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I'm All About It!!

There are some things that you might want to do in the next few weeks that will make Summer that much more exciting. If you like BMX and you like to party and get loud than be here this Sunday Aug 4th at noon for a slap happy BBQ with the Back Seat Bad Boys of FBM!! Longest Skid Contest will go down at 2ish.

Braun Krudd "Donnor Party" or Boner Mountain is coming up soon. Be there August 10th!! Click the link to follow the progress of the "course" built by some random NH hitchhikers. I heard there is gonna be a virgin sacrifice after the event. Dont forget your goat leggings!!

Odyssey is always trying to do something a little different with there beloved PC pedals. Mission Accomplished! 3 tone and 2 tone PC pedals in the shop. American pedals made in Taiwan. 

DK might be owned by some major department store brand now but they still make a great multi-tool. DK Random Wrench V2.5 are back in the shop. 

2014 Verde Bikes look great this year. Here is the  Cadet 18 inch. $320.00 for a fully sealed complete!!SOLD!!

This dude will be here on Sunday with the FBM Boys ripping some curb tabes at height. GET SOME!!

Half Baked!!

Sumer is just about halfway through and after last weeks temps being in the mid 90s I feel like my brain is toasted. Hoping we get  a steady cool down and get some ride time in.
Here's whats going on around here and some new items in the shop past couple of weeks.

2014 Verde Completes have been released to the wild. We have a handful on the floor. Heres the Vex in Moroccan Blue. $419.99

BMX is supposed to be fun, FBM knows this and has always kept it that way. What would BMX be like without FBM? Well I can definitely say it wouldn't be as fun as it is. These athletes will be here signing autographs and doing how to edits on Sunday August 4th. They might even renegade a beer or 30!! Lets Party FBM Style!!

Camo is the new Camouflage!! You cant deny how awesome it is. If the dude who invented it only know what it was used for in the modern world. Any way these Kink Sexton Seats are rad plus they have camo on them. CamoRad!!

Do I really have to say it again?? The camo thing, its hip get with it!! Animal B2S Look Book, Check it.

If you're looking for a solid ride than consider my all time favorite.
The FBM Steadfast!! We just got this green machine in and its just about Fall Trail Season. This frame is a life changer!! We also have the FBM Throne Seat and Nice Pedals in the shop!!


Trails Rule Pt2!!

Here are a few more photos from the Trails Rule Trip.I cant say thanks enough to everyone that was a part of the trip and all the guys for being awesome and just letting the days fall into place. There was never a care or a stressful moment on the trip. (except for the lost phone and wallet) It was pretty much the perfect trip. Thanks guys and remember Trails Rule!!

We honestly didn't know we weren't supposed to swim here until we were in the water. Thanks Sean!!??Was this the Schuylkill Haven river River?? Does that even exist??

Late night skate session with Henny at GB's house Asbury Park, NJ. We didn't even come close to burning it down.

Sunrise surf session in Asbury Park ,NJ. It was worth getting up for.

Fresh meat on a trip is always a good thing. Grant and Cody were on point the whole trip killing it at every spot we rode.

I couldn't ask for a better crew to roll with. Thanks guys!!!
And thanks to Josh Busman for the transportation!!

Back to business this week. Come in and say hi and see whats new on the shelves. We have plenty of items rolling in daily and we will have some 2014 Verde Completes next week. Stay tuned!!

Trails Rule!!

I just spent the past week in a little black bus with a crew of amazing friends that have supported Circuit since day one. So I decided to take them on a trip to remember.  We started off in Rhode Island and cruised all through the North East to some of the best sets of trails in the world!! Building and riding trails are all I want to do and all I think about so why not venture out and see what's going on. The woods of PA blew me away. Whether you're driving an hour or twelve, take an adventure and see what these guys are doing. Thanks to all the locals of the Boondocks, Catty, Dutch and Posh for having us at their spots and thanks to Ed, Garrett, Race and Darryl for letting us party it up on the trip!! Huge thanks to FBM, Profile Racing and Subrosa for supporting the trip!!  Get out and have an adventure in the name of trails and BMX!!!

Here are some photos from the trip. We will have an edit up in the next couple of weeks. Stay tuned!!
And if you have any cash burning a hole in your pocket donate to PA Woods and support the effort these guys put in to keep this masterpiece going!

Mulville killed it the entire trip!! He was always the first one on and last one off the bike. Last one to sleep and first one up!! I'm sensing a pattern. Thanks for the laughs bud.. and huge thanks to Ryan Sher at Subrosa for supporting the trip!!

Short Bus on the path to enlightenment..

Henny was right up there with Mark on shred level!! Turndown at the Boonies!! Thanks to FBM for the trip goodies. They went to some little guys at the Catty Jam.

Tito was looking beat up on the first day of the trip. Somehow he kept on going and rode everywhere we went. Bubba, Grant = Tito sandwich.

Thanks to Jay for letting us in the enchanted forest and thanks to the locals for being awesome.

I'll have a few more photos up soon. Once again thanks to all the locals for having us and thanks to the brands that supported the trip!! Keep on Dialing!!!!