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 We are getting to that time of the year where we start to reflect on how rad the past season was and now we start to look forward to the next. So how was your year on the bike? I spent mine recovering from a knee replacement, so Im definitely looking forward to 2019. Lets Ride!!

Here's something Im pretty stoked on that just went live yesterday. The Imprimatur Podcast with Mike Hinkens. Take a listen if you want to hear how Circuit was started and our roll in the local BMX community. Click here to listen.

 Complete bikes have been rolling out the door steadily this holiday season. So the inventory is constantly changing. Please call the shop to see what we have or there is still time to get them special orders in by Xmas.

Here are a few new/restock models we have received this week.

The Sunday Forecaster is a popular rig. This machine is equipped with an Odyssey Clutch V2 hub. Turn back time with this setup.

Another Sunday complete restock. The Primer in Orange is the perfect setup for the entry level rider. 20" Top Tube for the smaller rider. Sealed bearings on the essential areas of the bike. This bike rips!

We have a restock on Cult completes for the season. This White Gateway is one my favorites. 

The Cult Control in Trans Blue is perfect for some heavy daily usage. This machine is full sealed with a Cro-mo front triangle and a double wall rear wheel. 

We have a few sets of Odyssey and G-sport Toothpaste rims in stock.
This is a limited color that work well with the new Madera Swirlstran color way.
Perfect timing on the release of these two products.

The new Profile Tropicalia color way makes me feel warm on a cold day. Give your bike some flare with this setup.

How we looking? Pretty damn stoked on being stocked!!

We should have our Circuit winter beanies arriving by the end of the week. They will be black and green with this leather patch sewn on.

Did you pre-book a Circuit Anchor Frame? We have 5 left up for grabs. We are only doing 25 this run. If you want to check out the details on these beauties follow the link here. 

Another Fridayyy!!

Another week, another month, another Friday!! This coming Friday is a "special" Friday. We will be holding our annual Black Friday Weekend sale. Everything in the shop and on the Circuit Webstore will be 10%-20% off. The 15%-20% items will have their own category on the web store. Come in and support New Englands only BMX Shop so we can keep things rolling for some guaranteed fun for next season.

We are doing another run of Circuit Frames-YAAAAA!! This has been along time coming. We are only doing 25 of them. Made in Ithaca NY by FBM Bikes/FBM Machine Shop. Think trails/transition style geometry. Thats what these machine will be built for. Although they can be ridden anywhere. We went with the classic Anchor Headbadge this time around. Follow the link if you want to ride one of these Circuit Frames next season. We will only building what is pre booked. There will not be any of these in the shop to purchase.

This Sunday Soundwave Special will be 10% off this coming weekend. Usually $1029.99, sale price of 925.99=Deal!!

Im always stoked to have Relic goods in the shop and we have been blowing through them . More Seats,Grips and US Made Stems from Relic arrived this week. These items are all up on our Web Store. Relic also has a new site, check it out!!

A modern classic!! The S&M Credence MOD Frame has been running in the S&M frame lineup for 7/8 years now. If it aint broke don't fix it, right? This is the James P Nutter signature frame. Classic geometry for a classic style of riding.

FBM/Profile just finished up a west coast tour and spent some time in Santa Cruz with the world famous John Tillman. Heres the tiny home dweller with a flatty at the Pump Track World Championships.


There is no light without darkness!! So it’s happening again, the clocks are ticking at the sun is setting too early.
Get out and enjoy the last few weeks of outdoor riding for a bit. Fingers crossed that we have some mild winter days. 

2019 We The People Completes have been steadily rolling out the door so we restocked with some new models. 

The Aracade in Trans Green is fully sealed and ready to rip. 21” TT. $489.99

Another mean machine new to the floor. The WTP Trust in Rose Gold. This rig is stacked with loads of aftermarket parts and is ready to be put to the test. 

We are fully restocked on 2019 Sunday Completes. These move fast off the floor and onto the streets. 

We received a heavy load of new Cult goods. 
Frames, Bars, Tires etc ...,,,
Here are the Cult/Vans tires in the new Camouflage colorway and the ILTYT tires. 

I’m always stoked to support independent brands such as Mutiny Bike co. 
This is one dude keeping the dream alive. 
New Death Grip Frame and bars are in the shop. 
Villij Bars are back on the rack too. 

Took a lil weekend trip down to RVA to celebrate 25 years of FBM Bikes with the boys. 
The DYI world Championships went down at Powers Bike Shop and it was wild. 
Nothing but smiles and PMA. 
Childs was ripping and basically was disqualified for being a step above. That can’t stop the fun. 

Stoked to hang with my RVA family. Thanks to everyone involved on making the RVA scene one of the best. 
Latane Coghill riding the tightest of wallrides at the South Side ditch. 


Hard to believe its already October. But time goes on so get those laps in before we are all living indoors. Is it Summer yet?

We've been keeping the shop fully stocked with everything BMX.
Here are the latest additions to the floor.
The 2019 We The People Complete Bikes.

These rigs are unreal. WTP takes it to the next level with their mid and high end completes.

