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Born and Bred!!

With the world in its current state it seems like everyone wants to ride a bike and lots are choosing to ride BMX bikes. 
Im hoping this creates a whole new generation of BMX riders and some serious scene building for the future.

With that being said we have been having a hard time keeping bikes in stock. 
We do have some 2021 Kink Completes in stock and we will have the 2021 Subrosa Complete line here by July 24th.
We are taking pre-sales on all 2021 Subrosa Completes.

And we will have some sort of restock on Sunday Completes later this month or early August. Details are a bit unclear at the moment.

Oh!! And 2021 Cult completes will be arriving sometime in August as well. 

Please call (401-305-3636 or email ( with any questions.

Who needs a vacation!!??

Here is a peak at some of the 2021 Subrosa Completes. 
We are super excited to have these in stock for the couple of days they will last.

Subrosa Letum- $539.99

Subrosa Salvador XL - $499.99
Subrosa Malum - $579.99

Subrosa Salvador Park- $469.99

Subrosa Novus Matt Ray- $959.99

Subrosa Novus Trey Jones

I leave you with a photo of serene beauty

July4th Weekend Hours

Here are the hours for the 4th weekend. 
Please be safe a practice social distancing. Made back here Tuesday the 7th at noon.