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The End!!

Did summer just fly by, did we actually have a summer this year? As much fun as I've had this year it doesn't seem complete without some 90 degree days. Lets hope its not sign of another cold ass winter cause I don't think any of us are ready for that...

We've been rolling with things here in the shop and have lots of new goods arriving daily.
 If you haven't heard there are gonna be some BIG changes around here, stay tuned!!

Speaking of big, Hucker is usually going big anytime I see footage of him riding. This S&M Hucker frame in Trans Blue is looking rad. 21 TT, $354.00.

BSD has been cranking out some rad products this year. Here are the Donnasqueak Tires in 2.4,2.25 black and grey. We also have BSD Frames,Forks,Pedals,Sprockets,Grips.....

Heres Shadows latest offering in the Crank department. The Trey Jones Signature Killer Cranks, 22MM RHD/LHD compatible. Built for some heavy shredding, not for killer selfies!!

Odyssey Grey Hawk Tires look just like those other grey tires but different!! Available in in 2.4 and 2.2

Fall is usually the time for trail jams but I think I've been to 4 already this season. What is going on?? Henny knows that trails rule!!  This ones from the Diggle Pig Roast Jam.

JPBoogerBoy took a pretty major bail to arm snap. Surgery is in his future, sorry buddy. At least he got that sweet pizza box/duct tape sling made up by the Portuguese Engineer.
We wish him well.

Its back to school time!! Come grab all your soft goods needs here while this sweet sale is happening. We have lots in stock. T-shirts,Backpacks and shoes!!

2015 Fit Complete Bikes!!

I know it doesn't feel like it just yet but its right around the corner. The year that felt like 16 years away in 2000 is actually upon us, 2015... Its scary to think how time does fly when you're actually having fun!!And I'd say the past 15 years have been pretty awesome.

Sooo here you have them. The 2015 Fit Complete bikes are in the shop and on the floor for your test riding pleasure. Come and take a look at one of the best complete BMX bike lines in the world.

Dan Conway has his own complete models this year and this is the Level 3 Conway. This bike is decked out with a Hub Guard and Fit Key Guard Sprocket. Basically its built to grind. $549.99.

The Fit Dugan 2 has to be one of the cleanest looking bikes in the 2015 line. I'd ride it! $469.99

The Fit Conway 1. Would you look at it!! $399.99

The Fit Mac 1. Clear blue frame,funny looking tires=winner..$399.99

The Fit Van Homan 1 is Trans Teal, its rad looking and its teal. $399.99

We have other bikes in the shop also. For example this Sunday AM is priced at $389.99
We have over 40 bikes on the floor at the moment. Summer is almost over and winter will be here sooner than you think. Get outside and ride!