The 2019 WTP Battleship is full aftermarket build as a complete bike. This brushed steel finish is quite unique. The perfect park and street machine. $1129.99

WTP Justice in Matte Trans Gold. With a full chro-mo frame and fork, this machine can handle it all.

The 2019 WTP Crysis has to be seen in person. The color and detail are awesome.

The 2019 WTP Trust is on the floor. You can never go wrong with flat black!

Running anything in the BMX industry is a struggle. a clothing company, a shop or a parts brand.
So supporting the lil brands that are doing rad things is important to us.
Relic is one of those small independent brands doing rad things.
We are stocked with all the new Relic Goods.
In store and online.

Relic Rotax Sprockets (Clint Reynolds Sig) are in stock. Sizes 25-33

Matt Coplon spent the past few days hanging out and cruising the area, prepping for his 42nd B-day edit.
40 something laying fatties out of wall rides, Ya Matt rules!!

Made my way out to Oakwoods this past weekend to see some friends and watch some riding.
These are the dudes responsible for building/maintaining Oakwoods.
It only takes 4 people to have some jumps in the woods. What are you waiting for??
Circuit hosted the High air comp and Sabastian took the win.


Summer is over!! Thats what most people think when September rolls around but thats fine because the temps should be cooling down and the action should be picking up. Fall is usually perfect riding weather. Get out and enjoy while you can.

This is my favorite time of year in the shop. The Summer rush is over and the shop is fully stocked with everything BMX has to offer. The floor is at capacity with over 45 bikes from balance, freestyle, race, to even a few Fairdale Completes. 12-26" to 700c we have it covered.

There are a few Fall event planned for this month.
First off, we will be setting up some ramps, grind boxes in Downtown Pawtucket on Saturday September 22nd for the Pawtucket Arts Festival.
Check the Flyer---

Then we have the Oakwoods Trail Jam where we will be hosting the High Air Comp. Go Big!!

And on September 30th the infamous B-Cave BoyZZ will be hosting the Prov Park Jam with special guest TBA!!

Here are a few of the new 2019 models we have in stock.
The 2019 Fit Completes have arrived and the are dialed as usual.

Here's the 2019 Fit Hango Model in 21" TT . Full Chromoly setup for $479.99

Another stand out in the 2019 Fit Line. The Corriere model in 20.5" TT, Freecoaster equipped and full Chromoly for $539.99

Wow!! Definitely my favorite bike in the 2019 Fit Bike line. The Fit 22" complete with the classic S&M Dirt Bike rip off sticker kit. Don't feel right on a 20"? But still want to shred like you're on one. This is your bike. $579.99

Another model that stands out and works for the taller rider 6.0"ft and up. The Harti Trails model is built for transition riding. The perfect pump track bike. $419.99

More of a park rider? Trying to get your tail whips and barspins down? The park model has a specific geometry to help you do that and is gyro equipped so no need to remove your brakes once that straight cable snaps. $399.99

The 2018 FBM Steadfast have arrived in the shop. We have them on the Circuit Webstore as well. These only come around once or twice a year so I don't have to tell you to act fast.

Looking to do more than just ride your BMX bike all day everyday. Take a cruise into the wild on a Fairdale. These bikes are just as fun but in a different way.

The 2019 Fairdale Flyer is built for all terrains, dirt, pavement, etc... with a 26" tire you can do more!!

The 2019 Fairdale Lookfar is built for just about any terrain. The 700x42c will keep your speed up on pavement while the fatter tire will allow you to take it on some dirt roads as well.

Weekend at Marleys = Best Day Ever Ked!!
Hennecheach getting well out the vert wall.
Is that an opposite table??


Summer is moving right along and so are the complete bikes.
We are fully stocked with 2019 Cult, Kink and Sunday completes.
The 2019 Fit Complete bikes will arrive at the end of August.

The Cult Gateway Completes ($399.99) are the perfect entry level bike. Fully Sealed Bearings will keep you rolling smooth for years to come.

The Gateway Jr. in Trans Purple ($329.99)

The Cult Devotion in Patina Black s a solid machine.
This model has some major upgrades this year.
Cult Double Wall Rims, Heat Treated Cranks, 100% Cro-mo Frame/Fork/Bars

Get to cruising with this 26" Devotion. 100% Cro-Mo Frame. Double Wall Rear Wheel.
Set it on cruise control, this bike is comfy!!

There is no feeling like choosing every part on your bike and we are here to help you with stay within your budget and choose the right parts. Maybe thats why we've been seeing a huge increase in custom builds this season.  Here are a few from this past week.

This is one sharp looking build right here. The Fit Van Homan Sig frame was a limited run and we are honored to slap one together for this ground up build.

We have one Fit Van Homan Sig frame left. Black 21". In store or online

Heres another rad build we did for our long time friend Vinny.  The S&M Credence M.O.D
You can never go wrong with american made bike parts and the black and chrome classic combo.

We have some new soft goods arriving soon, just in time for back to school. Nooooooo.......

Hey!! Throw a jam, go to a jam, jam out at a jam!!
Daily Diggle with the Jammin Salmon in the woods of R.I.