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Back In Action!!

After being off my bike for a solid month I started to feel like I was losing it, but it only takes one session to bring that love I've been missing back. Thank you BMX!!

We have a couple of Jams planned for the spring months(April-May) so I hope to see everyone out there. We also have a couple of bicycle festivals that we we will be a part of in May. I will have info on those up soon.

There are lots of new items that have been rolling into the shop the past couple of weeks. Check them out!

The new Shadow Valor Tires might be some of the grippiest tires out there.These are the perfect tires for the parks and the streets.  We have them in 2.4.

S&M Wide Mouth Forks are back in stock. These are designed for the wider tires out there(2.3-2.4) and have a thicker dropout with a smaller cutout. Essentially better for grinding.

I've always been a fan of the sprocket guard since I had a Threshold a ways back. Here is Subrosa's offering. The Magnum Sprockets are built to take some serious abuse and might be the only guarded sprocket that take a Half Link Chain!!

The 2014 Spring Loteks are in the shop!! These shoes get better and better and I havnt heard one complaint on them in years. If you purchase a pair of these you can get last seasons half off!! The new soles are well designed to grip and the heel has a built in brake pad. Genius!!

If Zack's not out Kicking Bass he's out doing No Handed Tire Grabs!!
We might have a Mini Marley on our hands!!

Weirdness Week 3.

Pretty psyched on this weeks submissions. Here is this weeks taker, its Jake Owen!! Jake is the man behind the Scituate BMX site and takes some sweet photos of the boys but here is one of himself this time around.
Thanks for the submission!!

Here are a few other submissions from this week. 

Big A.L. out in L.A. sent this Foot Plant 180 in and it got me stoked. I know Nick F would approve!!

Marky D getting some Onlleyville make shift wall ride action.


This week will be that last week to get submissions in!! 

Paging Summer, Hello Summer??!!

Well the calendar says March 21st but spring has not sprung! Could it be, another winter storm next week. Mother Nature will not release her grip on the North East. Your'e really bumming me out lady!! If you can sneak in that one warm day a week we'e been getting with some outdoor riding your'e lucky and I envy you.

Nothing feels better than a new bike and we are fully stocked on the best brands in the complete bike world right now. We just refilled our floor with 2014 Fit Completes from the entry level line to the top of the line.
Check out our complete bikes page for details of whats in stock and what we offer with every complete bike purchase. For now here are a few pics of whats new on the floor.

The 2014 Fit Mac 2 is one of the raddest looking bikes this year. Simple but sharp looking! $469.99

The Benny L 2 is another one of Fits 2014 bikes that really stands out. $469.99

It's never to early to get on a BMX Bike This Fit 18 inch is the perfect bike for a 6-10 year old to start shredding.$379.99

The Fit Dugan Signature is whats up!! Stacked with after market parts and priced at $669.99. This is a bike that any experienced rider can hop on and feel comfortable riding.

Trail season is right around the corner and this set up is screaming "take me to the woods". The S&M CCR in Camo is looking right. They only powder coated 14 of these Camo CCR frames. Bikes like this should come with shovels!! We have the Credence Stems and Credence bars in the shop also.
Pick up the kit. (Frame is 21)

If you cant ride you might as well watch other people ride. I like watching Snowflake ride, hes always having fun and killing it too!!

Radness Week #2.

Im a couple of days late on posting this one.I feel like everything is gonna be a little late this season. Especially spring!! Mid March in the mid 20s-30s, Im not having it. This Saturday is the first day of spring so lets hope we see that warm up soon.

So here is this weeks taker. Its Derrick Gabbert with a huge quarter to vert wall transfer at Edge. Knowing the way that Derrick rides and goes through parts he could definitely use a $20 shop credit.
Photo By TL of T&F.

Here are a few more submissions from this week. I like them all!! Keep them coming guys/girls, only 2 weeks left!!

Matt(Eric/Sweeper) has a problem! He cant keep his limbs on his bike, but I think this one hander at Killingly was intentional?? Photo by Swellbow??

Not sure who took this photo but Pickett sent it in. FBM warehouse jam. Circuit Jerks on deck with a Hoey.

This is my friend Scott. Scott and Stan the Man(his dad) took me to my first BMX race in 1988.
26 years later he is still on it and still having fun. I love BMX!!
Photo by Candido.

Radness Week #1.

I'm a sucker for sunsets, ask CODY. That's why I'm giving this weeks March Radness to Tyler's sweet one footed tabe shot and an even sweeter Pawtucket sky!!

 Really psyched to see whats coming next week. I hope you guys were able to get some riding in this weekend. Lets see some new photos that you haven't posted on your Instagram or Facebook.

Here are a few photos that were submitted that are rad. Thanks to everyone that participated this week and dont be shy to send more in next week. Please only send one per person. 

I grew up throwing my bike into this fence and I'm glad its still up and being ridden. If you're ever looking for  Fall River Spots Chris Durand would be the perfect tour guide. If you can keep up with him!!
(Photo-Candido Teixeira)

Pretty sure Scott was watching the Matrix right before this photo. Then he went to Paw Park and channeled his inner Neo. (Photo-Kate Neal)I'm assuming?

Last one is the gnarliest one!! Derrick Gabbert aint scared but you already knew that. Blasting the unblastable.

Thanks again everyone!!!

March Radness 14!!

Just Bring It!! This endless winter is the ultimate downer. Please lift my spirits and put a $20 store credit towards your bike with a your photo submission. I will have this weeks winner up Saturday or Sunday. You still have 24 hours to get yours in for this week.
Mail all submissions to:

We are gonna be premiering The Community BMX D.I.Y Video next Saturday March 15th. There's footage from all over including some local footage. This is a project of long time friend Mark Rainha. Come hang out eat some pizza! I know you got that cabin fever!!