple of items that Id let you know you we have.

First is the Sunday Aaron Ross Pro in crazy ass orange!! All orange all the time..The rest of the Sunday Completes will be here shortly.
Second is the new FBM DVD "Thousand Yard Stare" Get it!! Seriously Get It!!! You can order it off the Circuit Web-Store here..

FBM "Thousand Yard Stare" -Defgrip Preview from FBM BMX on Vimeo.

We will be having a Black (Metal) Friday sale coming up for Cranksgiving weekend(25th,26th and 27th). Support your local BMX Shop this coming holiday season.. Thanks!!

Make It Happen!!

Dude!!! Wanna be a part of something Kool.Then help Dave Harrison make it happen by donating a buck or two or twenty to his new project.
  All the info is right here. Click and learn about what he is trying to get going.
You can also watch this video to get all the info. This is going to be awesome!!

The Last Days!!

Whenever we get to this point of the season I'm always thinking this could be the last day to get a good session in but looks like mother nature is gonna give us some extra season this time around. Just remember she can take it all away so get it in while you can..

 We just received the new Odyssey R-32 forks. They might take some time to get use to the looks of them but I'm sure it will happen. Click here for details on them.

Check out these new S&M snapbacks. I know its bennie time but these are pretty sick. Free snapback with the purchase of a T-shirt. Not here though!!

Got some Cult tires in this week. 2.25 and 2.10, black and tan wall. They look grippy and fast as hell or slow as hell.However you choose to ride them.
If you plan on riding outdoors this winter you might wanna get a pair of these Fox gloves. If your too cool for fingers we also have some fingerless gloves..
Not the last day..
Ive been doing a little work on the Circuit Web-Store. Check it out and dont forgot to use it this winter or whenever. I will be adding all the shoes in the shop to it shortly.

I Love Summer!!

Im not gonna spend my winter complaining about how bad it sucks. Instead I'm gonna remember how awesome summer was and how awesome this coming spring will be. Until then we will just take what comes our way and endure. Never let go of your summer!

 The 2012 Fit Completes are top notch this year from the bottom to the top. This one just happens to be on top. Fit Aitken Signature. Have you ever seen a better looking complete?
Feind goods have been trickling in and we got some seats and bars in this week. We have both bar sizes available. Click here for the bar specs.
If your gonna let those legs fly this winter then these will come in handy. Its been a long time but Fuse Shinpads are back in stock.
S&M Perfect 10 bars might look like a joke but they are reality.. Whos man/boy enough to ride these. I hear they actually feel all right.

Henny, looking back on his summer..

Ahhhh summer!!!