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Fly bikes!!!

Circuit received a huge Fly Bikes order yesterday. Ill give ya a quick rundown of what came in on this one.. And ill have some photos up soon.. Its hard being a one man shop.
Grips all colors and sizes, including Red and Grey
Cranks in Black and Raw
Pedal in all colors including Red
Stems in all colors
Seats and Posts..
Luna Bars in all colors..
Front Hubs in all colors
Front Rims in all colors....

Also restocked the Profile Case and its Looking colorful as always..
All the new SandM and Fit T-shirts showed up today as well, Welder,Bird, Union and bold print Fit Bike Co..Some more S3.5 frames as well.. Gotta keep those in stock..

Party Time..

Here are a couple pics from the weekend.. Super fun in N.Y as usual.. Thanks to all the locals up at Bakers for being awesome and showing us a good time.. Plenty of good stories came home with us. Way to much to write about.. Thanks for having us guys..

Riley Killed the 18"

This Evan V's Dog "Trouble"

Kyle Whipping it real good!!

Hey lets take the car with the wooden bumper on the motocross track..
Kelly getting ready for X-games Rally-X

Kelly and Crandall.. Is that a knife in your pocket???
Thanks Boys!!

A Kinky Odyssey...

Every one is on the Kevlar tip right now and now Odyssey have joined in just like the rest of em..These tires are a few grams lighter then most foldables..Also got in them Nightwolf seats you've been seeing around on the Blogs and all them internets out there. Well all the Kink Completes are built and ready to be ridden so come by and take one of theses for a cruise and fall in love with your new bike..That should be easy cause they are all beautsss... Hey I'm off to Ithaca to hang out in the woods and take some photos since my wrist is still not doing so well but ill be back with plenty of photos to post.
Oh ya, thanks to the boys in the FBM Machine Shop for doing my custom Exodus Frame..Support FBM.. Real American Heros..
P.S.- Huge Fly order in next week.. Cranks,bars,frames........


Hey Kink Completes are here get in and check them out.. Got the full line and they are looking mighty sweet.. OK gotta get back to building some bikes..Ill be in Ithaca this weekend but Clancy and Pat will be watching Circuit so stop in check out some new Kinks and what ever else you into.. And dont stare at Clancy's face, its not nice...
Clancy looking like The Terminator.....


It comes in threes..

Well i killed my wrist last week and then I got a text last night saying "Clancy almost Died" now that might be a lil exaggerated but from what I hear Clancy pretty much bit into the pool coping in the bowl at the Prov Park..So who's next..I haven't got any details on his condition yet but lets hope he gets back on it soon cause everyone enjoys a good Clancy show..Bummer!!!
I know the 4th has past but you can still be patriotic and SandM wants to help you do that so they made some american flag XLT stems.They also have the British flag XLT stems and those are on the way here..Restocked on all Fit FAF tires wire and kevlar..Also got in the new We The People tires (feelin and grippen)in wire and kevlar.. Oh ya and Josh Herringtons ENDSEARCH just showed up.. cant wait to watch this one!!!!!

Double Shot..

I dont post many videos on here but I've watched this about 5 times in the past couple days and so should you.. Its worth the 3 minutes of your time..We could all use a lil Steve Hamilton in our lives..
Untitled from Craig Peggington on Vimeo.

Hot Damn!!

This dude is so good.. I think hes German???
Waldemar Fatkin DEEP from Waldemar Fatkin on Vimeo.

Circuit Shirts Are Here!!!!!!

Got in all the new Circuit Shirts... Thanks to the guys at Foyer Clothing in Portland Oregon for hooking it up..Check em out and come by and grab one for yourself..They look sweet..

New Rigs!!!

Ive been sending out a good amount of product lately all around the country to friends of Circuit. The latest person to build up a new bike with help from Circuit is Tampa shredder Chad Moore. When I lived in Tampa Chad was just a lil dude and now hes looking like a giraffe.I had the pleasure to go to Colombia with Chad a few months ago and it was awesome. Here's a couple of pics of chads new S3.5.Thanks for the support bud..

Also Kyle Oricco made his way down from Boston yesterday to build up a new Dirt Bike. Kyle is by far one of my favorite people to ride with and has some serious dance moves. New Bedford Represent!!!!
New items in the shop this week
WTP Tires Both Styles
Shadow Grips
Shadow Seats
Duo Seats
New Circuit Shirts
New FBM Shirts
Alpha Stems
Endsearch DVD (Mid Next Week)
Patriot SandM XLT stems
WTP Supreme Stems
its hot out, go swim..

One last thing!!

Hey one last thing before I close up for the day and start the festivities for the 4th..Just got in the NEW Animal Rims in all colors. I had a chance to check out a pair on White Boys bike while I was in the city a few weeks ago and was psyched to get them in the shop.. These are sweet looking with a drilled out front and a super cross lace pattern, similar to Fly rims. The anodizing looks perfect! Looking for some new rims these should be considered!!
Also restocked on all Skavenger shirts and got some more Sway Bars in green and Animal Pivotal Post in Blue(new color).
Alright that's all I got .. Have a good Indy Day and have a BMX BBQ!!!!


That's probably my favorite phrase I hear when I'm cruising around the city or at the Prov Park. Any way If you havnt heard or read, Hennys trails are probably being plowed as I type..Sorry dude, that spot has only been around for a lil over a year but they put in 3 years worth of digging in.. They definitely WOLFED IT!!!!So now its off to the Orchard for the CT guys..Good Luck.
Got some new goodies in today, restocked on all Profile gears and stems. You want it then there's a good chance Circuits got it..And that goes for just about everything..Also restocked on Fit Blade Forks in black and green, along with Fit bars in all sizes and colors and Slam xlt bars in all colors..

We will be closed on the 4th of course. BMX BBQ's are mandatory on such a day and might be opening late on Saturday the 5th (noonish) so just give a quick ring to double check.. Ok so dont blow off any fingers and have fun..