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Somethings Missing..

Being that I'm falling apart, I feel like there's something missing in my life. Hmm, Yup, My bike!!
 I Haven't seen it in a few weeks which makes me feel incomplete. If you're in your prime and feeling good than get out there, ride as much as possible but don't destroy your knees because you'll be in my boat in no time.

The one thing I can always rely on is the shop. It keeps me in touch with the BMX community, with out it I would be completely lost. (Sad Right?) I'll be cruising soon,hopefully.

We have plenty of new goods in the shop. Way too much product to list on here but you can always follow the Circuit Facebook and Instagram to see what arrives daily. Heres just a few notable items.

Animal X Terrible-One collar tires are in the shop. They could possibly be the best Park/Street tire ever produced. The proof is right here in this Garret Byrnes Video.

There she is, the most beautiful girl in the BMX world. The FBM Gypsy V3 is back in the shop.
(We also have 20.75 in Trans Purple) This time in Tan. She is always welcome on these shelves. We will be attending the FBM Open House July 16th if anyone is interested in tagging along.

Yo!! The 90 East Summer Collection is here. Hats,T's,Shorts and Pants. We have a couple of the bars on the rack also. Check out the specs here.

We are doing another small run of Circuit Frames built by the FBM Machine Shop. This will be a run of 10. We have 5 left to book on this order. If you're wanting one these head badges this is the last chance. We will change them for the next run of frames in 2017. Email me at if you want one.

Here are the specs.
Top Tube - Your choice
Brake Mount style/position - Your choice
Drop Out - 14 or 3/8
Head Tube - 74.25
Seat Tube - 71
Stand Over - 9"
Bottom Bracket Height - 11 5/8
Rear End Length - 13.7
Color options will follow but possibly, Gloss Raw or Dark Trans Green. No Paint is an option.

We have another Roger Williams Pump Track work day scheduled for Sunday, June 19th, 7am-1pm. If you want to help build a place you will more than likely be riding this summer than get your butt out there. The only way this project will get finished is with communities help. If you have any questions feel free to call the shop. Thanks and see you there.

Here's one from when I could actually ride. It was only a little over a month ago but it feels like an eternity.