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We Did It!!

Well I can finally say I'm glad thats over, but am I? I was dreading the day of the 10 year party all the way up until the day of and now that its over I want to do it all again. Circuit actually turns 11 this November but i wanted to do a party during the summer months.  Looks like we will do another next year and make it bigger an better.

I want to send a huge thank you to everyone that came out to the party.
We do this all for you and for BMX!!
Thank you to the News Cafe for letting it happen.
Thank you to the crew for setting everything up.(Cody,Bob,Bundles,Eddie,Josh,Maston,Nick,Ect...)
Thank you to my Moms for cooking some food.
Thank you to Fox Fires and Throne of Saturn for bringing the jams.
Thank you to DJ Step Down for playing the funk and setting the dance party off.
And thanks to my business partner and wife for her countless hours of behind the scenes work.

Here are a few photos from TL of the lot jam.
I wasn't able to take any because I was hobbling around.

Our buddy JT blasted out this rad plaque for the Foot Down Comp.
Congrats to Josh from ATX on the win.

When the Pork loses its seat its time to break out the Gorilla tape.

None of this would have been possible if it wasn't for this dude.
Big shout to Cody Diggle for his time and dedication to BMX!!

Broc Raiford came out to destroy everyone in the Pork Challenge.
The outcome was as expected. Thanks for hanging out Broc.

For those who left early, we went well into the night. We closed the bar out and continued from there. Pawtucket is another planet at 3AM.
Photo- Scott Lamoureux

We premiered the Bundles edit later in the night. If you missed it then have a watch here.

Bundles Edit V2 from scott lamoureux on Vimeo.

I spent some time going through years of photos I have accumulated. I came up with this 30 minute slide show. Take a look and see what we've been up to the past 10 years.

Circuit Ten Year Party from Circuit BMX on Vimeo.

Hey! It’s Cara here. I only venture onto this blog every now and then when I have something important to tell you!

It means so much to me that you all travelled from all over to come to the party. Your presence shows your love of this scene that we are all a part of. And it’s a testament to the type of people you are. You all make wonderful friends.

It takes a village to support and sustain a BMX bike shop in the smallest state for ten years. It takes friends coming to your aid every single time you move your business to a larger location (4 total), it takes friends coming to lend you their stuff: power tools to build ramps, install lights, or to lend you a projector. It takes dedicated friends to help you paint your new store, build a public bike park, ride at an event for you. And it takes really rad folks to work at the shop for the tiniest wage a small mom-and-shop can afford to pay you. Circuit is only here today because of the help of so many people throughout the years. I am eternally grateful to everyone who has helped us along the way. You helped create one of the best BMX scenes ever, and supported our family for ten straight years. I can only hope the years of riding, trips, and tune-ups have been enough to repay you.

On a personal level, I’m grateful for Circuit and the scene it supports because you guys are my tribe. The sense of camaraderie and acceptance this scene has given me is magical. I'm so grateful for the fun years it has given me.

Circuit may be getting older but we are not growing up. Even though you might have adult responsibilities, if you’re still thinking about that little bike and when you can get on it next, you are one of us.

Special shout-out to Emerson, Zack, Sleeper, Kyle Amidon (RIP), Bobby, Dom, Hennessey, Cody, Chris, Mark D and many many more.

- Cara

Party Hard!!

Today is the day. We will be jamming out at the News Cafe just a stones throw away from the shop. 
The party starts at 3 and goes till ? BMX, Food, Beer, BMX, Music!!
That means the shop will be closed from 3 on today.

Here is the run down on how it will go today.

Parking lot jam-3 to 7.
18+ to ride
Helmets required (please)
Foot Down World Chapionships 4:30-?
Pork High Hop Challenge-6
If you plan on drinking please bring your ID. 21+
If it rains, there will be beers and BMX Slip and Slide!!
We will be bring the party inside from 8-? 
DJ Step Down
8PM-10 Years of Circuit Slide Show
8:45 - Surprise Edit Premiere
9ish - Throne of Saturn
9:48 - Fox Fires  
10:24 DJ Step Down
And Please respect the News Cafe employees,Neighbors and parking lot!!!
Hope you all make it out!!

Stick A Fork In Me!!

 Well, looks like I'm off the bike for another summer. Once again my knee decided to stop working and its time to really start considering a knee replacement. Winter seems like a good time for that right? So come on in the shop and tell me how much you've been riding and how beautiful it is outside. I love hearing that stuff while I can't ride. Or maybe just come stare at me while I crutch around the shop. I love that too. Ha. I'm extra salty right now because all I want to do is ride with the crew and I can barely walk but hey, plenty of time to take photos now. But I really do want to hear about the sessions so fill me in !!

Summer is just about here and we will be keeping the shop fully stocked with all the latest and greatest goods the BMX industry has to offer.

We have the full line of 2018 Kink Completes on the floor and they are already rolling out the door. Super stoked on this years line. From colors to components Kink killed it as usual.
Check out the Complete Bikes In Stock Page for the full rundown.
We also have bikes coming this summer from Subrosa, Sunday, Cult and Fit, in that order. July-September.

The Whip in Rootbeer is a tasty looking machine. $419.99

The Gap LHD is another sharp looking bike for you right side grinders.$369.99

Are you a tall dink of water? Looking for a entry level bike that actually fits you? Here it is!
 The Gap XL in Stang Blue is a head turner. Matte Tan in store as well, $369.99

 Kink has always done a great job with their entry level Launch Completes. Here is the Launch in a minty fresh green.Black and Chrome available as well, $309.99

Simple and sharp looking, the Kink Whip is fully sealed and Chromo Frame and Fork for $419.99. You can't beat that price!!

The Gap in Trans Purple $369.99

Another rad color! The Kink Kicker in some crazy Gloss Orange/Black splatter. Little riders are stoked!! $309.99

We are having a 10 Year Party at The News Cafe just stones throw from Circuit. Please come out and celebrate with us. June 17th from 3-? We have a few surprises lined up. Its going to be a rad time.

PVD Fest was this past weekend and it was a blast. I wasn't there but thats what I heard. I worked the shop while the crew killed it. From building and setting up the ramps. It wouldn't have happened with out the dedication of a solid crew. Thanks to some of the best humans out there. And thanks to Ed Raff and Bike Fest for including us in on the fun.

Childs with the crowd pleaser!!
Do A Backflip!!