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Thats how I been feeling for the past week with some sort of something going around..So who ever got me sick-Thank You and whoever I got sick-Your Welcome.. So I've had plenty of time to catch up on everything BMX including all these fine items below.
Have you seen the cover of the New Dig BMX? Ya, just the cover makes you want to have one and we have plenty here now that we are getting them straight from Dig!!

Our favorite lil zine maker is back with Holeshot Issue 7, don't be like that come by and pick one up. Lots of good stuff in this one and definitely worth what you got in your pocket..

This has probably been sitting in my mailbox for a week but thats how often I check it. I hate mail!! 90East DVD's are here along with all the new T's and a sweet Lee poster..Kinder is famous!!!

Restock on all We The People tires in wire bead. These are a good alternative to Fly Ruben tires(we still have a full line of those too). Same compound and smoother tread.Which means you'll roll faster..
Restock on all Eclat seats also including Gonzo pivotals and Complex seats..These are by far the shops best selling seats so don't slip up and come grab one..
We will have some more WTP completes in a couple weeks also. Last batch went in a week..

Back to the grind this week...

Things to watch!!

Not that this is the time of year to be sitting on the couch but I think you will want to when you pick these two DVD's up. First off is Bone Deths "Surfing for the Ugly Broads". In every sense of the word this "Film" is a true production.. Seriously, buy it!!!(it comes with a bonus movie)

Got that new Animal DVD "Cuts" in also. I havnt watched it yet but you dont have to watch this to know that its worth owning.. Get on it..Look at the list of names.. Thats a full line up!!

Case BMX Magazine is here!! All they way from the U.K. We also have some Case Tees here also. Buy a T-shirt and get the mag FREE!!! And look who is on the cover.. Good Ol Boy from N.H. Clint Reynolds.. Live Free and Ride!! Ya Clint..(Thanks to Cottle for getting these up here..)

Our Portuguese Home Boy Nick F dropped off some new Hole Shot Tees too. This is the back of them. The front has the Hole Shot pyramid on it.. Printed on AA-dont slack!!
Issue 7 out soon and looking good!!!

Holy Hot Damn!!!

Things are still jamming here so this is a quick one..

Ya thats right, Mikey's back and so is the S Series. We are all thankful for his amazing recovery and courage to get back on his bike.. This is the 5th installment of the line, The Fit S4 Frames are here.. Get on it cause you know what happens with these frames.. People want the power!!!

S&M ATF Frames are here also, we have a couple of these available along with a mis-shipped ATF Frame. So anyone who is looking for a KILLER deal on a 20.25 ATF Frame in Black..Give me a call before Monday. If not its going back to S&M..

Restock on:
Sunday Completes
Every Fit and S&M Chrome Bar made!!!
Have a shitty and rainy weekend!!!!


2010 Subrosa frames showed up a couple days ago, along with bars ,grips and some other small parts and soft goods..

Pandora V3


We also got all those New Animal Threads in the shop..

This happening tomorrow night. 90 East Premiere. Check it out if you get the chance and you can grab the dvds here if you dont make it ot the premiere.. Should be a good time..

Ostrich Vs Wolf..

Henny has been all over the place lately.. Take this for instance. Did you know that the Ostrich is Arizona's state bird? Ya me neither..We love Henny!!!

Not everyone gets to ride an ostrich... from FBM BMX on Vimeo.

Wolf Brand shirts are here.. If you put one on i cant guaranty you'll ride or renegade beers like Mullville but you can try...

Chouquette got a new bike.. He is psyched!!

Lots of New..

We recieved lots of new items in this week. I'll start with all the new Circuit goods. The new T's are here and they look awesome. My good bud Dave did the design and I couldn't be more psyched on the way it came out.. My favorite tree from the trails is on it renegading a Gansett,Hell ya!! (Mullville approved) Also got a bunch of new Circuit stickers in today too, including the same as the shirt. Thanks to Snotty for hooking up the shirts..

We have these in a variety of colors..

Mr Bernicky, the man in the tree..

All the new Animal Spring wear should be here any minute now. We have the full line coming and its what we expect from Animal clothing nowadays. Quality!! For the guys that like those rough ledges we have some Animal wax too.. And everything else Animal you could imagine..

For completes we got a few more We The People completes in along with a few more Verde completes.. Bike have been moving fast so give a call if you know what your looking for..

The best socks ever!! They go well with some Orchid Shoes..

And of course some shoes!!

I will hopefully have info on BMX classes at Jenks SkatePark in the next day or two. I will keep everyone updated on this shortly..

Jamminn Samminn!!!

The shop has been super busy the past few days so I'm gonna take a break from the posts for a couple days to catch up. Few things I want to point out are.

Verde Cartel V2 frame in Black looks awesome and its here.

The sun is out again and it looks awesome.

The river downtown is raging and it looks awesome..

Mark did a table the other day = Awesome!!

Spring Orchids are here too!!!

Lots of new goods rolling in daily, stop in and say HI!!