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2013 Verde Completes,Empire "Bad Idea" DVD, Circuit Tanks and T's.

2013 Verde Prism Black. Pretty sharp looking and priced at $379.00 I'm sure these will do well this year. 2013 Prism is coming with a fully sealed rear hub this year.  More brands need to hop on this boat.

2013 Verde Prism in Orange.

2013 Verde Spectrum in Flat Blue  popped in today. This bike is awesome. Really digging what Verde is doing with their bikes. Simple and Clean!!

Circuit T's and Tanks are back in the shop as our model Sleeper is showing you. You're #1.

Occupy my backyard. I love visitors!! Pack up the van and go on a trip with your friends, that's what BMX is all about.
If you cant hit the road at least you can go build something to ride. Stop slacking and start stacking!!
And if you need some motivation to get you psyched then come pick up one of these Empire "Bad Idea" DVDs. So sick!!

Circuit Hats, Shadow BTR Hubs,Cult Bars,FBM Bars,BSD Hubs.

"Hey why don't you make trucker hats?" "Na I don't wanna do that". I've had that discussion too many times in the past couple of years. Well I finally changed my mind and decided to get a small run made. Only 25 were made and I'm psyched on them. We also have a small batch of patches(25) that you can apply to anything with a little heat..

 Shadow BTR hubs have been making their way in the shop slowly but surely. These things are dialed!!

FBM Headbangers and Tall Boys are back in stock.

BSD Hubs in Red.

Cult Death Row V2 Bars in Chrome and we got some Black Chrome Leader Bars back in..

Etnies Ruben RVM Shoes,FBM Steadfast,Take Ivy 5.

I recently had a new customer in the shop and he was a little confused to what Circuit is about. He was told that Circuit was a club that you have to buy into and then you would be available to shop in the store.
Just to let you know we have an open door policy. No shirt, no shoes, no problem!! No Egos!!

Come on in. New Etnies Signature Ruben Alcantara RVM Shoes are here. We have a good size run of these from 9-11.5. We also received some RVM shoes in Black/Mint.  Are RVM's the new Half Cab??
Adam Spitanly getting his REP going in the Woods!! If you haven't checked out Adams new Zine project yet then you should come by and pick one up, they are only a few bucks.
 I know your trails are dry but lets start thinking about Fall when the temps are perfect and the soil is moist. That's when the FBM Steadfast V2(20.75) in Gloss Raw is in its element. I love these bikes!!
We also have The Take Ivy 5 back in the shop. Made in the U.S of A by FBM!! Dialed!!

Sleepers bike has been jacked. Obviously who ever stole it has no idea what Sleeper is capable of. So do yourself a favor and return it to him or bring it to the shop no questions asked.If you see this bike take it from whoever has it and you'll get a 50$ shop credit!!

Fit Wi-Fi, Fit Mac Pedals,Trans Slam Bars.

Here is the newest version of the Fit Wi-Fi frame(20.75). It's a killer Gloss Raw that almost has a polished silver look to it.  Pretty, Pretty Sick!!

Fit Mac Pedals are in the shop. If you're tired of buying a new pair of plastic pedals every month than its time to invest a few bucks into a pedal that will last you years.

S&M James Cox Pivotal Seats are here and look nice and comfy.

Trans Slams are always a nice suprise. S&M does very limited runs on these colors and you never know when they are gonna be around. Guess what? They're around!!

The pop up T-storms have been interesting lately=Survival in the woods.